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J NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Peter Netto (b 1875)

Next Generation

Peter NETTO (b 1875) at 24yrs on 28 Jun 1899 in Madras married 17yr Angelina Grace FALLEN, (b 1882, daughter of F Fallen) children:

  1. Albert Victor Netto (b 1900)

  2. Edward Valentine Netto (b 30 Apr 1902, c 18 May 1902 Madras)

  3. Mary Antoinette Netto (b 2 Aug 1904, c 24 Aug 1904 Madras)

  4. Joseph Bernard Netto (b 15 Feb 1907, c 2 Mar 1907 Madras)

  5. Maisie Florence Netto (b 1912)

  6. Antony Eric Netto (b 13 Jan 1915, c 6 Feb 1915 Madras)

Next Generation

Albert Victor NETTO (b 1900) at 25yrs on 14 Sep 1925 in Madras married 21yr Irene Innocent GARRATT (b 1904, daughter of William Herbert Garratt)


Maisie Florence NETTO (b 1912)  at 19yrs on 7 Jan 1931 in Madras married 23yr Herbert Andrew BELLO (b 1908, son of Joseph Bello)



info from denise dsilva


? NETTO married Mary STEVENS, children:

  1. Walter Netto (b 1914 Kerala)

Next Generation

Walter NETTO (b 1914- Eravipuram Kerala) married Celine ??, children:

  1. Reneta Netto (b 1943 Bombay)

Next Generation
Reneta NETTO (b 1943 Bombay) married Basil D'SILVA (b 1940 Falnir Mangalore), children:

  1. Rensil D'silva (b 1968 Bombay)

  2. Neil D'silva (b 1971 Bombay)

  3. Denise D'silva (b 1979 bombay)


info from  Dominic

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Bryan Netto

  2. Glynis Netto

  3. Corinne Netto

  4. Shane Netto

  5. Rodney Netto

Next Generation

Bryan Netto married Daniella GOMEZ , children:

  1. Christopher Netto

Glynis Netto married Darryl SMITH, children:

  1. Amanda Smith married Michael Salvetti and had zachary salvetti

  2. Dominic Smith

Glynis Netto married (2nd marriage)  Gary Luludis and had:

  1. Amber Luludis

Corinne Netto married Luke Fernando and had:

  1. tamara Fernando

  2. howard Fernando

  3. kyle fernando


Shane Netto married Shaliza Ali and had:

  1. khaliq ali netto


info from Antonio Netto

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Milton Netto

Next Generation

Milton NETTO, Cochin, India, married ??, children:

  1. Antonio Netto


 info from Maria deRosario

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Lawrence Netto

Next Generation

Lawrence NETTO married Sharlene FERNANDEZ. Children:

  1. Leandra Netto,

  2. Chennelle Netto




?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Mario Jude Ernest Netto

Next Generation




info from Kevin Peterson

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Marlene Netto

Next Generation

Marlene NETTO married Kester PETERSON



info from Rosheen Netto

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Netto

Next Generation

Cyril NETTO married ?? CARDOZA from Quilon, children:

  1. Nicholas Denis Netto (born ??)

Next Generation

Nicholas Denis NETTO from Kaikalundra Kerala, married Rosheen CASEY from Ireland. They lived in Adelaide, Australia and later moved to Dublin, Ireland. Childen:

  1. Antoinette Netto

  2. Nicholas Netto (Jnr)


?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Francis NETTO (b 1842 d 24 May 1882 Madras)


Francis M NETTO married Petronilla ?, children:

  1. Wilhelmina Victoria Netto

  2. Denis Edwin Netto (b 1885)

  3. Michael Salvador Netto (b 18 Mar 1899 Calicut, son of Charles & Petronilla)

Next Generation

Denis Edwin NETTO (b1885) at age 41 on 15 Feb 1926 at Podanur married 21yr  Catherine Sarah DEVINE (b 1905 daughter of Edwin & Rose Devine)



info from Annamarie Mathews

Peter Francis Helen NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Myrtle Gladys NETTO (b 1899)

Next Generation

Myrtle Gladys NETTO (b 1899. Baby) at age 30 on 17 Jul 1929 at Podanur married 29 yr William Perceival BIRD (b 1900 Ginger son of George Nancy BIRD). Their children are:

