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?? VANJOUR married ??, children:
  1. James Albert Vanjour (born in India)
  2.  ?? Vanjour (sister to James, lived outside of Calcutta)
  3. Ivy Vanjour

Next Generation

James Albert Vanjour (Born in India) married Joyce Ann SQUIRES in 1940/50 sometime, Had four children:

  1. Anthony Vanjour
  2. Janice Vanjour
  3. Alison Vanjour
  4. Ian Vanjour

Ivy VANJOUR, from India married Ivan MELDER, children:

  1. Rodney Anthony Melder (Surrey, UK)

 (info from Francesca Harkness


info from Wayne Franshaw

?? VANJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Selma Vanjour

Next Generation

Selma VANJOUR married Joseph FRANSHAW , children:

  1. Wayne Franshaw (Born 10/6/53 in Chakradharpur Bihar INDIA. Studied in Loyola School Jamshedpur '65-70)
  2. Lorraine Franshaw
  3. Rock Franshaw
  4. Jerome Fransahw
  5. Corrine Franshaw


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Reginald Anthony VANJOUR  married Dorothy Mary JORDAN . S.E.RLY. KHARAGPUR. WEST BENGAL INDIA. children:

  1. Desmond Vanjour, (born 25/02/45 1945 KHARAGPUR, S.E. Railway. West Bengal.)
  2. Carlton Jude Vanjour (born 11/1/1952 Kharagpur)

Next Generation

Desmond VANJOUR, (born 25/02/45 1945 KHARAGPUR S.E.RLY.WEST BENGAL.) married Catherine Brenda MacCLESFIELD (BORN 15/1/1947 CALCUTTA.) CHILDREN ,

  1. Breneal Agnes VANJOUR
  2. Beverley Anne VANJOUR
  3. Brett Agnel VANJOUR

Carlton Jude Vanjour ((born 11/1/1952 Kharagpur) married Jennifer RODERICK (born 22/7/1955 Chakradharpur Bihar)on 9th Oct 1972 at Christ the King Church, Chakradharpur,  Bihar, Children

  1. Clint Agnel Vanjour
  2. Leon Luke Vanjour
  3. Brett Jude Vanjour


Cynthia VANJOUR married Terence George CARROLL, children:

  1. Marian CARROLL


info from Franklin Vanjour. I'd like to know about my roots and my ancestors. Which country are we originally from? Franklin Vanjour See also 

Eric Joseph VANJOUR (born ?, Retired after working at the SE Railways as an engine driver. ) married ? , children : 

  1. Michael Albert VANJOUR (born 04/02/1947, Kharagpur, died 01/09/2000, New Delhi)

Next Generation

Michael Albert VANJOUR (studied in St. Agnes School, studied at Loyola School Jamshedpur, B.Sc at St. Xaviers Calcutta, M.Stats at ISI Calcutta, worked as a professor at XLRI Jamshedpur for 25 years, Director of Asia-Pacific Institute Of Management, New Delhi for 2 years) .married ? , children:

  1. Franklin VANJOUR (born 10/02/1982, Jamshedpur, studied at Loyola School Jamshedpur, B.Com from St. Joseph's, Bangalore )



Carrol Patrick VANJOUR (born 12/2/1957, Kharagpur) married Wendelynn Dawn MYERS (born 12/4/1958, Kharagpur, W.Bengal): one child, 

  1. Nathan Mark VANJOUR (born 14/3/1987, Sydney, Australia)


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??VANJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Judeline Marina VANJOUR (/born 28 June 1960, Waltair Visakhapatnam South India)

Next Generation

Judeline Marina VANJOUR (/born 28 June 1960, Waltair Visakhapatnam South India) married Chris CLAYTON (born July30-1951, Asansol West Bengal India) on Jan2-1992 at Calcutta India. Children:  

  1. Kimberly CLAYTON.(b11/9/92,Canada)


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