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info from Margaret Schultz My family Rodrigues comes from Chittagong BanglaDesh.  Would like to find out if anyone from that city could provide me details on my grandparents JEROME RODRIGUES and ELIZABETH PAUL.




?? PAUL married ??, children:

  1. John William Paul (b 1873, d 13 May 1928 Bombay)

Next Generation

John William PAUL (b 1873, d 13 May 1928 Bombay) married Isabella ??, (b 1873, d 3 May 1925 Kharagpur, age 52) children:

  1. Maud Florence Paul (b 1896)

  2. Mabel Edith Paul (b 29 Oct 1899 Mazagon Bombay)

Next Generation

Maud Florence Paul (b 1896) at 21yrs on 27 Aug 1917 in Kharagpur married 24yr Henry Charles GOMEZ (b 1893 son of Henry Robert Gomez)


Mabel Edith PAUL (b 29 Oct 1899 Mazagon Bombay) at 17yrs on 10 Sep 1917 in Kharagpur married 20yr Frederick Zonato MARAZZI (b 23 Feb 1897)



info from


?? PAUL married ??, children:

  1. Desmond Paul

  2. Douglas Paul

Next Generation

Desmond PAUL from Chandni Chowk, Calcutta, married Carole RYDQVIST



info submitted by &


?? PAUL married ??, children:

  1. Edna May PAUL

Next Generation

Edna May PAUL married Eugene GREENE ( Worked in East India Railway. Last residence, Salvation Army, Kolar Gold Fields, India), children:

  1. Ernest Frank Greene (born 18/01/1918, Nellore, A.P.)

  2. Stanley Anthony Greene

I am seeking the last known whereabouts and details of my grandfather Eugene Greene


Info supplied by Tina PAUL 


?? PAUL married ??, children:

  1. Norbert Paul

Next Generation

Norbert PAUL married Josephine NORONHA


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