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?? RODGERS married ??, children:

  1. John Rodgers

Next Generation

John RODGERS married ?, children:

  1. Martha Rodgers (b 1831)

Next Generation

Martha RODGERS (b 1831, d 10 Sep 1907 Madras) at 16yrs on 19 Apr 1847 in Negapatam married 28yr widowed John ROZE Correspondence Clerk in the Cutcherry of the Collector of Tanjore, Superintendent of Sea Customes at Negapatam (b 1819 son of John Roze), children:

  1. Rose Martha Roze (b 2 Mar 1848, c 26 Mar 1848 Madras)

  2. Jessie Clarissa Roze (b 1860, d 28 Apr 1864 Madras)

  3. Thomas Ebenezer Roze (b 7 Dec 1863, c 24 Dec 1863 Negapatam)


info from celine fernandez

James RODGERS married Rosanne ??, children:

  1. Hugh William Rodgers (b 9 Jan 1878 Madras)

  2. Florence Gertrude Rodgers (b 12 Nov 1885, c 6 Dec 1885 Madras)

Next Generation
Florence Gertrude RODGERS
(b 12 Nov 1885, c 6 Dec 1885 Madras)  on 29 Sep 1897 in Salem married 26yr John William Charles CONWAY (b 22 April 1871 Madras, son of George & Agnes Conway) their children were:

  1. Luisa Maud Conway (b 6 feb 1899, c 12 Mar 1899 Salem)

  2. Irene Conway

  3. Charles Ernest Conway (Sonnah),(b 16 May 1900, c 1 Jul 1900 Salem)

  4. Anna Ivy Conway (b 18 Nov 1903, c 28 Dec 1903 Jalarapet), in 1930 married Percival Anthony Fernandez (b 3 Aug 1908 Bangalore son of Mark & Adelaide Fernandez), Children: Beryl Philomena Fernandez (b 17 Apr 1931, c 25 Apr 1931 Calicut)

  5. Cyril Conway

  6. Gladys Conway

  7. Coral Conway

  8. Hyacinth Conway



info from Paul McGinlay

VALLINT/MORRISON. I am looking for any info on these families who lived mainly in Calcutta.

?? RODGERS married ??, children:

  1. Jane Regina Rodgers

Next Generation
Jane Regina RODGERS in 1882 in Calcutta, married Frank William VALLINT (born 1862 Bermondsey, surrey) who came over from England. children -

  1. Helen Mabel ( Nellie ) Vallint

  2. James William Vallint

  3. Thomas Alfred Vallint

  4. Frederick Horace Vallint

  5. Albert Joseph Vallint

  6. Allan Burton Vallint

  7. Barry Stanford Vallint, Guard EIR (b 6 Aug 1892, c 9 Oct 1892 Moorgheeta) at 29yrs on 27 Feb 1922 in Asansol married 19yr Ivy Frances Maud MORRISON (b 1903 daughter of James Morrison), Children: Barbara Mary Vallint, Elmo Wyndham Anthony Vallint, Collin Max Reuben Vallint.

  8. Clarence Bruce Beresford Vallint

Julia Ruth RODGERS on 18.11.1898 in Calcutta, married Frank VALLINT (his 2nd marriage) - children -

  1. Robert Wilfred Vallint

  2. Julia Rose Victoria Vallint

  3. Marie Beatrice Vallint

  4. Dorothy Esther Vallint

  5. John Arthur Vallint

  6. Zoe Ada Vallint




My father is Basil Patrick LEAHY. His mother married RODGERS for her 2nd marriage. Her children by the first marriage were Malcolm, Ralph, Phyllis, Cynthia & Rita apart from My father Basil Patrick Leahy. Christine Larive


info from Marcus Anthony Rodgers

I am very keen to trace my roots back to India.  Unfortunately, I do not have much basic info to go on.  As a start I am trying to trace info regarding my paternal great grandfather, P N DAWSON.  He apparently settled in Kimberley, South Africa probably in the late 1800's.  He had a general dealer store in Kimberley, near the 'Big Hole' diamond mine.  One of his daughters, Enid was my grandmother, who was married to Michael Rodgers and their son, Benedict Leslie was my dad.  P N Dawson's other daughters were Harriet, Nellie and Martha. Would appreciate it you could provide any further leads, if possible.

?? RODGERS married ??, children:

  1. Michael Rodgers

Next Generation

Michael RODGERS married Enid DAWSON, children:

  1. Benedict Leslie Rodgers

Next Generation

Benedict Leslie RODGERS married ??, children:

  1. Marcus Anthony Rodgers


info from 

Trying to locate any Rodgers from Bangalore India. Family might have moved to other cities in India. Dated back to the early 1900 i.e. George Rodgers.

?? RODGERS married ??, children:

  1. Clive RODGERS (studied at St. Paul's English High School )


info from Margaret Rodgers Telephone No: 0181 888 5171

?? RODGERS married Margaret WARNER (studied at Railway European, Agra/Nagpur (1935-45) children:


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