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?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Jones

Next Generation

Thomas JONES on 26 Oct 1825 in Bangalore married Isabella PICKEN, children:

  1. William Jones (b 26 Dec 1826)

Next Generation

William JONES (b 26 Dec 1826) at 30yrs on 24 Dec 1855 in Secunderabad married 32yr widow Jane MANAGIN nee SYAN (b 1823 daughter of John Syan)



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??JONES married ??, children:

  1. Ann Jones

Next Generation

Ann JONES married Robert FREEMAN Sgt. 48th HM Regiment, Children

  1. Hanna FREEMAN (b 23.03.1830)


?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. John Jones

Next Generation

John JONES married Esther ?, children:

  1. John William Jones (b 29 Aug 1851 Agra)

  2. Esther Jones (b 17 sep 1853 Benares)

  3. William John Jones (b 18 Nov 1855 Meerut, d 1 Feb 1910 Bhusawal)

  4. George Jones (b 20 Sep 1857 Allahabad)

  5. Robert Francis Jones (b 28 Aug 1858 Allahabad)

  6. Ernest Frederick Jones (b 13 Dec 1861 Allahabad)

Next Generation

William John JONES (b 18 Nov 1855 Meerut, d 1 Feb 1910 Bhusawal) on 12 Mar 1866 in Fort William married Mary Ann Charlotte MacALLISTER, (daughter of William MacAllister) children:

  1. Mary Ann Esther Jones (c 15 Oct 1878 Jabalpur)

  2. William Augustus Jones (b 2 May 1885 Ahmednagar)

  3. Ethel Cecilia Jones (b 10 Sep 1887 Kirkee)

  4. Violet Clay Jones (b 8 Jan 1890 Kirkee)

  5. Hilda Constance Jones (b 23 Jan 1893 Jubbulpore)


Charles JONES married ??, children:

  1. James Valentine Jones (b 1840, d 29 Dec 1915 Jhansi)

Next Generation

James Valentine JONES (b 1840, d 29 Dec 1915 Jhansi) on 30 Sep 1867 in Calcutta married Jane Ann ?, children:

  1. Thomas James Stanhope Jones (b 14 Jul 1867 Calcutta, c 30 Sep 1867 Calcutta)

James Valentine JONES (b 1840, d 29 Dec 1915 Jhansi) at 29yrs on 13 Nov 1869 in Dinapore 22yr married Rose LAMB nee BROWN, (b 1847, daughter of J Brown) children:

  1. Elizabeth Grace Jones (b 13 Dec 1869, c 3 Nov 1870 Dinapore)

  2. Alfred Ernest Jones (b 23 Mar 1871, c 4 Apr 1871 Dinapore)

  3. Catherine Violet Ada Jones (b 1875, c 31 Mar1875 Sealkot)

  4. William Stanley Jones (b 13 Aug 1885, c 14 Sep 1885 Allahabad)

  5. Dorothy Emma Jones(b 29 Jan 1893, c 12 Jun 1893 Jhansi)

Next Generation

Thomas James Stanhope JONES (b 14 Jul 1867 Calcutta, c 30 Sep 1867 Calcutta) at28yrs on 29 Apr 1895 in Dinapore married 20yr Kate BROWN (b 1875, daughter of Charles Brown)



info from Marcia Fisher . Nothing else is known about the family. If anyone knows anything about my JONES' or if they fit in with someone's family tree I would be grateful for any information as I am at a stand still as to where to look next. PS. Both William Robert and William Richard were in the police force in Bombay India if that helps at all. Thanks.

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. William Fredrick Jones

Next Generation

William Fredrick JONES married ??, children:

  1. William Robert Jones (b 1878/9? Bombay, was in the police force in Bombay)

Next Generation

William Robert JONES (b 27 Sept 1878/9? Bombay) married Ethel Baker CRITCHELL of Bombay,


William Robert JONES (b 27 Sept 1878/9? Bombay) married Kathleen Mary TROUSDEL of Bombay.


