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info from Richard John Tannen   richardtannen@optusnet.com.au

?? TANNEN married ??, children:

  1. Robert Lancelot Tannen

Next Generation

Robert Lancelot Tannen married Sybal ?, Children:

  1. Amelia Tannen,

  2. Blossom Tannen

  3. Sandra Tannen

Robert Lancelot Tannen married Josephine Charles - 2nd  Marriage, Children:

  1. Olive Tannen never married,

  2. Roma Tannen,

  3. Richard Tannen

  4. Valerie Tannen

Next Generation

Amelia Tannen married Kennethy Mega, Children:

  1. Christopher Mega

Blossom Tannen married Neville D'SOUZA, Children:

Sandra Tannen married Raghu Rao, Children

  1. Githa Rao

Roma Tannen married Sunny FRANCIS, Children:

  1. Anamika Francis,

  2. Sona Francis

  3. Manisha Francis

Richard Tannen married Florence SCULLY, Children:

  1. Mark Robert Tannen,

  2. Rebecca Melanie Tannen,

  3. Samantha  Jane Tannen

  4. Joshua Richard Tannen


info from natasha johnbeale4005@yahoo.com & victor.tannen@frontier.in & Glen Tannen <glen.tannen@chanceryhotels.com>

?? TANNEN married ??, children:

  1. Victor John Tannen

Next Generation

Victor John TANNEN married Kathleen ??, children

  1. Rex Tannen married Iris D'Souza

  2. Malcom Joseph Tannen

  3. Marie Tannen 

  4. Patrick Tannen married Diana Coella

  5. Terrance Tannen

  6. Douglas Tannen married Olivia NETTO

  7. Maureen Tannen

Next Generation

Malcolm Joseph TANNEN married Enid Marie D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Geraldine Tannen

  2. Glen Tannen

  3. Terance Tannen

  4. Shirley Tannen (Never Married)

  5. Monica Tannen

  6. Victor Tannen

Maureen TANNEN married Philip HART, children:

  1. yvonne hart married melvin james, children: fenella james, crystal james

  2. tyrone hart married ann , children:nikitha hart, amanda hart, andrea hart,

  3. keith hart (b ? d ?)

  4. christine hart (b ? d ?)

  5. bernadine hart married richard newcastle, children: tarina newcastle, natasha newcastle,

  6. caroline hart (b ? d ?)

Next Generation

Geraldine TANNEN married John MATHAI, children:

  1. Caroline Mathai

  2. Jacob Mathai

  3. Joseph Mathai

  4. Josephine Mathai

Glen Tannen married Anjella ??, Children

  1. Alfred Tannen

  2. Rosemary Mary Tannen

Glen TANNEN has taken Shashi as his 2nd wife and they have two children:

  1. Joshua Gerard Tannen

  2. Andrea Maria Tannen

Terance TANNEN married Yvonne ??, Children

  1. Bernu Tannen

  2. Vivian Tannen

Monica Tannen married Joseph VERGHESE, children

  1. Isabella Verghese

  2. Rufus Verghese

Victor Tannen married Christina SWAIN, Children -

  1. Ridge Tannen

  2. Crystal Tannen

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