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Hi; I am searching for details of Alfred Maiden who came from India in Mid to early 1800s. I think hr lived in masulipatnam with his brother where they had business interests. Originally employed by the East India co.,  Regards John Galloway.


(Info supplied by Dennis de LIMA)

Dr. John MAIDEN (died in Belize) married ? (may have married Elizabeth STROUD, whose name was obtained from the 1897 NSW death index for her son Alfred. advised by Jean Ffrench, children : 

  1. John William MAIDEN (b1819, Belize, British Honduras, d1874, Cochin).

  2. Alfred MAIDEN (b Bedford in 1821 and d1897, buried Bulahdelah Cemetry, NSW, Australia.)

Next Generation

(My name is Meta Waldock, from Far North Queensland, Australia.  My Grandmother recently gave me copies of her "MAIDEN" family tree.  As i am unsure if you are aware of the information i possess, i will not send all of it. However, on your website under the "MAIDEN" family tree, there is no information about ALFRED MAIDEN, of whom I am a direct decendent.  Alfred was John William Maiden's younger brother.  He was born 1821 and died in 1897.  His first wife was Betsy SCRIMES (they had 4 children) who died, with 3 of her children in a cyclone, Masulipatnam area.  He later married Emma Caroline Ellen BORTHWICK, to whom he had 9 children, they youngest being AMBROSE O'BRIEN MAIDEN (1884 - 1964) who was their only child born in Australia. I have a lot more information about the MAIDEN family, and their decendents.  If you are interested i could either scan and email or photocopy and post the information to you. Thank you for your time. Meta. E. Waldock )

John William MAIDEN (b1819, Belize, British Honduras, d1874, Cochin) married Indiana FRENCH on 11/12/1850 in Madras, children : 

  1. Eva MAIDEN, 

  2. John William MAIDEN, Jnr (b1853, d1937, Bundur, Masulipatam), 

  3. Mary Caroline MAIDEN (b1858, Masulipatam), 

  4. Elisabeth MAIDEN (b1867, Masulipatam).

Alfred MAIDEN (b 1821 and d in 1897.) married Betsy SCRIMES  who died, with 3 of their 4 children in a cyclone in the Masulipatnam area. 

Alfred MAIDEN (b Bedford in 1821 and d1897, buried Bulahdelah Cemetry, NSW, Australia.)  married (2nd marriage) on 27 November, 1865Emma Caroline Ellen BORTHWICK (b1840  d 1926),  9 children (info from ):

  1. Harry William MAIDEN  (1866 - 1937)

  2. Louisa Betsy MAIDEN  (1868 - 1953)

  3. Nancy Susannah MAIDEN  (1869 - 1960)

  4. Alfred Thomas MAIDEN  (1871 - 1915)

  5. Emma Dollinder MAIDEN  (1873 - 1960)

  6. Fanny Elizabeth MAIDEN  (1874 - 1960)

  7. Edwin James MAIDEN  (1876 - 1955)

  8. James Scrimes MAIDEN  (1880 - 1965)

  9. Ambrose O'Brien MAIDEN  (1884 - 1964) only child in Australia

Next Generation

John William MAIDEN , Jnr (b1853, d1937, Bundur, Masulipatam) married Sarah Sophia KOHLHOFF, children : 

  1. John William Heathcote MAIDEN (b1881, Masulipatam, d1954, Bangalore), 

  2. Muriel Ianthe Ascher MAIDEN (b1883, Masulipatam, d 1978, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk),  

  3. Aileen Adele MAIDEN (b1884, d1884, Masulipatam).

John William MAIDEN , Jnr (b1853, d1937, Bundur, Masulipatam) 2nd marriage on 6/1/1886 at Masulipatam, to Annie Maude LACEY, children: 

  1. Cuthbert Edward MAIDEN (b1886),

  2. Milford MAIDEN (b1887),  

  3. Lynette Aura MAIDEN (b1889, Masulipatam, died Bangalore),  

  4. Cyril Alfred MAIDEN (b1891), 

  5. Emily Dorothy MAIDEN (b1893),  

  6. Alicia Hearn MAIDEN (b1860)

Next Generation

Muriel Ianthe Ascher MAIDEN (b1883, Masulipatam, died 1978, Suffolk) married Joseph Alfred Paul de LIMA( b 1867, and d 1958 in Kesgrave, Woodbridge, Suffolk), children : 

  1. Ruth Olive Margaret de LIMA (b 1909, d1911, Karachi), 

  2. Constance Ianthe Noreen de LIMA (b1911, Karachi), 

  3. Alfred William de LIMA (b1912 Madras), 

  4. Eric Donald de LIMA (b1914, died Perth, Aust), 

  5. Noel Henry de LIMA (b1915, d1916, Karachi), 

  6. John Dudley de LIMA (b1917), 

  7. Ian Leslie de LIMA (b1926)

Eric Donald, John Dudley & Ian Leslie changed their surname from de LIMA to MAIDEN.

Next Generation

Eric Donald MAIDEN (b1914, died Perth, Aust) married Rita ??

John Dudley MAIDEN (b 1917) married Gwendoline Maud SUMNER, children : 

  1. Carol Ann MAIDEN (b1945), 
  2. Sandra Joan MAIDEN (b1947, Calcutta)

Ian Leslie MAIDEN (b 1926) married Elisabeth Ursula JOSEPHS, children : 

  1. Christopher MAIDEN (1958), 
  2. Charles MAIDEN (1960), 
  3. Beverly MAIDEN (b1965, died 1976 Kesgrave, Suffolk)

Next Generation

Carol Ann MAIDEN (b1945) married David MAYHEW, children : 

  1. Alistair Robert MAYHEW (1969), 
  2. Daniel Luke MAYHEW (1970), 
  3. James Duncan MAYHEW (1974)

Sandra Joan MAIDEN (b1947, Calcutta) married Murray David McPHERSON in about 1970 at Kesgrave, Woodbridge, Suffolk, children

  1. Andrew Duncan McPHERSON (b1974), 
  2. Rebecca Carol McPHERSON (b1976), 
  3. Grant Matthew McPHERSON (b1981)


?? MAIDEN married ??, children:

  1. Iris Maiden.

Next Generation

Iris MAIDEN married Leslie Colin BIRD (son of Robert BIRD) : children:-

  1. Jennifer BIRD, 

  2. Gerald Colin Francis BIRD (passed away in Perth June 2010), 

  3. Laura BIRD, 

  4. Ivan BIRD (passed away in Adelaide)


?? MAIDEN married ??, children:

  1. Brenden Maiden.

Next Generation

Brenden MAIDEN married Charmaine DANIELS (they live in Perth), children:

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