William Robert JONES (b 27 Sept 1878/9? Bombay) married Isabel Maude CRITCHELL of Bombay.Children:

  1. Eric Bertram JONES (dob 12 June 1908 , Bombay )

  2. Guy Owen Ponsonby Jones

  3. Brian Perse Jones (later became EMERSON )

Next Generation

Eric Bertram JONES (dob 12 June 1908 , Bombay ), immigrated to Australia ( 1925 ) married Thelmer GILBY


? JONES married ??, children:

  1. William Henry Jones

Next Generation

William Henry JONES married ?, children:

  1. Arthur Henry Warde Jones

  2. George Ebenezer Warde Jones on 5 Sep 1870 in Calcutta married Amelia Ellen FINK (daughter of Robert Augustus Fink)

Next Generation

George Ebenezer Warde JONES on 5 Sep 1870 in Calcutta married Amelia Ellen FINK (daughter of Robert Augustus Fink)


Arthur Henry Warde JONES on 14 Jan 1871 in Bhaugulpore married Louisa PICKARD (daughter of Henry Pickard), children:

  1. Alice Barnett Warde Jones

Next Generation

Alice Barnett Warde JONES on 10 Nov 1921 in Hazaribaugh married Arthur Henry FOLEY (son of William Foley)



?? JONES married ?? , children:

  1. John Jones

Next Generation

John JONES married ?, children:

  1. George Cumming Maria Jones (b 1898)

Next Generation

George Cumming Maria JONES (b 1898) at 23yrs on 21 Dec 1921 in Dhanbad married 15yr Kathleen Isobel O'GRADY (b 1906, daughter of William O'Grady), children:

  1. Joan Olga Maria Jones (b 5 May 1936 Dhanbad)




Looking for more information on my grandfathers family. His name is Ivan Jones and was born in Calcutta, West Bengal. His parents were Cecil Norman Jones and Gladys Constance Jones (Rawlings) they moved to London and my grandfather has many siblings. Looking for information about my grandfathers grandfather. I think he may have been called Francis Jacob Jones and his wife Kate.. Short for Kathleen. Might be a long shot but worth a try! Kylie McNally


?? JONES married ?? , children:

  1. Cecil Norman Jones

Next Generation

Cecil Norman JONES married Gladys Constance RAWLINGS, children:

  1. Ivan Jones (b Calcutta)


?? JONES married ?? , children:

  1. Ellen F B Jones

Next Generation

Ellen F B JONES in 1886 (Bengal) married Thomas U MACEY



?? JONES married ?? , children:

  1. Samuel Jones

Next Generation

Samuel JONES married ?, children:

  1. Ann Isabella Jones (b 1904)

Next Generation

Ann Isabella JONES (b 1904) at 20yrs on 7 Jan 1924 in Maymyo married 25yr Terence Robert CURRAN (b 1899, son of Mathew John & Caroline Curran, brother of Richard Edward Curran born 21 Jul 1897 Bangalore), children:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Curran (b&d 3 Dec 1930 Rawalpindi)


Hi! My name is Amber Jones and I used to live in Karachi, Pakistan until 1970 and am trying to trace members of my late fathers family. His name was Peter Jones, his fathers name was Leslie Jones who was a race horse trainer. Two uncles I never met who left for the UK before I was born were Aubrey Jones and Cecil Jones. I believe Cecil married a Spanish lady and moved to Spain. Would also like to reconnect with anyone who lived in Karachi at the time I was there. I would love to hear back from anyone who has information on my family. Thank you so much, Amber Jones,  Amber C

Leslie JONES (race horse trainer) married ??, children:

  1. Peter Jones

  2. Aubrey Jones

  3. Cecil Jones (married and settled in Spain)

Next Generation

Peter JONES (lived in Karachi until 1970) married ??, children:

  1. Amber Jones


info from t p <>

William James JONES married Bernadette Hildeguard RIORDAN, children:

  1. Sydney Terence George Jones

  2. Patrick James JONES

Next Generation
Patrick James JONES
married Norma Faye Geraldine CHIODETTI (b 1933 India - d 1992 England ) . children:

  1. Bernadette Ellana Jones

  2. Margaret Michele Jones

  3. John Jones

  4. Deborah Jones

  5. Collette Jones

  6. Nicole Jones

Next Generation
Margaret Michele JONES
married David Henry PHILLIPS, children:

  1. Natasha F Phillips

  2. Gareth Henry Phillips

  3. Simon Christopher Phillips

Margaret Michele JONES married Julian Arthur SARSON, children:

