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info from Cheryl Dawson (nee Fereiro) cheryldawsonl@yahoo.co.in

hi am Mrs Cheryl Dawson (nee FEREIRO) i would love to be in touch with my relatives from abroad  the names are Mrs A TATE . BOTHWICK happens to be my Dad's relatives.... was always anxious 2 b in touch, my Dad's name is Basil Victor Fereiro (late) MY Mom's name is Joyce (late) please do write to me i will be looking forward for an email from you


?? DAWSON married Cheryl FEREIRO, children:


info from Marcus Anthony Rodgers  m.rodgers@savethechildren.org.uk

I am very keen to trace my roots back to India.  Unfortunately, I do not have much basic info to go on.  As a start I am trying to trace info regarding my paternal great grandfather, P N DAWSON.  He apparently settled in Kimberley, South Africa probably in the late 1800's.  He had a general dealer store in Kimberley, near the 'Big Hole' diamond mine.  One of his daughters, Enid was my grandmother, who was married to Michael Rodgers and their son, Benedict Leslie was my dad.  P N Dawson's other daughters were Harriet, Nellie and Martha.
Would appreciate it you could provide any further leads, if possible.


?? DAWSON married ??, children:

  1. P N Dawson

Next Generation

P N DAWSON (He apparently settled in Kimberley, South Africa probably in the late 1800's.  He had a general dealer store in Kimberley, near the 'Big Hole' diamond mine.) married ??, children:

  1. Enid Dawson

  2. Harriet Dawson

  3. Nellie Dawson

  4. Martha Dawson

Next Generation

Enid DAWSON married Michael RODGERS, children:

  1. Benedict Leslie Rodgers


info submitted by cmckinnon@vtown.com.au


?? DAWSON married ??, children:

  1. Norman Dawson

Next Generation

Norman DAWSON married Yola MacKINNON (b 13/02/1932, Bangalore), children:

  1. Christopher Dawson

  2. Michael Dawson

  3. Lisa Dawson


?? DAWSON married ??, children:

  1. William Dawson

Next Generation

William DAWSON married ? children:

  1. Beryl Beatrice Dawson (b 1914)

Next Generation

Beryl Beatrice DAWSON (b 1914) at 16yrs on 17 Feb 1930 in Kharagpur married 23yr Ernest Nelson Horace GODFREY (b 1907, son of  Ernest Stanley GODFREY, Sgt Railway Police of Park Town, and Catherine Florence Godfrey), children:

  1. Rodney Lionel Godfrey (b 28 Nov 1932, c 4 Dec 1932 Calcutta)

  2. Irene Godfrey (b 1938)


This information has been supplied by Sharon Agate (nee Holder) agate.sharon@cathednet.wa.edu.au


? DAWSON married ?, children:

  1. J Dawson

Next Generation

J DAWSON married G.M. ?, children:

  1. Annie Sophia Dawson (b 15 Jun 1917, c 27 Jul 1917 Guntakal)

Next Generation

Annie Sophia DAWSON (b 15 Jun 1917 Guntakal) at 22yrs on 7 Jun 1939 in Calcutta married 28yr Mervyn Joseph NIPPS,(b 1911 son of Joseph Nipps) children :

  1. Mercia Philomenia Nipps - born Calcutta 1940)

  2. Arlene Celine Nipps - born Calcutta 1942

  3. Bridget Terese Nipps (born Chakradapur 1944

  4. Jillian Grace Nipps - born 1946

  5. Grenville Jude Nipps - born Khurda Road Orissa 1947

  6. Kevin Anthony Nipps - born  1949

  7. Cheryl Bernadette Nipps - born Kattabanji 1952

  8. Sandra (Pixie) Marian Nipps - born Khurda Road Orissa 1954

  9. Jacqui Anne Nipps - born Khurda Road Orissa DOB???

  10. Nigel Nipps - born Bilaspur 1964


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