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info from Joan Birtles - Constitution Hill, NSW, Australia

?? LYNCH married ??, children:

  1. John Lynch

Next Generation

John LYNCH [Kilrush, Co Clare, Ire] born June 1827, father Patrick, m 16 September 1851 to Paulina THORPE born 16 October 1830 at Secunderabad, India. John a private in the European Light Infantry in Madras [ Madras LI] John purchased himself out of the ELI in 1852. He was a plasterer in Ireland. Children were:

  1. Deborah Jane LYNCH born 25 May 1852 Hyderabad, India

  2. Paulina LYNCH born 26 January 1859 Sydney, NSW, Australia

[John LYNCH, wife Paulina nee THORPE and daughter Deborah emigrated to NSW Australia on the William Prowse in February 1853. No death can be found in Madras of Paulina’s parents, John THORPE and Paulina]

Paulina died 30 December 1874 in NSW, Australia in the name of her 2nd husband George Loyau. No death can be found in Australia between 1859 & 1865 when his wife Paulina remarried stating she was a widow



info from

?? LYNCH married ??, children:

  1. John Lynch (an Irishman, worked for the (G.I.P) railway until his death in 1925)

Next Generation

John LYNCH (an Irishman, worked for the (G.I.P) railway until his death in 1925) married Hertha May BROWN (Danish), 9 children:

  1. Sheila Kathleen LYNCH (b Harda 3/4/1913, raised in Jubbelpore, studied at St Josephs convent Jupplepore 1918-1931) .

Next Generation

Sheila Kathleen LYNCH (b Harda 3/4/1913, raised in Jubbelpore. She was one of 9 children born to an irish father and a Danish mother; Sheila left Jubbelpore to do nurse training in Bombay. Sheila left India for South Wales in 1943. Never to return again she kept her memories of India alive by telling fascinating tales to me her granddaughter, those memories are so real to me that in my mind I have been to India a thousand times.) Whilst in Bombay Sheila fell in love with a soldier,  in the Welsh Regt, and married him ?? in Matunga in June 1940, their first child was a son

  1. Vivien Thomas (born in Bombay's military hospital in 1941).


Joseph LYNCH married Joanna ?, children:

  1. William Joseph Lynch (b 19 Sep 1888 Calicut)

  2. Alfred Lynch (b 3 Oct 1890 Salem)

Next Generation

William Joseph Lynch (b 19 Sep 1888 Calicut) at 30yrs on 4 Sep 1918 in Rangoon married 18yr Romaldine Tres FERNANDEZ (b 1900 daughter of Anthony Cajitan Fernandez)


info from Sabrina Court

David LYNCH married Mary Anne ??, children:

  1. William Joseph Lynch (b 28 Mar 1851 Lahore, d 10 Jul 1905 Morar)

Next Generation

William Joseph Lynch (b 28 Mar 1851 Lahore, d 10 Jul 1905 Morar) at 21yrs on 12 Feb 1873 in Calcutta married 15yr Elizabeth Agnes SEALY, (b 1858 daughter of John Francis Sealy) children:

  1. David Francis Lynch (b 1874)

  2. Agnes Emeline Lynch ( b.1878 )

William Joseph Lynch (b 1852) at 29yrs on 26 Nov 1881 in Calcutta married 22yr Maria Teresa CORRYA (b 1859 daughter of Henry Corrya, d 20 Sep 1938 Meerut age 79yrs)

  1. Florence Josephine Lynch (c 11 Apr 1886)

  2. Victor Joseph Lynch (b 21 May 1889 Dhurrumtollah)

  3. Blanche Constance Lynch (b 1892)

  4. Elsie Clare Lynch (b 1896)

Next Generation

David Francis Lynch (b 1874) at 26yrs on 27 Nov 1900 in Moorgheehatta married 25yr Maria Leceardia PEREIRA (b 1875 daughter of Lewis Francis Pereira)


David Francis Lynch (b 1874) widowed at 33yrs, on 17 Nov 1907 in Sealdah married 31yr widow Ida BURROWS (b 1876 daughter of Donald Bruce)


Agnes Emeline LYNCH ( b.1878, Christening: 12 OCT 1878 India Office Ecclesiastical Returns-Bengal Presidency. Lived in the Vicetracal Lodge, Gwalior while working for the Maharaja of Gwalior; later, moved to Darjeeling and worked at Goethal`s School there. ) married Charles Hugh Lindsay KERR (b. 14 Feb 1865), children:

  1. Cyril Kerr (d. of Cholera)

  2. Donald Kerr (d. 1966)

  3. Dennis Kerr

  4. Denzil Kerr (d. Perth, WA)

  5. Eric Charles Kerr (b. 03 Mar 1914-d. 1965).

Blanche Constance Lynch (b 1892) at 16yrs on 8 Jan 1908 in Calcutta married Stanley Sovereign SMITH (son of Davis Sovereign Smith)


Elsie Clare LYNCH (b 1896) at 28yrs on 16 Aug 1924 in Chakrata, married 24yr Cecil Eugene BAPTISTE (b 1900 son of Cecil Adolphus Baptiste)



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