  1. Laionie Faye Sarson

  2. Olivier Arthur Sarson


info from

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Beatrice JONES (Birdie)

Next Generation

Beatrice JONES (Birdie) at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, Perambur married Christopher BASTIAN (Beatrice Bastian was dedicated and responsible to work with catechism, marriages, baptisms, confirmations, FHC, president of the Legion of Mary, assisting priests with house visits/the sick/the dying, the church stall at Our Lady of Lourdes, Perambur for over 30 years. She died at the age of 94 in 2002.). Children:

  1. Sr. Marie Bastian (born Perambur, Madras. A Salesian Order Nun attached with St.Francis Xavier- Broadway, Fatima Convent -  Kodambakkam, Presentation Convent- Perambur, Salesian Sisters- Trichy)

  2. Anthony Bastian (born Perambur, Madras)

  3. Monica Bastian (born Perambur, Madras)

  4. Joan Bastian (born Perambur, Madras)


info from Lorraine

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Eardley Jones (b1937, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Eardley JONES (b1937, Calcutta) married Mavis LUXA (b1939) Madras, India, children:

  1. Lorraine Howard (nee) Jones (b1961) Muzzapur

  2. Michael Jones (b1963


info from

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Brian Jones

Next Generation

Brian JONES- married Jean Dawn SATUR, 3 CHILDREN:

  1. Melanie Ruth Jones

  2. MARC PATRICK Jones,


Next Generation

Melanie Ruth JONES married SANJAY D'SA,



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?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Walter Jones

Next Generation

Walter JONES married Nita BALDWIN, children

  1. Henry Jones,

  2. Eric Jones,

  3. William Jones,

  4. Unis Jones,

  5. Myrtle Jones,

  6. Phyllis Jones,

  7. Sybil Jones,

  8. Hyacinth Jones.

Next Generation

Henry JONES married Evelyn APPLETON (2nd marriage), children:

  1. Hazel Jones

  2. Ingrid Jones

  3. Grace Jones

  4. Ann Jones

Next Generation

Hazel JONES married Patrick PAUCHARD, Children,:

  1. David Pauchard married Finella Kolb, Children Tracey Pauchard

  2. Keith Pauchard married Vanessa Powell, Children Brandon pauchard and Samantha Pauchard,

  3. Christine Pauchard married Paul D'Rozario, children Rochelle D'Rozario

Ingrid JONES married Maurice D'ROZARIO, children:

  1. Desiree D'Rozario married Roland Scott,children Brinelle Scott

  2. Venesia D'Rozario married Peter Davids, children Rodella Davids, Rumella Davids, Marcello Davids

  3. Fiona D'Rozario married Joseph D'Roza, children Ricardo D'Roza

  4. Faustin D'Rozario

  5. Stephanie D'Rozario

  6. Avril D'Rozario married Noel Davids

  7. Mark D'Rozario

Grace JONES married Gordon KELMAN, children:

  1. Louella Kelman married Synclair Kolb,children Synella Kolb

  2. Adaline Kelman married James Mannila, children Jonathan Mannila

  3. Fennella Kelman married Vivian Powell

  4. Leandra Kelman

Ann JONES married Derick WHELAN, Children:

  1. Llewellyn Whelan

  2. Fabian Whelan.

Ann Whelan (nee JONES)  then married Robert KELMAN (her 2nd marriage), children:

  1. Gladwyn Kelman

  2. Marietta Kelman


info from Bryan Richard Jones

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Jones

Next Generation

Alfred JONES married  Maria ?? in the year 1863 in the country of Monmouthshire Wales .They had a son:

  1. George Jones

Next Generation
George Jones married Sarah Evelynn TIMMS. They later had a son:

  1. Dennis Charles Jones (b 1910).

Next Generation

Dennis Charles Jones (b1910) married Irene Maud ROSS  in the year 1933. They had 3 boys and three Girls Their name were

  1. Paddy Jones (Lives in England Leeds Married. Wifes name Conny kids Keith,Ralph, Aleen (daughter)

  2. Rodney Jones (d 1996)

  3. Ian Jones (My Father alive living in Karachi Pakistan)

  4. Peggy Jones (Lives in England Bristol married a Lionel and had a daughter by the name of Kitty who expired)

  5. Bunty Jones (Expired was married to a Jonny James but later on married a Lalien ??, Expired, had a son by the name of Patrick who also expired at a young age

  6. ??

