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I am looking for anyone related to or knows about Ezekiel Joseph and his family who were immigrants, or they arrived in Calcutta pre 1865, his daughter Hannah Esther Joseph (my Great Grandmother) married in 1865 aged 20, to James William Reed, they had 8 children, one of them was my Grandfather William Clifford Reed, he married Agnes Mary Gertrude Jones, they had several children, some I can recall, James, Charles, Budda, (nickname) Margaret (Peggy) and my mother Florence (Bobby) Reed, she married a british soldier in 1928. Horace Hordell. My maiden name was Florence Hordell. My parents 2 brothers Arthur and William, and myself came to Australia in 1947. Also looking for my cousins Gwen, Rose and Donald (Sherrard) ,children of Margaret (Peggy) nee Reed, my Aunt. Also looking for anyone connected or knew of my Reed family. florence venables


Ezekiel JOSEPH married Khatoon??, (b 1819, d 11 Nov 1915 Benares, age 96) children:

  1. Hannah Esther Joseph (b 1845)

  2. Ezekiel Joseph (b 1851)

  3. Samivelle Arthur Joseph (b 1859)

Next Generation

Ezekiel JOSEPH (b 1851, arrived Calcutta before 1865) at 56yrs on 7 Aug 1907 in Benares married 35yr Ellen DUFF (b 1872 daughter of Alexander Duff), children:


Next Generation

Hannah Esther JOSEPH (b 1845) at 20yrs on 4 Apr 1865 in Calcutta married James William REED, (son of William Reed) they had 8 children:

  1. William Clifford Reed married Agnes Mary Gertrude JONES

Samivelle Arthur JOSEPH on 25 Jul 1881 in Benares married Anne Ursula Hackney COLLETT (daughter of George Smith Collett)


Samivelle Arthur JOSEPH (b 1859) widower at 32yrs on 1 May 1891 in Moorghuhatta married Eleanor Catherine COLEMAN (b 1870 daughter of Joseph Coleman)



info from Edward Joseph

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Philip Thomas Joseph

Next Generation


Philip Thomas JOSEPH (b 1900 India) married Hilda SINHA (b 1916 India) . Children:

1.     Henry Robert Joseph (b1935 Bangalore),

2.     George Vincent Joseph (b1936 Bangalore)

3.     Edwin Joseph (b1943 Bangalore)

4.     Alex Joseph (b1946 Bangalore)

5.     Christopher (Christie) Joseph (b1948 Bangalore)

6.     Shirley Joseph (b1950 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Henry Robert JOSEPH (b1935 Bangalore) married Joyce ??


George Vincent JOSEPH (b1936 Bangalore) married Marion SHEARS (b1945 London)


Edwin JOSEPH (b1943 Bangalore) married Angelina ??


Alex JOSEPH (b1946 Bangalore) married Betty ??


Christopher (Christie) JOSEPH (b1948 Bangalore) married Victoria ??



info from

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Sandra Joseph  (born 1950, Madras)

Next Generation

Sandra JOSEPH (b1950, Madras) on 6/7/1969 at St. Xavier's church, Pallavaram, Madras, married James KLEIN (b 1950, St. Thomas Mount, Madras ). Children:

  1. Elizabeth Klein (12/7/1971)

  2. Monique Klein (12/7/1971)

  3. Reena Klein (12/7/1971)

  4. Kimberley Klein (12/7/1971)

  5. Andrea Klein (12/7/1971)

  6. Jake Creswell Klein (15/9/1973)

  7. Joseph Maxwell Klein (15/9/1973)

  8. Justin Andrew Klein (15/9/1973)


info from  Jacqui Joseph-Bowen & Vivienne (nee Joseph) D'SOUZA

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Lancelot Breen JOSEPH (b1920 Salem, Madras)

Next Generation

Air Commodore Lancelot Breen JOSEPH (b1920 Salem, Madras) married Rita Teresa ASHE (b1930 Pallavaram) 2 daughters:

  1. Vivienne Joseph  

  2. Jacqui Joseph  

Next Generation

Vivienne JOSEPH  on 2/10/1974 in Delhi, married Commodore Ray Brian D'SOUZA of Mumbai, India, one son

