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? MOSES married ?, children:

  1. Charles Moses

Next Generation

Charles MOSES on 5 Feb 1847 in Umballa married Mary JONES, children:



? MOSES married ?, children:

  1. John Moses

Next Generation

John MOSES married ?, children:

  1. Karl Edwin Moses (b 1874)

Next Generation

Karl Edwin MOSES Customs Preventive Officer (b 1874) at 26yrs on 5 Sep 1900 in Rangoon married 24yr Edith Caroline STEWART (b 1876 daughter of Robert Stewart)


Karl Edwin MOSES Customs Preventive Officer (b 1874) widowed at 33yrs on 30 Oct 1907 in Rangoon married 38yr widow Emma HILL nee ANDREWS (b 1869 daughter of Stephen Andrews), children:

  1. Gertrude Emma Moses (b 1902)

Next Generation

Gertrude Emma MOSES (b 1902) at 19yrs on 29 Jan 1921 in Maymyo married 23yr Henry John BROPHY (b 1898 son of John Finlay Brophy)




? MOSES married ?, children:

  1. George Percival Moses

Next Generation

George Percival MOSES married ?, children:

  1. Terence George Moses (b 1904)

Next Generation

Terence George MOSES (b 1904) at 23yrs on 10 May 1927 in Calcutta married 21yr widow Florence Jane RUSSELL nee D'SILVA (b 1906 daughter of William D'Silva. Previously married on 25 Jul 1920 in Calcutta to 22yr Dennis Hewitt Russell (b 1898 son of John Thomas Russell )



? MOSES married ?, children:

  1. Andrew Moses

Next Generation

Andrew MOSES married Helen STRONG: Children:

  1. Derick Moses

  2. Donald Moses

  3. Peter Moses, Never married.

  4. Noel Moses (Calcutta)

  5. Mary Moses

  6. Queenie Moses (Calcutta)

  7. Ann (Adra) Moses

Next Generation

Derick MOSES married Marie ARLAND; Children:

  1. Andrew Moses

  2. Tyron Moses 

  3. Richard Moses

  4. Deyon Moses

  5. Artlon Moses 

Noel MOSES (Calcutta) married Josephine ?


Mary MOSES married Willie D'SOUZA


Queenie MOSES (Calcutta) married Derrick D'CRUZ


Ann (Adra) MOSES married Michael FRANCIS, children

  1. Cheryl Francis married Clifton Fernandez (Bangalore),

  2. Clinton Francis (Asansol) married Frona Burke-children Chenelle,

  3. Berty Francis (Calcutta) married Frona Burke,

  4. Michelle Francis married Leonard Wilson (Vizag)-children Erica, Russel.


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? MOSES married ?, children:

  1. George Moses

Next Generation

George MOSES of Arakkonam, Tamilnadu, India, married Edna ?, children:

  1. Llewellyn Albert MOSES

Next Generation

Llewellyn Albert MOSES married Celine Antoinette FERNANDEZ (daughter of Percival and Ivy Fernandez from Rajahmundry India.) Their children:

  1. Marilyn Moses

  2. Dean Anthony Moses

  3. Rickardo Joseph Moses

  4. Clayton Jude Moses (twin)

  5. Cindy Lou Moses (twin)

Celine Antoinette MOSES nee Fernandez married Cecil David MARTINZ, after the death of Llewellyn Anthony Moses)


Next Generation

Marilyn MOSES married Venkatesh Krishnan daughter

  1. Natasha Venkatesh (India),

Dean MOSES married Starlene Ann BIRD - children

  1. Llewellyn Anthony Moses

  2. Natalia Rose Moses (Melb, Aus),

Rickardo MOSES married Bonita Gertrude HODGES -children

  1. Lynzy Maria Moses

  2. Clifton Moses (India)

Clayton Jude MOSES married Brynelle ALWEYN, daughter

  1. Rachel Moses (India)

Cindy Lou MOSES married Dexter John DUBIER - children

  1. Danton Dominic Dubier,

  2. Dion Maurice Dubier

  3. Derwyn Anthony Dubier (Melb Aus)

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