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?? SINCLAIR married ??, children:

  1. Florence Sinclair

Next Generation
Florence SINCLAIR (b 1877 India) married Frederick COLLARD (b 1870). Children:

1. Maurice COLLARD (b 1900)
2. Margaret COLLARD (b 1904)
3. Mignon COLLARD (b 1907 Asansol)
4. Maude Eileen COLLARD (b 1912)


?? SINCLAIR married ??, children:

  1. Anita Sinclair

Next Generation

Anita SINCLAIR (Bangalore, India) married Winston deRosario, children:

  1. Chantelle deRosario


info from Patrick & Faustin lewis

Norbert SINCLAIR (previously FERNANDEZ) of Mavelikara (worked with Ronald Ross Nobel prize winner 1901) married Girely LOPEZ children 5, 1 boy died 4 girls:

  1. Irene Mona Sinclair

  2. Shirley Seraphia Sinclair

  3. Eleanor Sinclair

  4. June Sinclair

Next Generation

Irene Mona SINCLAIR married Shervel LAPORT of Wypeen, worked in  railways in Calcutta  .children, 4 boys

Shirley Seraphia SINCLAIR of Ernakulam,  married Francis Paul LEWIS (b 1930) Businessman, 6 children 1 girl 5 boys.

  1. Jean Celeastine Lewis 1961
  2. Robert Gerard Lewis 1963
  3. Faustin Patrick Lewis
  4. Gladinus leoroy Lewis
  5. Macannan Noel Lewis  
  6. Aldrian Lewis.

Eleanor SINCLAIR married Wallty ROBERTS, Ernakulam editor, residing at Sydney, 1 girl

June SINCLAIR married Glen D'CRUZ, Fort Cochin captain, residing at Melbourne, 2 children 1 boy,1 girl.

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