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?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. William White

Next Generation

William WHITE married Celestina ?, children:

  1. Mary Susanna White (b 15 Oct 1853 Bangalore)

  2. Sophia Anne White (b 2 Dec 1865 Pallavaram)

  3. Christopher White (b 30 May 1872 Pallavaram)


info submitted by Alex.Willis@cobham.com.au

?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth White

Next Generation

Elizabeth WHITE married Henry John COLLARD (b 1839 Avebury, England). Children:

1. Frederick COLLARD (b 1870)



info from Barbara Rodrigues brodriguesonly@hotmail.com


?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Esme White

Next Generation

Esme WHITE of Coimbatore married George McDONALD and have five children:

  1. Robert McDonald married to Cheryl Vanspall from Bangalore.  They have two children, Christopher and Rochelle.

  2. Barbara McDonald married to Francisco Rodrigues.  They have two daughters and live permanently in London, UK

  3. Gordon McDonald married to Jean and they have two children.  They now live in Australia.

  4. Mary Ann McDonald married to Randolph Sladen.  They have two sons Angelo and Agnelo and live in New Zealand.

  5. Jean McDonald married to Patrick.  They have three daughters and live in Delhi.


info from Elizabeth Durand (nee White) elizabethdurand@hotmail.com

?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. ?? White

Next Generation

  ?? WHITE (in the South Easter Railway Police) married Mary Imelda D'ROZARIO. Family lived in Sealdha Barracks Calcutta, children:

  1. Colleen White

  2. Joyce White

  3. Bridget White

  4. Elizabeth White

Next Generation

Colleen White married Percival Surin


Joyce White married Roland James


Bridget White married Alistair Reza


Elizabeth White married Robert Durand (formerly from Chaney Chowk Calcutta)



info from Cheryl DuCasse cducasse@optusnet.com.au
My father was in the Royal Air Force and later transferred to the Indian Air Force.  As a result of this, we were posted almost all over India. We left India in 1967 and migrated to Australia and we now live in Melbourne.  Unfortunately my father passed away in 1993.
I put my name down on your list because I was interested in making contact with anyone who knew us, or more particularly, my parents.


?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Brynhild White

Next Generation

Brynhild WHITE married Melville DuCASSE (b ? d 1993, was in the Air Force) children:

  1. Cheryl DuCasse

  2. Brian DuCasse


info from Steven CONN Steven.Conn@JPMorgan.com

?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Edgar White

Next Generation

Edgar WHITE married Olga Teresa (Babs) Bazely, KGF Banglore, 10 September 1949


info from Jacquelene Netto jacquelene76@gmail.com

Please help me trace out the details of Mr. Samuel Charles White (the son of Thomas White) born on the 24th of May 1847, and died in 1919 may buried at St. Roques Church, Madras.

?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas White

Next Generation

Thomas White married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Charles White (born on the 24th of May 1847, and died in 1919 buried at St. Roques Church, Madras)


info from sally april_sun45@yahoo.com & Amy amity@emirates.net.ae   

??WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Robert White

Next Generation

Robert WHITE on 17th Sept 1974 in Bangalore, married Vivienne Olive Maria DAVID,  they have one son

  1. Robert Ricardo White (dob 15th Feb 1975)

  2. Vynetha White


info from sharon.michael@minterellison.com & Edwin George Michael  egm@bigpond.net.au

?? WHITE married Mabel Alice ??, children:

  1. Pearl Alice White (b 9/5/1916 Calcutta,  d 25/9/1999 Perth)

Next Generation

Pearl Alice WHITE (b 9/5/1916 Calcutta,  d 25/9/1999 Perth) married Kenneth Henry MICHAEL (b ?), children:

  1. Alma Diana Michael (b 24/10/1937 Calcutta, studied at St. Pauls,  d Perth)

  2. Edwin George Michael (born 16/07/40, Calcutta)


info from mlalexand99@yahoo.com

??WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Hyacinth White

Next Generation

Hyacinth WHITE married Trevor Lionel ALEXANDER (born 19/7/1941 Delhi, d 29/11/2004 Toronto), children:

  1. Graham Alexander

  2. Mitzi Alexander

  3. Anselm Alexander

  4. Jude Alexander

  5. Ryan Alexander


info from sherryweber@hotmail.com

?? WHITE (was in the Railways) married ??. Family lived in Daud, Poona Dist. , children:

  1. Sherry White (school: Good Shepherd Convent, Bellary. 1961-69.)

  2. Charlotte White

Next Generation

Sherry WHITE married ? WEBER



info from Maxwell.Johnson@CIBC.com

?? WHITE married ??, children:

  1. Sybil Amethistine WHITE  (b August 1920)

Next Generation

Sybil Amethistine WHITE  (b August 1920) married George Edward JOHNSON (b 27/5/1918), children:

  1. Maxwell Anthony Johnson (b Madras Jan 1951, left for Canada in Oct 1996)


info from Robert Victor RENAUX   patren@zamtel.zm ,  website http://www.rvrenaux.tripod.com

Dawn Rosemarie WHITE married Robert Victor RENAUX, children :

  1. Alister Eugene Renaux

  2. Mark Benjamin Renaux

  3. Ralph Mario Renaux

  4. Robert Savio Renaux

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