  1. Ninette Mary Bird

  2. George Bird (Chicken) (UK)

  3. Yvonne Heather Bird (Philo) (25May)

  4. Clayton Joseph Bird (Tiny)

  5. Yolande Bird (Honey)

  6. Locksley Bird (Bundoo)

  7. Iris Bird (Peggy) (UK).

  8. Lwellyn Bird (Tony) (deceased)

  9. Pansy Gillian Bird (Bubs)(born 8/10/49 Trichy, India,)

  10. Cuthbert Gerard Bird (Chicko)

  11. Myrtle Gladys Bird (Bobby)(India)


info submitted by Christina Netto 

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Charles Netto

Next Generation

Charles NETTO married Mable ?? of Podanur.  children:

  1. Eugene Netto

  2. Stanley Netto

  3. Timmy Netto

  4. Douglas Netto

  5. Christy Netto

  6. Ernest Netto

  7. Lovey Netto

  8. Hazel Netto

  9. Dollar Netto

Next Generation

Eugene NETTO married Marie ?? and had six children

  1. Brenden Netto ,

  2. Reggie Netto,

  3. Donald Netto ,

  4. Floyd Netto,

  5. Elden James Netto,

  6. Miriam Netto . 

Stanley Netto married Violet ?? had ????. 


Timmy Netto married Mavis Burrows had 2 children,

  1. Warren Netto

  2. Tyronne Netto

Douglas Netto married Blanche BURROWS had 3 children

  1. Glyn Barry Charles Netto

  2. Rosamond Netto

  3. Olivia Netto 

Christy Netto married Cynthia DAVIDS had 5 children,

  1. Corrine Netto,

  2. Glynnis Netto,

  3. Rodney Netto,

  4. Brian Netto

  5. Shane Netto.

Ernest Netto married Marie ?? and had ????.


Lovey Netto married Tony Meyn had 3 children,

  1. Trevor,

  2. Llewellyn,

  3. Royston. 

Hazel Netto married Cyril FERNANDES had 3 children

  1. Cherryl Fernandes

  2. Judy Fernandes

  3. Christopher Fenandes

Dollar Netto married Reuben D'Souza had 2 children,

  1. Maria D'Souza

  2. Merryl D'Souza.

Next Generation

Brendon NETTO married Glenda Vivian Marie SEAMAN, They have 5 children

  1. Jacquelene Marie Netto

  2. Angela Netto

  3. Suzan Sohia Netto

  4. Shane Eugene Roy Netto

  5. Kim Warren Peter Netto

   (info from Brendon Netto )


Elden James NETTO  married Florence Blossom ANTHONY. 3 Children:

  1. Douglas Charles Michael Netto ( IT Engineer in the UAE-Dubai / England )  

  2. Antoinette Mary Netto ( Professor at an International School in the UAE - Abu Dhabi )

  3. Anthony Christopher Netto ( Aviation at AHA  ) 

   (info from )


Glyn Barry Charles NETTO in 1977 at Coonoor married Christina Premila Miranda. They have two children,

  1. B A Netto, b Madras 1978

  2. Jeremy Alvin Netto, b Singapore 1986. The family now resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Next Generation
Shane Eugene Roy NETTO  married Jacquelene Bernedette GOMEZ (a journalist and poet by nature, worked for a newspaper "News & Views of Indian Hotels" as an Executive Editor and now at present as an on-line editor for a website : . Post Graduate in English Literature and now doing M.Phil in Tourism and further planning to do Ph.D in Tourism.), children:

   (info from )


info to be submitted by Michelle NETTO

? NETTO married  ?, children :

  1. Vera Agnes Netto

Next Generation

Vera Agnes NETTO married Norman Clement BIRD on 26/6/1946, children : 

  1. Kelland BIRD 

  2. Christopher BIRD  

  3. Ian BIRD  

  4. Keith BIRD 


Info submitted by Alister Fuller

???NETTO married ???, children:

  1. Warren NETTO

Next Generation

Warren NETTO married Jennifer DUBIER , Children:  

  1. Troyden NETTO

  2. Darren NETTO


info from on 1/3/2004

?? NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Thomas John Netto

Next Generation

Thomas John NETTO married Bridget ROBERTS, children:

  1. Antony Gasper NETTO

Next Generation

Antony Gasper NETTO married Thelma Marselle D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Bridget Serena Netto

  2. Sandra Avis Netto

  3. Royston Netto (b1972 Kerala)

  4. Ignatious Reynold Netto

  5. Zilla Angela Netto

Next Generation

Royston NETTO (b1972 Kerala) married Sheila Christabella SAMUEL (b Coonoor) at St John's Church, Coonoor. Children:

1. Samuel George Netto (b1997 Coonoor)


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