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?? SPEIRS married ??, children:

  1. Alexander SPEIRS (born 17.12.1785 at Paisley, Scotland)

Next Generation:

Alexander SPEIRS (born 17.12.1785 at Paisley, Scotland) married Helen BEG (born 1.7.1802, probably at Nimach) on 15.2.1847 at the Chaplain's station, Nagpur.  Died at Jalna 17.3.1847. Children:
1. Archibald SPEIRS (b.23.2.1817, Meerut, Bengal)
2. Grace SPEIRS (b. 23.2.1817, Meerut, Bengal)
3. Mary SPEIRS (b. 6.8.1820,probably Nimach, Bengal)
4. Isabella SPEIRS (b. 28.1.1823, Sirohi, Rajhasthan)
5. Helen SPEIRS (b. 16.6.1825, Sirohi, Rajhasthan)
6. Alexander St Louis SPEIRS (b. 12.10.1829, Sirohi, Rajhasthan)
7. William SPEIRS (b. c 1832, either at Sirohi or Ajmer, Rajhasthan)
8. John Alpine SPEIRS (b. 1.2.1835, probably at Nimach)

Next Generation:

Archibald Speirs (born 23.2.1817 at Meerut) Married Maria EVISON (widow of Capt S. Evison) at Calcutta Cathedral on 8.9.1838. Died 23.11.1848 at Moradabad.  Children:

  1. Alexander Speirs (no details)

Grace Speirs (born 23.2.1817 at Meerut), married Benjamin WHITE at Udaipur on 24.1.1838.  Died 22.6.2853.  6 Children (see WHITE tree).

Helen SPEIRS (born 16.6.1825, Sirohi, Rajhasthan, Died 10.2.1880 at Redhill, Surrey.) on 5.10.1844 at Nagpur, India, married Joseph Fisher STEVENS (born 23.11.1815, Havant, Hants, England).   Children:
1. Mary Isabella Speirs STEVENS b. 9.9.1845 at Sitabuldi, Nagpur, India
2. Arthur Charles STEVENS b. 2.10.1846 at Sitabuldi, Nagpur, India
3. Margaret Helen STEVENS b. 25.10.1848 at Sitabuldi, Nagpur, India
4. Fanny Grace STEVENS b. 21.2.1850 at Sitabuldi, Nagpur, India
5. Haverfield Snow STEVENS b. 24.11.1851 at Ootacamund, Madras, India
6. William Joseph STEVENS b. 27.8.1854
7. Flora Rosa STEVENS b. 30.1.1857
8. Frederick STEVENS b. 7.7.1860 at Blacktown, Madras, India

John Alpine SPEIRS (b. 1/2/1835, Udaipur) on 23/4/1866 at St Paul's Church, Lucknow, married Rachel SHORT (b. 16/12/1846, Lucknow).  Children:
1.  Alexander John Speirs (b. 18/3/1867, Lucknow)
2.  William Stephen Speirs (b. 6/4/1868, Lucknow)
3.  Henry Speirs (b. 13/6/1869, Lucknow)
4.  Frederick Speirs (b. 13/6/1869, Lucknow)
5.  Winifred Helen Speirs (b. 10/2/1874, Lucknow)
6.  John Sleeman Speirs (b. 15/5/1875, Jabalpur)
7.  Veronica Alice Speirs (b. 9/7/1877, Lucknow)


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