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In search of the Greene family (Freedie and Corrina) who I used to live with while in Dhanbad. They left Dhanbad in 1986 to emigrate to Australia. Corrina is now married and I hear her married surname is Singh. Any information in this will be appreciated.



Richard GREENE married ?, children:

  1. Edward Francis Greene (b 8 Sep 1842 Madras)

Next Generation

Edward Francis GREENE (b 8 Sep 1842 Madras) on 19 April 1866 in Madras married widow Mary Macklin DONNELLAN (daughter of John Macklin Flannery, children:

  1. Andrew Earnest Francis Greene (b 25 Oct 1866 Bangalore)

  2. Edward John Macklin Greene (b 18 Jul 1868 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Andrew Earnest Francis GREENE (b 25 Oct 1866 Bangalore) married Minnie Violet FLANNERY(b 21 Aug 1886, Akyab, daughter of Phillip and Hester Violet Flannery), children:

  1. Elaine Greene (b 5 Oct 1900 Rangoon)

  2. Kathleen Mary Macklin Greene ((b 27 Nov 1904, Tanuggyl, India)

  3. Mary Hester Greene (b 27 May 1906 Tanuggyl)

  4. Maisie Greene (b 1906)

Kathleen Mary Macklin GREENE (b 27 Nov 1904, Tanuggyl, India,) at 24yrs on 15/02/1928 in Rangoon married 44yr widowed Francis Patrick MURPHY (b.12.12.1883 d.01/01/1957) . Children

  1. Colin Lawrence Murphy b.04/10/1928 d. 23/08/1988,

  2. Edmund Trevor (Teddy) Murphy b.19/12/1930,

  3. Noel Clifford Murphy b.02/04/1933,

  4. Patricia Kay Murphy b.17.01.1938 d. 03/05/1940.

Next Generation

Maisie GREENE (b 1906) at 21yrs on 3 Oct 1927 in Rangoon married 27yr Arthur WORSLEY (b 1900 son of Edward Worsley)



?? GREENE married ??, children:

  1. Trevor Greene (born 08/08/1959, Colaba Mumbai)

Next Generation

Trevor Greene (b 08/08/1959, Colaba Mumbai) on 16/4/1988 at Don Bosco's Church, Ayanavaram,  Madras married Roselaine Vassou (b 11/10/1963, Chennai).


  1. Joanne Esperine (born)  01/01/1991, Pursawakam, Madras, India),  


info from John Woods

?? GREENE married ??, children:

  1. Anthony Greene (b ?, d 1812) on 2 Sept 1795 at Fort William Garrison

Next Generation

Anthony GREENE,  (b ?, d 1812) on 2 sept 1795 at Fort William Garrison, Lieut in 1797 and a Captain from 1802 to 1811. he held temporary rank as a Major around 1810.  He rose from Sub Secretary to Secretary to the military board office), married Catherine DANIELL ( b ?, d 20 Jan 1811), children:

  1. Helen Greene

  2. ?? Greene (son b 1807)

Next Generation

Helen GREENE in 1819 in Calcutta, married David BEANLAND (died in 1829 on board ship, the William Money, travelling to Bombay) children:

  1. John Green Beanland    1820  Fort William

  2. David Henry Beanland     1822  Fort William

  3. Anthony Wemyss Beanland 1826  Fort William   



info from Anna Marie Greene

?? GREENE married ??, children:

  1. Dennis Oscar Greene

Next Generation

Dennis Oscar GREENE married Isabel Katherine GOMES, children:

  1. Anna Greene DOB 9/12/72

Next Generation


info submitted by & & 

?? GREENE married ??, children:

  1. Eugene Greene

Next Generation

Eugene GREENE (Worked in East India Railway. Last residence, Salvation Army, Kolar Gold Fields, India) married Edna May PAUL, children:

  1. Ernest Frank Greene (born 18/01/1918, Nellore, A.P.)

  2. Stanley Anthony Greene

I am seeking the last known whereabouts and details of my grandfather Eugene Greene

Next Generation

Ernest Frank GREENE (born 18/01/1918, Nellore, A.P.) married Norma Yvonne REBELLO (born 16/10/1932,Vypeen,Cochin) on -/-/1947 at Our lady of Hope Church, Vypeen,Cochin. Children

  1. Richard Irvine Greene (born 21/09/1949,Ootacamund, Nilgiris, India).

  2. Peter Ernest Greene (born 26/01/1951,Ernakulam, India).

Next Generation

Richard Irvine GREENE (born 21/9/49,Ootacamund, Nilgiris) married Mavis Ellen CLAY (born 19/1/54) on 26/4/76 at St. Luke's Church, Kotagiri, Nilgiris. Died 26/11/99. Children:

  1. Timothy Greene (b1/9/80),

  2. Carol Anne Greene (b11/12/85)

Peter Ernest GREENE (born 26/1/1951, Ernakulam) married June Patricia YATES (born 5/6/1947) on 21/7/1984 at St. Patricks Cathedral, Richmond Town, Bangalore. Presently living in Windsor, Ontario. Children:

  1. Eugene Greene (b8/12/1985),

  2. Christopher Greene (b22/12/1986).

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