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?? JACKSON married ??, children:

  1. Marylin Jackson

Next Generation 

Marilyn JACKSON (St.Thomas Mount) married Keith CALVERT (Madras) : Children

  1. Scott Calvert

  2. Micah Calvert

  3. Ben Calvert

  4. Lionel Calvert

  5. Kaitlynn Calvert


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?? JACKSON married ??, 7 children:

  1. Lionel Jackson

  2. Leonard Jackson

  3. Lelite Jackson

Next Generation 

Lelite JACKSON One of 7 children with names all starting with L  (Lionel, Leonard, Linette Jackson etc) married Robert Fredrick ROSE Born in India approx 1880 (to a Scottish Father) Was a Civil engineer who worked on the concrete irrigation channels on the plains of the Punjab. Robert Fredrick and Lelite Rose had 2 sons.  The family migrated to New Zealand after independence.

  1. Robert Leonard Rose (Len) b1909

  2. Roley ? Rose b approx 1911


info from KIRK JACKSON kirkjac@gmail.com

?? JACKSON married ??, children:

  1. Kirk Jackson (b1971, Fort Cochin, India)

  2. SHELTON JACKSON (b1972, Fort Cochin, India)

  3. DIMPLE JACKSON (b1973, Fort Cochin, India)

Next Generation

Kirk JACKSON (born 01/02/1971, Fort Cochin, India) married Christina D'MELLO (b1972, Chennai, India). Children:

  1. Keegan Reuben Christin JACKSON (b2002, Sharjah, U.A.E.)

  2. Tobias Richard JACKSON (b2005, Chennai, India)

SHELTON JACKSON (b1972, Fort Cochin, India) married Jayanthi MADYASTHA (b1971, Bangalore, India). Children:

  1. Ronan JACKSON (b2001, Bangalore, India)

  2. Rea JACKSON (b2003, Bangalore, India)

DIMPLE JACKSON (b1973, Fort Cochin, India) married  ?? . Children:

  1. Natasha Elizabeth RODRIGUES (b2000, Dubai, U.A.E.


info from cathy.jackson@nre.vic.gov.au

?? JACKSON married Cathy TAMPLIN (studied: Loreto Convent, Asansol )


info from ljackson@emirates.net.ae

?? JACKSON married ??, children:

  1. Lambert Jackson (studied: St. John's De Britto, Fort Cochin, 1970 & Marine Eng College)

Next Generation

Lambert JACKSON married Deanne FOSBERRY (studied: Christ King High School, Tambaram,Madras-1974, Stella Maris College, Madras, 1978. St. Ann's College of Edn. Mangalore 1979.)



info from normanmaelzer@tiscali.co.uk

?? JACKSON married ??, children:

  1. Eileen Francis Jackson

Next Generation

Eileen Francis JACKSON (Lahore) married Reginald Harold MAELZER (Capt REME. died. UK), Children  

  1. Geraldine Cecelia Maelzer

  2. Norman Harold Maelzer (b1943)


info submitted by ozratbags@ozemail.com.au

Hi, I am looking for any descendants or relatives of Jamess Jelloo Jackson, his father James Jackson and his mother Amy Mookerjee. The older James and Amy were married in Lahore in 1861 and James Jelloo was born near there in 1862. There was also a brother Thomas and a sister, Sarah but I do not know what happened to her. James Jelloo and Thomas were sent to school in England and Thomas died about1877 in Leeds. James Jelloo married Anne Teasdale and had 5 children. If anyone knows anything of these families, could they please email me on ozratbags@ozemail.com.au

?? JACKSON married ??, children:

  1. James Jackson

Next Generation

James JACKSON married Amy MOOKERJEE in 1861 in Lahore, children:

  1. James Jelloo Jackson (born 1862 near Lahore, studied in England)

  2. Thomas JACKSON (studied i England, died 1877, Leeds)

  3. Sarah JACKSON

Next Generation

James Jelloo JACKSON (born 1862 near Lahore) married Anne TEASDALE, 5 children:



info supplied by Amy amity@emirates.net.ae

?? JACKSON married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred Jackson

Next Generation

Wilfred JACKSON married Rosy MAYNE, children

  1. Nelson Joseph Jackson.

Next Generation

Nelson Joseph JACKSON married Josephine FURTAL  children

  1. Brian Jackson 

  2. Wilfred Ian Jackson 

  3. Dyllis Jackson 

  4. Cheryl Jackson 

  5. Rency Jackson 

  6. Penny Jackson 

Next Generation

Brian JACKSON married Iona D'CRUZ, children

  1. Kirk Jackson  

  2. Shelton Jackson  

  3. Dimple Jackson 

Wilfred I JACKSON (b 1945 Cochin d 2012 Bangalore and buried in Melbourne, Australia) married May Andrea Yvette DAVID (b 1952, Ootacamund) . Children:

  1. Anthea Louise W JACKSON (b1975 Bangalore),
  2. Amelia Dominique P JACKSON-SHARMA (b 1978 Bangalore)

    (info from amity@emirates.net.ae ; jacksoncapt@hotmail.com & antheais@gmail.com )


Dyllis JACKSON married Lloyd ALMEIDA, children : 

  1. Wanda Almeida 

  2. Savio Almeida

Cheryl JACKSON married York MORRIS, children : 

  1. Kerrigan Morris 

  2. Lyam Morris 

  3. Pinkey Morris

Rency JACKSON married Jacqueline XAVIER (studied: Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Yercaud 1971-82. Now in Melbourne), children :

  1. Calvin Jackson

Penny JACKSON married Gordon ALMEIDA, children: 

  1. Debra Almeida 

  2. Anika Almeida

Next Generation

Kirk JACKSON married Christina FERNANDES.


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