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info from Stanley nurse

H.V.G.Nurse have two sisters Sylvia and Phillips, died at Coimbatore as spinster


?? NURSE married ??, children:

  1. Henry V G Nurse

  2. Sylvia Nurse

  3. Phillip Nurse

Next Generation

Henry V G NURSE married ?? (Hindu lady), children:

  1. Robert Arthur Nurse (b.16th oct-1925) (d.26th nov 2001)

  2. William Harry Nurse

  3. Edward George Nurse

  4. Mary rosemund Nurse

Next Generation

Robert A NURSE (b.16th oct-1925 d.26th nov 2001) married Annie Grace Kamala children

  1. Stanley Patrick Nurse

  2. Patricia Winifred Nurse

Next Generation

Stanley Patrick NURSE(b. 7th june-1959) married Ruth Virginia children

  1. Susan Priyanka,

  2. Elizabeth Nikitha,

  3. Robert Samuel



info from Joan

?? NURSE married ??, children:

  1. Peter Nurse

Next Generation

Peter NURSE from Middlesex, UK, arrived India 1785 , was Quarter Master 1st. Battalion: 17th Regiment N.I.  married Elizabeth ?? 1810.


(Info supplied by Karen THOMAS, or  )

?? NURSE married ??, children:

  1. Florence Nurse

Next Generation

Florence NURSE married George SMITH, ? children:

  1. Elsa Smith

  2. Sheila Smith

  3. Olga Smith

  4. Norma Smith

  5. Cyril Smith

  6. Harold Smith

  7. Clarence Smith

  8. George Herbert Smith


info from

?? NURSE married ??, children:

  1. Barney Nurse (School: St Georges Katie, Doveton Madras)

Next Generation


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