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?? MYERS married ??, children:

  1. Gertrude Myers

Next Generation

Gertrude MYERS married John RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Sheila Margaret Mary Rodrigues married James (Jim) George D'Sylva



info submitted by  Joyce Normile Cleveland Ohio USA

?? MYERS married ??, children:

  1. Robert Myers

Next Generation

Robert MYERS (my great grandfather) (birthplace unknown at this time) married Eliza Melia


Sophia SMITH in Calcutta in 1848. He described himself as "merchant". The children of this marriage were:

  1. ALICE GERALDINE DOROTHY b 1852 in Calcutta.

  2. IDA FLORENCE EMILY b1855 in Calcutta.

  3. ERNEST OSMOND ROBERT b 1856 in Calcutta (my grandfather)*

  4. ROSALINE EDITH MARY b1862 in Calcutta.

Next Generation

Ernest Osmond Robert MYERS, on March 22, 1881 in the Old Mission Church at Fort William, Calcutta, married Mary Ann BENNETT (b ?, d 1936 in Calcutta and is also buried there.). Ernest describes himself as a Contractor on the marriage certificate. Later he became a colliery proprietor. In late 1894 or early 1895 the MYERS' family moved from Calcutta to Giridih, Bihar, Bengal Presidency. The children of the marriage were:

  1. HAROLD ERNEST Myers b1881 in Calcutta.

  2. EDGAR OSMOND Myers b1883 in Calcutta (my father)*

  3. ARTHUR ROBERT Myers born October 28, 1884 in Calcutta.

  4. HUGH OSCAR Myers christened January 31 1886 in Giridih, Bihar, Bengal Presidency

  5. HILDA MARY Myers b 1890. ERNEST d 1920 in Calcutta and is buried there.

Next Generation

Edgar Osmond MYERS (age 39) married Johanna FLEMING (age 34) at St Patrick's Cathedral in East Melbourne Australia on July 27, 1921. The children of this marriage were:

  1. JOYCE Myers b 1923 in Calcutta

  2. MARGARET Myers b1924 in Ranchi, Bihar

  3. EDGAR OSMOND Myers (Jnr) b1925 in Ranchi, Bihar

EDGAR OSMOND (Sr.) died unexpectedly on August 18, 1925, aged 42 and is buried in Chaibasa, Orissa, Bengal Presidency. JOHANNA MYERS returned to Perth, Western Australia, about 1927 with her three children. She lived in Nedlands, a suburb of Perth until she died on February 9, 1973, in Repatriation General Hospital in Hollywood. (Johanna had been a nursing sister in World War I). She is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth. EDGAR OSMOND (Jr.)(Buzz as he was known) died unexpectedly on (will insert later) and is buried in Adelaide, South Australia. He was a mining engineer and a managing director of Poseidon Ltd.



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Austin MYERS (b1923) married Maureen KUNNING (b1930), Children:

  1. Jude Robert MYERS

  2. Teresa Valerie  MYERS

  3. Randolph MYERS

  4. Joan MYERS

  5. Conrad MYERS

  6. Lorraine MYERS

  7. Ian MYERS (b1960, presently Principal, The Frank Anthony Public School, Kolkata

Maureen MYERS (Nee KUNNING, b1930, earlier married to Austin MYERS) married Horace D'SILVA, two children

  1. Sadie Christina D'SILVA (b1963) married Reginald DIDIER'SERRE (b1962)  -( DIVORCED)  children : 1.  Chantal Maria Didier'Serre (b1989) Kolkata, 2.  Rhys Esmond Didier'Serre (b1998),  Kolkata, 3.  Sinead Maria didier'Serre (b1999), Kolkata. Sadie Christina D'SILVA (b1963) married Glen Alan SHILLONG (b.1965) on 10.10.2010

  2. Karena Ann D'SILVA (b1964) married Bradford NEWBOND, children:  a.  Brandon NEWBOND (b1990), Australia,  b.  Shanelle Newbond (b1993), Australia

Next Generation

Jude Robert MYERS  married Marlene ROZARIO, children

  1. Christopher MYERS

  2. Natalie MYERS married Anthony Furtado, children: a)  Isabelle FURTADO, Dubai

Teresa Valerie  MYERS married Norman MARSHALLchildren :

  1. Caroline MARSHALL married Andre DIDIERSERRE children : Chelsea Teresa DIDIERSERRE

Randolph MYERS married Gita DAS, children:

  1. Annette MYERS

  2. Rochelle MYERS

Joan MYERS married IRVING KLEINAMN, children:

  1. INGRID KLEINMAN married Andre ROSARIO, children: Blaine ROSARIO, Kyle ROSARIO

Conrad MYERS married Lydia SMALE, two children:

  1. Andrea MYERS married Rensley POPE, daughter, Brooklyn POPE (b2006), London

  2. Shane Myers married Michelle Macdonald  ,  (Divorced), one daughter: Gia MYERS

Lorraine MYERS married Keith Richard GLASSUP,   children :

  1. Kimberlene GLASSUP married Gabriel RAI, son,  Kayden Rai (b2006) Australia

  2. Lyle GLASSUP married Steve DAMES, Australia


Info from Preston Myers

?? MYERS married ??, children:

  1. Charles Myers

Next Generation

Charles MYERS (occupation Coal miner in south Wales England) married Harriet ??, children:

  1. Joseph Myers

Next Generation

Joseph Myers married Violet FLETCHER, children:

  1. Leslie Myers

Next Generation

Leslie MYERS married Judy JENKINS, children:

  1. Preston Myers


Info submittedy Priscilla CLEMENTS &

?? MYERS married ??, children:

  1. Harold Charles Myers

Next Generation

Harold Charles MYERS married Doris D'CUNHA ( b1908). They had the following children: 

  1. Douglas Myers

  2. Sidney Myers

  3. Audrey Myers

  4. William Myers


?? MYERS married ??, children:

  1. Edward Fredrick Myers

Next Generation

Edward Fredrick MYERS married Hester LESTER , children : 

  1. Allen George MYERS

Next Generation

Allen George MYERS (b1939) married Hazel Patricia MARTIN (b1946), children : 

  1. Andrea Gina MYERS (b1969), 

  2. Melodie Anne MYERS (b1970), 

  3. Russell Allen MYERS (b1973)

Next Generation

Andrea Gina MYERS married Christopher REAY (b1969), children : 

  1. Svetlana Kelsey REAY (b1999)

Melodie Anne MYERS (b 1970) married Michael XAVIER (b 1968), children : 


  1. Darren Aidan XAVIER (b1999)

  2. Adam Xavier (b 2006)



?? MYERS married ??, children:

  1. Trevor Myers (born Calcutta)

Next Generation

Trevor MYERS (b Calcutta) married Lesley NONEY, migrated to Australia in 1972, children:

  1. Sean Myers

  2. Brooke Myers

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