    If any information regarding My Great Great Grandfather details could be provided would help me further make the family tree.


info from  florence hordell/greig  clivevenables@tadaust, florence venables . I am the granddaughter of William Clifford Reid died 1943 his wife Agnes Jones (my grandmother) died 1932 in Calcutta, the little I know is they had 13 children the only names I recall are Charles, Edward, "Budda" (nickname) and Peggy she married Ally Sherrard and had 3 children Gwen, Rosie, and Donald My mother was Florence she married a British soldier Horace Hordell in 1928. When he was discharged from the army he worked in the E.B. Railways. After 1947 my parents came to Australia. My name was Florence Hordell I was born in 1933. I attended school at St. Paul's Scott's Lane Calcutta, and we lived in the Sealdah area. My grandfather had sisters Katy, Winifred and Geraldine, there may be other siblings. I am hoping someone out there is connected in some way to my ancestors or my family. Also anyone who knows of me or the family.

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Agnes Jones (she died 1932 in Calcutta)

Next Generation

Agnes JONES (my grandmother, she died 1932 in Calcutta) married William Clifford REID (b ?, died 1943) They had 13 children, the only names I recall are:

  1. Charles Reid

  2. Edward Reid

  3. ? Reid "Budda" (nickname)

  4. Peggy Reid married Ally Sherrard and had 3 children Gwen, Rosie, and Donald

  5. Florence Reid married a British soldier Horace Hordell in 1928


info from

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. William Jones

Next Generation

William JONES married Jean ??, 5 children:

  1. Russell Jones (b Dhanbad, studied at Dr Graham's Homes Kalimpong (1976-1987), St. Xavier's College, Calcutta.

Next Generation

Russell JONES married Charlotte MACKRODT, children:

  1. Amanda Jones

  2. Romaine Jones



?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Charlotte Althea Jones

Next Generation

Charlotte Althea JONES of Khurda Rd, Calcutta married Barry Jude RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Fiona Rodrigues

  2. Kimberly Rodrigues

  3. Melissa Jane Rodrigues

  4. Natasha Rodrigues


info from

?? JONES married ??, children:

  1. John Frederick Edward Jones (b 1866)

Next Generation

John Frederick Edward JONES (1866-) married Florence Maud CARTER (1876-), children:

  1. Mercy Florence Jones (Born on 6 Jun 1893 in Bangalore, India, died in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia on 25 Nov 1978, she was 85)

Next Generation

Mercy Florence JONES (Born on 6 Jun 1893 in Bangalore, India, died in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia on 25 Nov 1978, she was 85) on 23 Dec 1912 when he was 27 in Nairobi, Africa, married Eckhard Alfred PRITCHARD. (Born on 3 May 1885 in Sholapur, India, died in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia on 7 Oct 1963, he was 78. ). They had one child:

  1. James William Pritchard (1934-)


info from and


? JONES married ??, children:

  1. Oswald Robert Jones

Next Generation

Oswald Robert JONES on 31 Aug 1941 in Mazagon married Mavis ORISON, children:

  1. Clifford Bernard Denis Jones (b 20 Aug 1941, c 31 Aug 1941 Mazagon)

  2. Donnawin Horace Jones (b Bhusaval)

  3. Darryl R Jones

  4. Shirley Jones

  5. Leslie Jones

Next Generation

Donnawin Horace JONES (b Bhusaval) married ?, children:

  1. Sheldon Jones

  2. Donna Jones

  3. Aldrin Jones

  4. Judeline Jones

Darryl R JONES (b 1945 Bombay) married Sushila S PALANGE(b 1960 Bhusawal) Children:

  1. Colleen D Jones (b 1978 Bhusawal)

  2. Ronald D Jones (b 1980 Bhusawal)

  3. Loretta D Jones (b 1982 Bhusawal)

  4. Neil D Jones (b 1984 Bhusawal) unmarried

Next Generation:

Colleen D JONES (b 1978 Bhusawal) married Albert ABRANCHES D'SYLVA (b 1967 Mhow) children:

