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? NIGLI married ??, children:

  1. Hartley Alexander Nigli

Next Generation

Hartley Alexander NIGLI married Dorothy ?, children:

  1. Patrick Albert Nigli (b 1917)

  2. Jessie Edith Nigli (b 30 Jul 1919, c 11 Aug 1919 Bangalore)

  3. Oscar Anthony Nigli (b 11 Oct 1921, c 3 Nov 1921 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Patrick Albert NIGLI (b 1917) at 24yrs on 18 Sep 1941 in Bangalore married 22yr Ellen Olivia Barbara D'VAZ (b 1919, daughter of Henry William D.Vaz)



info from Paul NIGLI

?? NIGLI married ??, children:

  1. Peter Nigli

Next Generation

Peter NIGLI married Jessy  ?,and they had 11 children but I know only few names:

  1. Francis Nigli,

  2. Lusious Nigli,

  3. Gregory Nigli,

  4. Little,

  5. George Nigli,

  6. Stanley Nigli.

Next Generation
Gregory NIGLI married Zeena Norohna, 7 children:

  1. Bridget,

  2. Vivate,

  3. Dorris,

  4. Hyacinth,

  5. Paul Nigli,

  6. Sheila,

  7. Rayson Nigli

Next Generation

Bridget NIGLI married Deepak Malhotra 2 children:

  1. Nisha Malhotra,

  2. Nidhi Malhotra,

Vivate NIGLI married Karan Balik 3 children,

  1. Neha Balik,

  2. Vidhu Balik,

  3. Hansel Balik

Dorris NIGLI married Antony Varghese 2 children:

  1. Ann Rheba Antony

  2. Nadia Antony

Hyacinth NIGLI married Sunny JOSEPH 3 children:

  1. Irene Joseph,

  2. Sharon Joseph,

  3. Ivan Joseph

Paul NIGLI married Reena Cardoz JOSEPH, 2 Children:

  1. Rhea Magdalene Nigli,

  2. Raveena Sara Nigli( Now we are in New Jersey USA.)

Sheila NIGLI married Ivan D'SOUZA 2 children:

  1. Deborah D'Souza

  2. Nigel D'Souza

Rayson Nigli married Shirley ?No children Yet.


info from Desmond Charles Macedo


?? NIGLI (worked on tea estates) married Arrow MACEDO, children:



info from Sydney Nigli
Both my grandfathers served in the British army and both were on the British Indian Railways.. Looking to meet up and connect with any one who knows us and wants to connect with us. Sydney NIGLI

?? NIGLI married ??, children:

  1. Hartley Nigli

Next Generation

Hartley NIGLI married Dolly ARENDALE - d mid 1950's. They had 4 children.

  1. Patrick NIGLI

  2. Dorris NIGLI

  3. Oscar NIGLI

  4. Leslie J NIGLI

Leslie J NIGLI married Arline T TRANSFIELD - (b ?. d 1962 at Nellore) 7 children:

  1. Trevor

  2. Sydney Nigli - b 1951 - Belgaum - India

  3. Marcel J James Nigli

  4. Louise

  5. Sharon

  6. Mark

  7. Carrie Ann

Next Generation

Sydney NIGLI (b1951 - Belgaum - India) moved to Toronto Canada in 2003 from Oman - Muscat - lived 26 yeras in the Middle East married Mani Byramjee (a Parsee). 3 children.

  1. Michelle Nigli married Mohammad WAQAS in July 2018, daughter: Lana May Waqas (b May 2020)



Sydney NIGLI (b1951 - Belgaum - India) moved to Toronto Canada in 2003 from Oman - Muscat - lived 26 yeras in the Middle East married (2nd marriage) Sabiha Palejwalla, children, (last two born in Abu Dhabi) and are in Canada with us.:

  1. Sacha Nigli

  2. Michelle Nigli

Marcel J James NIGLI (b 1952 Belgaum, India) - worked in the Saudi Arabia for 4 years and moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada in 1977. Moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1990, married  Brinal Matilda M RAYMOND (b 1953, Rajahmundry, India).   2 Children:

  1. Lorenzo J NIGLI (b 1978, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)

  2. Adrienne S NIGLI (b 1981, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)


info from Glen Nigli

Bernard NIGLI married Josephine FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Elsie Nigli

  2. Rose Margaret Nigli (became a Nun)

  3. Richard Nigli

  4. Anto Nigli

  5. Henry Nigli

  6. Stephen Nigli

  7. Robin Nigli

  8. Berty Nigli

  9. Dolly Nigli

Next Generation

Elsie NIGLI married Norman FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Desmond Fernandez

Henry NIGLI married Tessy NORONHA, children:

  1. Glen Nigli (born ?)

  2. Ivan Nigli

Next Generation

Glen NIGLI married Philo ? , children:

  1. Manog G Nigli

  2. Soja Nigli


info courtesy of

Linus NIGLI married Kenneth Joseph REBELLO (b 1946)



Larraine NIGLI married Eddie PEREIRA ..(4 children) 

  1. Kevin Pereira (born ? )

  2. Roger Pereira (born ? )

  3. Michael Pereira (born ? )

  4. Arlene Pereira (born ? )

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