LEVINE Family Tree

with links to British India

? LEVINE married ?, children:

  1. George Thomas Levine

Next Generation

George Thomas Levine married Georgiana ?, children:

  1. Mary Josephine Levine (b 13 Sep 1885 Asansol)


Frederick William Nawod LEVINE married ?, children:

  1. Kenneth Montague Levine (b 1894)

Next Generation

Kenneth Montague Lindsay LEVINE (b 1894) at 29yrs on 12 Dec 1923 in Lahore married 22yr Hortense Elenora PHILLIPS , (b 1901 daughter of Thomas Phillips) children:

  1. Phyllis Hortense Levine (b 1925)

  2. Ainsley Patricia Levine (b 25 Aug 1927 Lahore)

  3. Daphne Levine (b 4 Mar 1932 Lahore)

Next Generation
Phyllis Hartence Levine (b 1925) at 22yrs on 2 Oct 1947 in Bombay married 31yr Oscar Victor GRIFFITHS (b 1916 son of Albert Griffiths)


Ainsley Patricia Levine (b 25 Aug 1927 Lahore) at 20yrs on 19 Sep 1947 in Malabar Hill, Bombay married 22yr David Richard KENNY (b 1925 son of Charles David Kenny)



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