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Colonel William Henry BELL-KINGSLEY (born 28/08/1835 at Ballinlough, Co. Westmeath, Southern Ireland, died 1/10/1901 as Casualty according to Officers Service Record W076/512f64, 67th.South Hampshire Regiment) married (??) Persian woman during Afghan war of 1878-80. Had a son

  1. William George Kingsley (born in Poonamalee near Madras, South India circa 1868).

Next Generation

William George KINGSLEY (born in Poonamalee near Madras circa 1868) married Gertrude CUMMINS and had three children:

  1. Harold Rhodes Kingsley - (born 24th October 1898, died 3rd October 1966 at Swindon, England)
  2. Ida Kingsley.
  3. Violet Kingsley.

Next Generation

Harold Rhodes KINGSLEY
married Frances Constance FREITER and had three children:-

  1. Estelle Marie Kingsley (Born in Madras on 18th February 1928)
  2. Derek George Kingsley (Born in Madras on 19th August 1930)
  3. Thelma Clare Kingsley(Born in Madras on 25th February 1935)

Next Generation

Derek George KINGSLEY (Born in Madras on 20th August 1930) married Teresa HENDERSON (born 03/03/1934, Kotagiri, India, d 21/9/2003 Swindon UK)) on 04/02/1961 at  St. Patrick's Roman Catholic church, Woolston, Southampton, England.  One child

  1. Steven George Kingsley (born 06/07/1961, Southampton, England)

Derek George KINGSLEY married Angela Ann NAIDOO (Born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia(6/10/1937) at St. Marks Church, Battersea, London on 29/10/1977.

Next Generation

Steven George KINGSLEY married Jean HEPBURN at St. Mary The Virgin church, Walkern, Hertfordshire on 11th. May 1985, and have two children:-

  1. Daniel George Kingsley (born in Gloucester, U.K. on 20th. December1986)

  2. Rebecca Constance Kingsley (born in Gloucester on 10th. July 1993)

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