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?? MOORE married ??, children:

  1. Richard Kenneth Moore

Next Generation

Richard Kenneth MOORE Electrician, migrated to Australia in May 1952 aboard "Strathmore" (b 15 July 1906, Bombay, Godfather: Harry Wellington, Godmother: Gladys Browne, d 15 Oct 1984, Ashwood, Victoria, Australia, son of James Moore and Ethel Baker) on 4 Aug 1928 in Fraser Town, Bangalore, married Kathleen Margaret CROPP telegraphs, (b 1 Nov 1908, Agra, migrated to Australia in May 1952 aboard "Strathmore", d 15 Jan 1988, Kew, Victoria, Australia) , children:

  1. Yvonne Marguerite Moore (b 7 Dec 1928 Bombay, d 19 June 2011, Melbourne)

  2. Charlotte Iona Moore (b 5 Nov 1930, Bombay)

  3. Richard Kenneth Moore (b 22 Aug 1932, Bombay)

  4. Kevin Denzil Roland Moore, migrated to Australia in May 1952 aboard "Strathmore" (b Sept 1944 Bombay) married Marion ?

Next Generation

Yvonne Marguerite MOORE (b 7 Dec 1928 Bombay, d 19 June 2011, Melbourne) on 29 Oct 1947 in Bombay, married Ronald Thomas GIBSON Salesman (b 2 Dec 1918, 82 Longley Rd, Pinnar, served in the British Army during WWII in the Middle East as a photographer, d 10 Dec 1975 in Melbourne) and then migrated to Australia, children:

  1. Keith Richard James Gibson (b 9 Dec 1948 Melbourne)

  2. Yvette Gibson (b 27 Jan 1956 Melbourne)

Richard Kenneth MOORE (b 22 Aug 1932, Bombay) on 24 Jan 1959 in Malvern, Victoria, married Christina Wright CAMPBELL (b 2 Oct 1937, daughter of John Campbell and Elizabeth Aitken), children:

  1. Kenneth John Moore (b 26 June 1960 Melbourne)

  2. Ian Moore (b 30 April 1964 Melbourne)

  3. Andrew Richard Moore (b 23 Jan 1967 Melbourne)

  4. Robin Craig Moore (b 19 Aug 1970) on 27 Feb 2005 in Victoria married Michelle Anne Blackledge (b 18 May 1967)



info from Cheryl-Ann Shivan

?? MOORE married ??, children:

  1. Neville Moore

  2. Ethel Moore

  3. Ernest Moore

  4. Tessy Moore

Neville MOORE married Olive Gertrude JEFFRIES (family lived in Pallavaram), children:

  1. Jennifer Moore

  2. Denver Moore

  3. Dawn Moore

Next Generation
Jennifer MOORE married William ISAAKS (reside in Chennai), children:

  1. Roger Isaaks

  2. Rebecca Isaaks

  3. Ryan Isaaks

Denver MOORE (Madras) married Gladys PEARSON (Madras) at St. Mary’s Church, Madras. Children:

  1. Cheryl Ann Moore (Madras)

  2. Sharon Bernadette Moore (Madras)

Dawn MOORE married Leon WHEATLEY (reside in Coonor, Nilgiris), children:

  1. Leander Wheatley

  2. Shantelle Wheatley

Next Generation

Cheryl Ann Moore (St Thomas Mount) married Jeoffrey HADFIELD (Perambur) at St. Lourdes Shrine, Perambur, Madras.


Sharon Bernadette Moore (St Thomas Mount) married Shane Gomes (St Thomas Mount) at St. Patricks Church, Mount, Madras. Children:

1.     Shannon Gomes (St Thomas Mount, Madras, India).




?? MOORE married ??, children:

  1. Reginald Moore

  2. Ernie Moore

Next Generation

Reginald MOORE married Nora ANDREWS, children:

  1. Norma Moore (b 1925 Lucknow)

  2. Ronald Moore

  3. William Moore

  4. Dennis Moore

( Nora ANDREWS divorced Reginald Moore (Date unknown) Remarried Allwyn Thaddeus (Date unknown) Had one daughter Patricia Thaddeus who is a half sister to Norma, Ronald, William and Dennis.


