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Searching for info on: Amelia Cummins (nee Avery), born 1831 Madras. Educated Madras Female Asylum, married Edwin Thomas Cummins, Madras, 1847. Died Bury, Lancashire, UK, January 8 1872. Also any info on Madras Female Asylum, now St George's School. Thanks, Colin Evans

? CUMMINS married ??, children:

  1. Edwin Thomas CUMMINS

Next Generation

Edwin Thomas CUMMINS, in Madras in 1847, married Amelia AVERY, born 1831 Madras, Educated Madras Female Asylum, Died Bury, Lancashire, UK, January 8 1872.



Supplied by Alice McDermott 


?? CUMMINS married ??, children:

  1. Mary Ellen Hilda (Molly) Cummins (born 20 May 1874 in Agra),

(Mary Ellen Hilda CUMMINS became legally known as Mary Ellen Hilda Preswell as her mother remarried a Mr Presswell after the death of her father.  Her mother then had more children with Mr Preswell.)  At Agra on 10 August 1891 Mary married Francis William McDERMOTT who enlisted in the 2nd Bn. Lenister Regiment on 7 November 1884


?? CUMMINS, married ?? PRESSWELL, children:


(I think my grandmother Mary Ellen Hilda (Molly) CUMMINS, born 20 May 1874 in Agra, India was related in some way to the GILROY'S and this may help in indentifying if she is of the same family as the Perth Cummins.  She and her husband Francis William McDermott migrated to Australia and landed in Melbourne.  Subsequently they moved to Adelaide.  I think they may have migrated around 1908 - 1910, but am not sure.  Molly had 14 children, but I only know the names of 5, 

  1. Frances McDermott (Frank), 

  2. Wilfred McDermott (Bill), 

  3. Terence McDermott (Terry), 

  4. Eileen McDermott

  5. Maurice McDermott (my father)

Eileen had a twin who died when very small in Burma.  As they were railway people, they had their children in different places in India and I am finding it very difficult to trace records.  At the moment, that is all I know of my ancestors. Best Wishes Alice McDermott   ( )



info from Derek George Kingsley

? CUMMINS married ??, children:

  1. Gertrude CUMMINS

Next Generation

Gertrude CUMMINS married William George KINGSLEY (born in Poonamalee near Madras circa 1868)and had three children:

  1. Harold Rhodes Kingsley - Born 24th October 1898, Died 3rd October 1966 at Swindon, England

  2. Ida Kingsley.

  3. Violet Kingsley.


info from Daniel Cummins 

? CUMMINS married ??, children: 

  1. Daniel CUMMINS

Next Generation

Daniel CUMMINS married Dulcie D'SILVA, children:

  1. Douglas CUMMINS (studied at La Martinere College-Calcutta)


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