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Family of Jasmy since 1796

John JASMY                     (born1796) married Maria PRANNA
Nicolac JASMY                  born1797
Samuel JASMY                  born9.7.1797
Johanna Catherine JASMY born1797
Nicolas JASMY                  born1797
Jacobus JASMY                born1880
Johanna Elizabeth JASMY  born1801
Adriana JASMY                 born 8.8.1803
Roza  JASMY                    born1805
Johannes JASMY              born1806
Amelia  JASMY                 born13.1.1812
Isabella Lydia JASMY        born1816
Theodorus JASMY             born19.6.1817
Leonora JASMY                born1821
John Fitchell JASMY         born19.6.1825. married Gorgina Ignatio1850. (parents Fred and Sophia Jasmy)
Fred  JASMY                    born1826
Maria L JASMY                 born1827
Matilda JASMY                  born15.4.1827
Pauline JASMY                 born1827
Bragania Isobella               born 4.7.1830

Joseph  Edward JASMY born1850.married Catherine Lucy ROSS. (Parents John Fitchell and Gorgina)

John Edward JASMY born1873. married Eva MIDDLETON, children:

  1. Rachel Jasmy (born 1899)

  2. Herbert died young.

  3. Florence Gertrude Jasmy

Next Generation

Rachel Jasmy (born 1899) married Clarence D. Samuel. children:

  1. Eric,

  2. Ralph,

  3. Kenneth,

  4. Leonard,

  5. Corrine.

Florence Gertrude JASMY (born 9.3.1906) married Patrick Donald LAWLESS , children:

  1. Vivian Herbert LAWLESS born 13.3.1935

  2. Vilma June LAWLESS born 10,6,1936

  3. Rene Alma LAWLESS   born  5.6.1938

  4. Findlay Raymond LAWLESS born 1.6.1940

  5. Tyrone Jasper  LAWLESS born  15.6.1949


Grace Dorothea Lawless   born1913

Noel Jasmy (born 9.12,1921) married Mary Simmons. children.

  1. Radcliff

  2. Cordellia

  3. Herbert

Charlotte Ethel Jasmy (born1882) married Fred DVaz, children,

  1. Melville D'Vaz married Violet Abernathy

  2. Christy D'Vaz married Iris Jasmy

George Jasmy born 1885 did not marry


Beatrice Jasmy

Dora Jasmy (born,1886) married M.Sturt, children,

  1. Enid Jasmy

  2. Charles Jasmy (born1889)

  3. Gladys married Fred Vanhaltren

  4. Reena married Joe Vanhaltren

  5. Joseph did not marry.

  6. Frank did not marry.

  7. Anthony (Tony) Jasmy

Next Generation

Enid Jasmy married Mr Freeman. children.

  1. Hazel,

  2. Michael (mickey)

  3. Maureen,

  4. Betty.   

Charles Jasmy (born1889) married Stella ROSS, children.

  1. Maria (May) Jasmy married Marvyn Godfrey

Anthony (Tony) JASMY and Mabel HAWES, had four sons

  1. mark jasmy,

  2. demster jasmy,

  3. Kenny Jasmy and

  4. Marlon Jasmy

          (info from Gary Jasmy Garyjasmy@gmail.com )

Next Generation

Marlon Jasmy married Sharon JOHNSTONE. two sons

  1. Denver Jasmy

  2. Gary Jasmy.

Next Generation

Gary Jasmy married Conchita Lyons


Anna JASMY born 1892 married M REBEIRO. children.

  1. Allen Rebeiro married Dolly Granger

  2. Oswald Rebeiro married Mabel Taylor

  3. Edward Rebeiro (last known place of residence -Calcutta)

Agnesa Jasmy born1899 married Charles Rosario. no children
Josephine Jasmy married Sonny Garlow. no children.


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