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L C D GRIFFITHS married Adelaide De SOUZA: Children,

  1. Ivy Hope Griffiths

Next Generation

Ivy Hope GRIFFITHS (20) married Herbert Stanley LONG (28) on 27/11/1912 in Karachi, children:

  1. Eric Stanley LONG


?? GRIFFITHS married ??, children:

  1. Albert Griffiths

Next Generation

Albert GRIFFITHS married ?, children:

  1. Oscar Victor Griffiths (b 1916)

Next Generation

Oscar Victor Griffiths (b 1916) at 31yrs on 2 Oct 1947 in Bombay married 22yr Phyllis Hortense LEVINE (b 1925)



info from  DELPHINE

?? GRIFFITHS married ??, children:

  1. Audrey Griffiths

Next Generation

Audrey GRIFFITHS (twin) Housewife and a great hockey player for the State of Tamilnadu, b1922
Villupuram\ S.India (d 27.7.2003) at St. Stephens Church, Pallavaram, Madras on 19.12.1951, married
Sidney Arthur THOMPSON b1920 Madurai, India. Joined the British Army and after the war joined the Vigilance and Anti corruption Branch fo the Tamilnadu State Police. (died 31.1.2001). Had three children:

  1. Delphine Millicent Thompson b1952

  2. Howard Bruce Thompson  b1956

  3. Marlene Ann Thompson b1959 (not married)


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?? GRIFFITHS married ??, children:

  1. Marjorie Griffiths (born India)

  2. Maurice Griffiths

Next Generation

Marjorie GRIFFITHS (born India) married Percy DRACUP (born India), children;

  1. Wendy Dracup

  2. Richard Dracup (born Sydney)

  3.  ? Dracup

  4.  ? Dracup

Maurice GRIFFITHS (b ?) married ?, children:

  1. Gillian Griffiths (b 1945 Bombay)

Next Generation

Gillian GRIFFITHS (b1945 Bombay) married Peter PEARS on  23/9/1967, children :-

  1. Matthew Pears (b1972 London),

  2. Andrew Pears (b1977 London),

  3. Katherine Pears (b1979 London).

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