  1. Jason A Dsylva (b 1998 Bhusawal)

  2. Teresa A Dsylva (b 2001 Bhusawal)


Ronald D JONES (b 1980 Bhusawal) married Angelina S PARMAR (b Indore) children:

  1. Aaron R Jones (b 2013 Indore)

Loretta D JONES (b 1982 Bhusawal) married Greg S MACARIUS (b 1980 Igatpuri) children:

  1. Christiano G Macarius (b 2009 Bhusaval)

  2. Ethial G Macarius (b 2013 Nasik)



(info supplied by Iris JANES nee JONES of Perth and Shane Jones )


??JONES married ??, children:

  1. Richard Peter Jones

Next Generation

Richard Peter JONES (retired postmaster at St.Thomas Mount, Madras) was married twice :  children - 

  1. Hugh JONES, 

  2. Mary JONES, 

  3. Anne JONES,  

  4. Bertram JONES, 

  5. Merlyn JONES, 

  6. Kathleen JONES.

Next Generation

Hugh JONES married Maud WYNNE at St.Mary's, Arsikere, Mysore on 23/10/1915.(One of Hugh's uncle was Father Laurent, parish priest in South India),  children:

  1. Iris JONES

  2. Basil JONES

  3. Clement JONES

  4. Alice JONES

  5. Irene JONES

  6. Enid JONES

  7. Marjorie JONES

  8. Cecil Michael JONES.

Next Generation

Iris JONES married JANES


Cecil Michael JONES married Antoinette COLLISthey had 6 children :

  1. Valerie JONES

  2. Ivan JONES

  3. Cecil Alan Peter JONES

  4. Wilma JONES

  5. Marcus JONES

  6. Shane JONES

Next Generation

Cecil Alan Peter JONES married Sandra de PADUA, children: 

  1. Natalie JONES (info from )

Shane JONES married Denise DYNAN, and have three children - 

  1. Anne JONES, 

  2. Christopher JONES

  3. Louise JONES

I do not know if you could assist but I am searching for an uncle who is Antoinette's brother. His name is Maurice Clifton Chilton. I know he went to Burma during the second world war. He then went to Africa to work in the mines and apparently migrated to America. My mum would love to contact/find out what has happened to him. Shane 



info supplied by Rebecca Ryall Taylor, Cambridge, U.K.

??JONES married ??, children:

  1. William Jones

Next Generation

William JONES married Maria DENT in Madras (1844) children: 

  1. Alfred Adolphus JONES

Next Generation

Alfred Adolphus JONES married Helen Maude Postance THOMAS (1887): children: 

  1. Ashley Norman Postance JONES

Next Generation

Ashley Norman Postance JONES married Pamella Patricia Ryall ANDERSON (1924): children: 

  1. Peter Neill JONES 

  2. Fiona Ryall JONES


Info supplied by Matt Dowell

??JONES married ??, children:

  1. Philip Jones

Next Generation

Dr Philip JONES married Catherine Margaret BURKITT (born in Naini Tal in October 1916.The exact date is unsure as she never had a birth certificate but we celebrate her birthday on the 22nd, She now lives in England with her husband), children :

  1. Vanessa JONES

Next Generation

Vanessa JONES married ? DOWELL, children : 

  1. Matt DOWELL


??JONES married ??, children:

  1. Colleen Jones

Next Generation

Colleen JONES married Albert Abranches D'SYLVA    in the year 1997. They have one Son 

  1. Jason D'SYLVA.


I am looking for anyone who can give me some information on my grand-parents: Robert Arthur Scott and Iris Estelle (I think) Jones. I know there is a great uncle Gordon Scott who is living in Canada. Iris had brothers named Elmer, Terrance & I think Andy. I believe they came to Australia sometime in the 1950's, stayed for some time in Perth before going on to Sunshine, Vic and then to Sydney where they remained for many years before returning to Perth in the late 1970's. Robert passed away in Dec, 1983 and Iris perhaps ten years later. They had seven children, three girls and four boys. Thank you for any help you can offer as I know virtually nothing about my history as my mother never spoke about where they came from other than having lived in Malaysia & Singapore, going to the Naval Base Club, The Raffles but I don't know anything about my heritage, my ancestry and feel like I'm not quite complete. Kind regards Aishya



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