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The Family of James Lawless (Born Ireland 1793). Enlisted European Regiment. Drogedha South. Sailed on the Ship Surrey, From London to Bombay.  arriving India 1816. Wife Ann .L/MIL/!!/102

Descendants in UK India. Australia. USA. Canada.

James LAWLESS (Born Ireland 1793) married Ann ?, children:

  1. Peter LAWLESS (born 26.6.1822. Muslipatam).  
  2. James LAWLESS (born,24.10.24 died 4.4.1825)
  3. Mary Ann Lawless (born 12 May 1830.Nagapore. Madras  India.

Next Generation
Peter LAWLESS (born 26.6.1822. Muslipatam), Drummer, 47th MNI married Amelia VICKER. children

  1. Caroline Jane Lawless (born 25.6,1842 Musulapatam)
  2. Jane Lawless. (born14.4.1848.Madras)
  3. Rachel LAWLESS (born1.3.1852).

Peter LAWLESS (born 26.6.1882. Muslipatam), widower, married (2nd marriage)  Sarah ROBERTS children.

  1. Alice LAWLESS (born 1865. in Cuttack. )
  2. Ebenezer LAWLESS, (born, Cuttack,1869.) 
  3. John LAWLESS (born Madras,1872. ) 
  4. Salina LAWLESS ( born 1876, Vizianagaram.)

Next Generation

Alice LAWLESS (born 1856. in Cuttack. )  married Norman J McCARTHY (born 1855)  in 1878, children .

  1. Norman McCARTHY (Jock)  married  Daisy STEVENSON, son Jock living in Melbourne
  2. Evelyn McCARTHY (Eva)  married Henry FEWKES. children, Cyril.( children of Cyril all in Australia)

Ebenezer LAWLESS, (born, Cuttack,1869.)  married Emma Celia FREEMAN (born 1873) children

  1. John Percival LAWLESS born 1889
  2. Edward Louis LAWLESS born 1896
  3. Violet Gladys LAWLESS born 1899
  4. Nellie LAWLESS died young

John LAWLESS (born Madras,1872.) married Bridget WINTER. children

  1. Oliver Lawless
  2. Cecil Lawless
  3. Edgar Lawless,
  4. Evelyn Lawless,
  5. Daniel Lawless,
  6. Lena Lawless.

Next Generation

John Percival LAWLESS born 1889 married Gertrude Maude JAMES , children;

  1. Edwin James Richard LAWLESS born.1909 married H. Holder. children Margaret and Elvis
  2. Margaret LAWLESS married Donald Mictich
  3. Elvis LAWLESS married Mary, children : Marina and Anita.

Edward Louis LAWLESS born 1896 married Marjorie Roberta FEWKES., children:

  1. Oscar Kenneth FEWKES

  2. Gerald Douglas FEWKES (Bunny)

Violet Gladys LAWLESS born 1899.married Andrew JACOB

Cecil LAWLESS married Dorothy POPE, children

  1. Mary Lawless
  2. Daphne Lawless
  3. GeraldineLawless .
  4. Anthony Lawless.
  5. June Lawless.
  6. John Lawless
  7. Bridgette Lawless,
  8. Christine Lawless.
  9. Deanna Lawless.
  10. Ben Lawless.
  11. Gerard .Lawless
  12. Sandra Lawless

Next Generation

Patrick Donald Peter LAWLESS married Florence Gertrude JASMY, children

  1. Vivian Herbert LAWLESS born 13.3.1935
  2. Vilma June LAWLESS born 10,6,1936
  3. Rene Alma LAWLESS   born  5.6.1938
  4. Findlay Raymond LAWLESS born 1.6.1940
  5. Tyrone Jasper  LAWLESS born  15.6.1949

Next Generation
 (info from Findlay )           
Vivian Herbert LAWLESS (b 13/3/1939, Madras), married Dorothy POWELL (b 16/1/1938,Cuddapah)  on  4/9/1957 at St Anthonys Church, Pudapet, MADRAS. children:

  1. Maria Patricia LAWLESS born 10.2.1959.
  2. Gary David LAWLESS  born, 6.8.1965
  3. Anita Alma LAWLESS born. 6,10.1966
  4. Karen Lisa LAWLESS born  26 9 1969

Vilma June LAWLESS and Michael D'SILVA. children:

  1. Jeniffer D'SILVA.married Carlton DClase, children Jeanette and Janice .
  2. Yolanda D'SILVA married Adrian Tamplin children ,Natalis and Christopher.
  3. Robert D'SILVA married Teresa ?. Children Millicent Venessa .Aiden.
  4. Sabrina D'SILVA.
Rene Alma LAWLESS   (born  5.6.1938)  married Peter Weston, children
  1. Alister Weston
  2. PhilipWeston  .
  3. Kevin Weston .
  4. Melvina Weston .
  5. Maureen Weston ,
  6. Raymond Weston .
Findlay Raymond LAWLESS born 1.6.1940  married Yvonne Fernandes.

Tyrone Jasper  LAWLESS born  15.6.1949  married Marina Scurville, children

  1. Deberoh Lawless married Dino Scarvello.
  2. Candice Lawless married Kori Salih.

Next Generation

Maria Patricia LAWLESS born 10.2.1959. married Keith SMITH, children

  1. Charlotte Smith
  2. Natalie Smith

Gary David LAWLESS  born, 6.8.1965 married Shelly Dobbs children,

  1. Tyla  Lawless

  2. Finlay Lawless

Anita Alma LAWLESS born. 6,10.1966 married Steve Jones, children

  1. Stacey Jones

  2. Stephanie Jones

Karen Lisa LAWLESS born  26 9 1969 partner Jon Berry, children

  1. Ashley Berry

  2. Lauren Berry


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