  1. Denis Neal DSouza

Dr Jacqueline JOSEPH married  Bill BOWEN of Perth, Australia, one son

  1. Trent Joseph-Bowen


info from Jennifer Joy Joseph

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Leonard Joseph (b1927, Nagpur)

Next Generation
Leonard JOSEPH (b1927, Nagpur, India), married Caroline Marie Van de Rine, Children:

  1. Pamela Marie Joseph

  2. Jennifer Joy Joseph

  3. Glen Allan Joseph

  4. Mervin Christopher Joseph

  5. Eugene Alexander Joseph

  6. Sylvi Joseph

  7. Noel Joseph

  8. Michelle Joseph

Next Generation

Pamela Marie Joseph married Olavo DIAS of Goa,  Children:  

  1. Nevada Dias

  2. Heather Dias

Jennifer Joy Joseph married Surrinder Nayar of Calcutta,   Children:  

  1. Nick

  2. Rick

Glen Allan Joseph, married Lynette ? of Kharagpur,   Children:

  1. Starina,

  2. Lavina,

  3. Gavin,

  4. Neil

  5. Donna

Mervin Christopher Joseph married Elizabeth Matthews of Kerala,   Children:

  1. Maxwell

  2. Ashley

Eugene Alexander Joseph, married Patricia WOODS of Nagpur,   Children:

  1. Nathan

  2. Nichole

Sylvi Joseph married Charles McKEAN of Kalimpong.   Children:

  1. Jessica McKean

  2. Justin McKean

Noel Joseph married Cheryl CORREA of Nagpur,  Children:  

  1. Dylan


info submitted by Jeffrey Wheeler 

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Van Joseph

Next Generation

Van JOSEPH married Jane BALFOUR, children:

  1. Augustus Joseph

Next Generation

Augustus JOSEPH on 1/10/1856 married Charlotte Victoria ETRIDGE (parents, Thomas Etridge and Miss Crampton, Thomas's parents were Thomas Etridge & Adelaide Gay), children:

  1. Grace Joseph

  2. Richard Van Joseph

Next Generation

Grace JOSEPH, married George WHEELER on 28/11/1887children:

  1. Christie Wheeler

  2. Maude Wheeler (deceased England)

  3. Walter Augustus Wheeler (deceased India)

  4. Henry Wheeler

  5. May Wheeler

  6. William Wheeler


info from Veronica Joseph

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. George Joseph

Next Generation

George JOSEPH of Villupuram, India married Theresa ??, children:

  1. Veronica Joseph (studied at Sacred Heart Convent) .


Info supplied by Karen COLLINS (nee Xavier) 18/2/2000. 

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. May Joseph

Next Generation

May JOSEPH married Ralph (Dinky) XAVIER , children

  1. Gerard Xavier 

  2. Jacqueline Xavier (Jackie), 

  3. Karena Xavier (Karen).


info supplied by Connie JOSEPH (nee LAZARO)  

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Douglas Joseph

Next Generation

Douglas JOSEPH (JUNE  1964. RAILWAY SCHOOL, ARKONAM.  ST. BEDES HIGH SCHOOL - 1957 1959. LIVED IN VEPERY- MADRAS.  1964 TO 1974) married Connie LAZARO, children

  1. Denver Cheynne Joseph (b1967 Madras), 

  2. Clinton Blaine Joseph (b1976 Canada),  

  3. Dwayne Harold Joseph (b1978 Canada)

Clinton Blaine JOSEPH married Lilian UMANA in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada on 15/6/1996, children : 

  1. Christopher Benjamin Joseph (b1997)


Antony JOSEPH married Bernadette ? and settled in Bitragunta since the 1950's, children :

  1. Gerard M ( )


 ?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Shirley Patricia Joseph

Next Generation

Shirley Patricia JOSEPH married Graydon HALGE , children :

  1. Warren Halge

  2. Stuart Halge


info submitted by Jeffrey Wheeler on 28/1/2002

?? JOSEPH married ??, children:

  1. Harry Joseph

Next Generation

Harry JOSEPH married Greta CROCKER, children:

  1. Clive Joseph

  2. Cliff Joseph

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