WHEATLEY Family Tree

WHEATLEY Family Tree

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 I am trying to find my relatives on my fatherís side. He was a Benz, born in Assam, lived in Assinsole and studied in Kalimpong. My motherís maiden name was McIntyre Wheatley. Her father was a Scotsman and her motherís maiden name was Gomes from Barisal, East Pakistan. Roseleine Pinheiro.



? McINTYRE WHEATLEY married ?, children:

  1. Paul McIntyre Wheatley (d 31 Jul 1835 Goruckpore)

Next Generation

Paul McIntyre Wheatley, Occupation: Writer in Commissioners Office (d 31 Jul 1835 Goruckpore) married Regina Maria ?, children:

  1. George Paul McIntyre Wheatley (b 6 Sep 1833 Goruckpore)

  2. Georgiana Matilda Wheatley (b 1 Oct 1834 Ghazeepore)

Next Generation

George Paul WHEATLEY married ??, children:

  1. Paul Wheatley (b 1884)

Next Generation

Paul WHEATLEY (b 1884) at 16yrs on 21 Feb 1900 in Shilapur married 13yr Elisa GOMES (b 1887 daughter of Germano Gomes)



? WHEATLEY married ?, children:

  1. James Wheatley

Next Generation

James WHEATLEY married ??, children:

  1. George Alexander Wheatley (b 1896)

Next Generation

George Alexander Wheatley (b 1896) at 32yrs on 8 Jan 1928 in Calcutta married 20yr Cecilia Elizabeth TAYLOR (b 1908 daughter of Augustus Taylor)



info from Cheryl-Ann Shivan cherylshivan@gmail.com

?? WHEATLEY married ??, children:

  1. Leon Wheatley

Next Generation

Leon WHEATLEY married Dawn MOORE (reside in Conoor, Nilgiris)

  1. Leander Wheatley

  2. Shantelle Wheatley


info from sally april_sun45@yahoo.com & Amy amity@emirates.net.ae   

?? WHEATLEY married ??, children:

  1. Amelia Annie Wheatley (born 24th August)

Next Generation

 Amelia Annie WHEATLEY married Simon Alfred DAVID, they had five children:

  1. Mervyn Peter Lancelot David (dob 10th July 1917)

  2. Doris David (born 13 July 1918),

  3. Marjorie David (born 26 Sept 1923)

  4. Reuben Anthony David (born 3 June 1924)

  5. Richard  Leanard David (born 3 Dec 1926).

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