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info from Janice Wendy Pascal

? STRONG married ??, children:

  1. Henry Strong

Next Generation

Henry STRONG married Louisa RINGROW (Mother's name was Margaret), children:

  1. John Matthew Anthony Strong (only child, born approx 1907)

Next Generation

John Matthew Anthony STRONG (only child, born approx 1907) married Doreen Madonna SWYNY (b approx 1908?) in approx 1936/37, children:

  1. Cecila Strong

  2. Sylvia Aureen Louisa Strong ( b 1939, Vishakapatnam)

  3. Delphine Strong (d 2003)

  4. Doreen Strong

  5. Phillip Strong

  6. Bernice Strong

  7. John Strong

  8. Elaine Strong

  9. Hester Strong

  10. Henry Strong

  11. Rosemary Strong

Next Generation

Sylvia Aureen Louisa STRONG ( b 1939, Vishakapatnam) in 1962 in London, married Geoffrey Brian PASCAL ( b, approx Cal 1937), children:

  1. Janice Wendy Pascal (me) born 1963 London

  2. Michele Louise Pascal born 1967 London


info from & Clifton Fernandez

?? STRONG married ??, children:

  1. Phyllis Mildred Strong (b 1922 Dongargah,  d 4/5/2000 Melbourne)

  2. Helen Strong

  3. Sybil Strong (Australia) Married???

  4. Maureen Strong  Married??

  5. Hilda Strong  Married???

  6. Rita Strong (England) Married Smith (Adra) ???

Next Generation

Phyllis Mildred STRONG (b 1922 Dongargah,  d 4/5/2000 Melbourne) married George MITCHELL (died 1970, Calcutta)(Phyllis Mildred Mitchell migrated to Australia in 1970 and taught in a number of schools.) , children:

  1. Keith Mitchell. Keith lives on the Gold Coast, Australia with his wife Maureen, 2 sons Justin & Jerome.

  2. Glynn Mitchell is in London with his family, wife Carole and two sons Paul & Simon.

  3. Gillian Mitchell is in Melbourne Australia with her family, 2 daughters Sonya & Jessica and son Jude.

Helen STRONG married Andrew MOSES: Children:

  1. Derick Moses married Marie ARLAND; Children: Andrew, Tyron, Richard, Deyon, Artlon

  2. Donald Moses

  3. Peter Moses, Never married.

  4. Noel Moses (Calcutta) married JOSEPHINE???

  5. Mary Moses (deceased) married WILLIE D'SOUZA

  6. Queenie Moses (Calcutta) married Derrick D'CRUZ

  7. Ann (Adra) Moses married MICHAEL FRANCIS, children Cheryl Married Clifton Fernandez (Bangalore), Clinton (Asansol) Married Frona Burke-children Chenelle, Berty (Calcutta) Married Frona Burke, Michelle Married Leonard Wilson (Vizag)-children Erica, Russel.

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