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My name is Jennifer WHEELER nee PETERSON and I have been trying desperately to find my father's side of the family- he had several brothers and one sister and was wondering whether there was a chance that the abovementioned Peterson's could be related to me - Is there a chance you could get these people to get in touch with me, I would be most appreciative. Thanks  Jennifer Wheeler ( )



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I am trying to find descendants of William Walter Clifford & Catherine Peterson Poona, India 1850s and on. Their children were William Julian married Millicent Windsor, Walter Henry {husbands Great Grandfather} , Cecil Herbert, May Maria married Jack Dracup  & Edward Louis. Also of William Walter Clifford & Julia Fell India there daughter was Julia Norton and married John Newland. William Julian & Millicent were last known to be in Glasgow in 1923. William Walter Clifford was a Principal at the Bishops School Poona from 1865 68. William Julian Clifford was A Captain in the Army and retired in 1903. Contact with descendants in this family would be wonderful . Contact Wyn at


?? PETERSON married ??, children:

  1. Catherine PETERSON

Next Generation

Catherine PETERSON married William Walter CLIFFORD ( Principal at the Bishops School Poona from 1865 68), children:

  1. William Julian Clifford (A Captain in the Army and retired in 1903).married Millicent Windsor,

  2. Walter Henry Clifford {husbands Great Grandfather} ,

  3. Cecil Herbert Clifford

  4. May Maria Clifford married Jack Dracup

  5. Edward Louis Clifford


info from Kevin Peterson

?? PETERSON married ??, children:

  1. Saterline PETERSON

Next Generation

Saterline PETERSON married Felciana ?? (from Vypeen - Cochin). Children are

  1. Hume Peterson

  2. Bernice Peterson - never married and interned in the UK, New Castle on Tyne, Jepson.

  3. Wincy Peterson

Next Generation

Hume PETERSON married Helen ??, from Mangalore and their children are

  1. Lionel Peterson

  2. Godfrey Peterson 

  3. Brian Peterson 

  4. Jennifer Peterson

Wincy PETERSON married Winnie Meyne (Karunagapally) and their children are,

  1. Kevin Peterson (b1940 Tangasseri, Quilon)

  2. Keith Peterson 

  3. Kenneth Peterson 

  4. Kilburn Peterson

  5. Katherine Peterson

  6. Kester Peterson

Next Generation
Kevin PETERSON (b1940 Tangasseri, Quilon) married Mary (Dierdre) FERNANDEZ (b1943 Tangasseri, d/o Cyril and Rhoda Fernandez), children:

  1. Natasha Peterson (b1970),  

  2. John Peterson (b1975, married to Jennifer (Yianoulla) Aliferis on 23/8/2004 at the Church of the Little West, Las Vegas.)

  3. Mark Peterson (b1978)

Keith PETERSON married Audrey Bartholomeuz and have a daughter,

  1. Kirsty  Peterson married Clyde Harding

Kenneth PETERSON married Claudette D'CRUZ and their Children are:

  1. Ronette Peterson

  2. Reenette Peterson  

  3. Rajdette Peterson married  Seema.

Kilburn PETERSON married Doreen Bartholomeuz and have two children,

  1. David Peterson

  2. Dean Peterson .

Katherine PETERSON married Maxwell BEALE and have one daughter

  1. Leanne Beale

Kester PETERSON married Marlene NETTO (Madras)


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?? PETERSON married ??, children:

  1. Jacqueline PETERSON

Next Generation

Jacqueline PETERSON from Podanur married Stephen BRASS..



?? PETERSON married ??, children:

  1. Derek PETERSON

Next Generation

Derek PETERSON (b1943) married 4/9/1967 Henrietta JEREMIAH (b 1946; d1997, aged 50), children:

  1. Charmaine Peterson (b1968)

  2. Wendy Peterson (b1970)

  3. Stafford Peterson (b1972)

  4. Adele Peterson (b1976)

  5. Kimberly Petersen (b1986)

Next Generation

Charmaine PETERSON (b1968) married on 11 Feb.1998 to Rajeev Wudhwani


Stafford PETERSON on 28/12/1996 married  Karen REBEIRO , child: 

  1.  Henrietta Peterson (b 1997)


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