Next Generation

Norma MOORE born 13/12/1925 in Lucknow, married William John Francis Williams b1922 in Goa? Children (Five)

  1. Richard A.J Williams

  2. Peter A.J Williams

  3. Maria A.J Williams

  4. Cheryl A.J Williams

  5. Elizabeth A.J Williams


info from Raoul

?? MOORE married ??, children:

  1. Edward Lewis Moore

Next Generation

Edward Lewis MOORE married Maud Stella ?, children:

  1. Anthony (Sanna) Lewis Joseph Edward MOORE

  2. Tressa (Trixie) MOORE

  3. Phyliss MOORE

  4. John Edward MOORE (Deceased)

  5. Leslie Joseph MOORE

Next Generation

Antony MOORE married Gladys Philomena CONCEICAO Of Cochin ( Now residing in Podanur near Coimbatore ), Children:

  1. Barbara MOORE

  2. Carlton MOORE

  3. Deborah MOORE

  4. Esmeralda MOORE

Tressa MOORE married Francis William ABERNATHY (Residing in Bangalore)


PhyliSS MOORE Married  Alex NORONHA


John MOORE Married Geraldine (Ducky)TAYLOR


Leslie Joseph MOORE Married Josephine WARDEN

(Children of above mentioned may add their Families to the Tree )


Next Generation

Barbara MOORE Married Vinod KUMAR (Residing in Podanur)


Carlton MOORE Married Anita ISAAC (Residing in Podanur)


Deborah MOORE Married Carlton GEAR - Son:

  1. Marcus GEAR (Residing in Perth WA)

Esmeralda MOORE Married Raoul D'ROZARIO (Residing in Dubai)



Submitted by James Moore 13/9/2003

Charles Henry MOORE (b1815,St. Johns Wood, London) married Elizabeth SWAN in Secundrabad in 1841. Children:

  1. Charles Henry MOORE (b1848, Madras, India)

  2.  4 others, unknown details except 2 daughters and 2 sons



Next Generation

Charles Henry MOORE married Margaret EMILY (no record found). Children:

  1. Charles Markham MOORE (b1877, Khamgoun, India)

Next Generation

Charles Markham MOORE married Joanna MARGARET (b1884-1885)in Amraoti. Children:

  1. Charles Henry MOORE (b Balasore, India), died at an early age

  2. Barney Michael MOORE (b1903, India)

  3. Daughter, settled in Jabalpur

Next Generation

Barney Michael MOORE (b1903, India) married Esme Phyllis BULLIMORE (b1913 in Manbhundist, India) in Jamshedpur Children:

  1. Noel Richard MOORE (b1936, Jharsugudha, India)

  2. Barbara Margaret MOORE

  3. Terence George MOORE (d 2001)

Next Generation

Noel Richard MOORE married Gloria WEBBER (b1939) in January 1958. Children:

  1. David Noel Eugene MOORE (b1958)

  2. Karen Suzanne MOORE (b1963)

Barbara Margaret MOORE married Jim de la HOYDE. 2 children: twins

  1. Cheryl de la Hoyde

  2. Lorraine de la Hoyde had a son: Chevanne de la Hoyde (b.1992, London)

(info from Jessica Jordan <> )

Terence George MOORE (died 2001) married Gloria Jean THOMPSON in London in 1957. 3 children:

  1. Clive,

  2. Lawrence

  3. Clare

Next Generation
David Noel Eugene MOORE married Deborah Jane GILTROW (b1962) Children:

  1. Katie Lorna MOORE (b1985)

  2. James David Lowell MOORE (b1986- writer of this tree)

  3. Elizabeth Grace MOORE (b1985)

  4. Rachael Emily MOORE (b1994)

  5. Timothy Nicholas MOORE (b1996)

Karen Suzanne MOORE married Howard HIGGINSON Children:

  1. Alex Blair Scott HIGGINSON (b1988)

  2. Ross HIGGINSON (b1993)

  3. Benjamin HIGGINSON (b1997)


?? MOORE married ??, children:

  1. Matilda Eugene MOORE 

Next Generation

Matilda Eugene MOORE  married Edward Murray MITCHELL, son :

  1. Sampson Charles MITCHELL (b1917)

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