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?? GILLESPIE married ??, children:

  1. Olga Maud Gillespie

Next Generation

Olga Maud GILLESPIE married Ernest Arthur BENCE (born 9/11/1900 Bombay India)


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I don't think I have any family left in India, and though I am not anglo Indian I was born in Adra India as were my three older sisters (Jeanne, Pam and Pat). I went to school in Adra but my three sisters went to boarding school in Calcutta. Really what I am looking for is anyone who might know Adra. I was 11 years of age when I left (1966)and not very good with remembering names but Gillian Hallyburton, Bitichitra Butterchargie (not sure of spelling) and Sofa(sova) Mitra (again not sure of spelling) are names I can remember. I intend to visit India and would love to show my husband where I was born and possible meet up with people who remember me or my father Dudley Harben (worked on the railways)he died in 1975 and Katherine Harben (nee Gillespie). If anyone can give me any information I would be most happy. Thank You my email address is

?? GILLESPIE married ??, children:

  1. Katherine Gillespie

Next Generation

Katherine GILLESPIE married Dudley HARBEN, (worked on the railways, he died in 1975), children:

  1. Elizabeth Harben (b 1955, Adra)

  2. Jeanne Harben

  3. Pamela Harben

  4. Patricia Harben


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