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info from Denise Lumsden

Searching for any information pertaining to the Family GLASS Calcutta.  Andrew Glass, Merchant married Josephine Halliday Bampton. His brother Philip Glass married Josephine's sister Catherine Halliday Bampton. Also searching for information regarding Andrew and Josephine's granddaughter Alice Josephine BURKE and the family BUIKE who have connections to the Glass family.

??GLASS married ??, children:

  1. Andrew Glass

  2. Philip Glass

Next Generation

Andrew GLASS, Merchant married Josephine Halliday BAMPTON

Philip GLASS married Josephine's sister Catherine Halliday BAMPTON.


info from June JACOBS

I'm looking for my father's family (Peter Burbidge's). He had 3 sisters - Beatrice, Daphne & Pamela and one brother (pet name Ginger) who died very young. His entire family (except himself) migrated to England / Ireland after the 2nd World War. Any information or whereabouts of his extended family would be deeply appreciated.

?? GLASS married ??, children:

  1. William Glass

Next  Generation

William GLASS married Beatrice ??, children:

  1. Victoria Glass (Teresa)

Next  Generation

Victoria GLASS (pet name Teresa) married Peter BURBIDGE (born 17th April, 1927 Died 26th February, 1984) . Children:

  1. Philip Arthur Burbidge

  2. Richard Burbidge

  3. June Burbidge

  4. Michelle Burbidge

  5. Philomena Burbidge

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