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Pierce COTTER married ?, children:

  1. Pierce Cotter

Next Generation

Pierce COTTER on 5 Jun 1826 in Madras married Amelia CLAYTON (b 1812, c 8 Nov 1812,  Poonamallee, daughter of Thomas and Mary Clayton, d 18 Jun 1837 Secunderabad age 24), children:

  1. Francis Amelia Cotter

  2. Andrew Cotter (b 13 Nov 1830 Madras)

  3. Edward Cotter (b 1832)

Pierce COTTER married Mary ?, children:

  1. Mary Occlesia Cotter (b 18 Oct 1842 Black Town, Madras)

Pierce COTTER on 29 Jul 1857 in Madras married Caroline Winter MANN (daughter of John Mann)

  1. Mary Ann Sophia Cotter (b 3 May 1858 Royapuram)

  2. Ernest Pierce Mann Cotter (b 28 Dec 1859 Black Town, Madras)

  3. John Clayton Sackville Cotter (b 4 Nov 1861 Mercara, Madras)

  4. Maude Eliza Hannah Cotter (b 11 Jul 1864 Mercara, Madras)

Next Generation

Frances Amelia COTTER on 20 Sep 1854 in Madras Anthony Charles FONCECA, (b 14/4/1827 Madras son of John Fonceca, baptised 30/9/1827. N2/10/174, died 17/12/1871 aged 44 yrs 8mnths, N2/52/228). children:

  1. Richard John Taylor (born 6/10/1855, baptised 23/11/1855, N2/35/145)

  2. William Clayton Cotter Fonceca (b 21 Nov 1857)

  3. Josiah Charles (born 4/4/1860, baptised on 15th or 18th /7/1860 at Madras by John T D KIDD, Joint Chaplain (LDS Film 521851 Vol 41 (P210) and  N2/41/210

  4. Edward Thomas Fonceca (b 4 Nov 1862 Masulipatam, Madras)

  5. Mabel Ann Cecilia Fonceca (b 1 Apr 1864 Madras)

  6. Eliza Harriett Caroline Fonceca (b 18 Nov 1869 Mount Road, Madras)

Edward COTTER (b 1832) at 38yrs on 26 Oct 1870 in Black Town, Madras, married 37yr Louisa Sarah CARR (b 1833 daughter of Robert Carr)


Mary Occlesia COTTER (b 18 Oct 1842 Black Town, Madras) at 19yrs on 10 Feb 1862 in Mercara, Madras, married 26yr Henry WRIGHT (b 1836 son of James Wright)


Ernest Pierce Mann COTTER (b 1860) at 26yrs on 24 Nov 1886 in Madras married 28yr Marguerite Amelia Lydia DEFRICE (b 1858 daughter of Ardian Defrice).

  1. Irma Maud Lydia Cotter (b 17 Oct 1896 Bangalore)



info from Peter Cotter  

?? COTTER married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Cotter (b ?)

Next Generation

Alfred Cotter married Mable HOLDER, Children

  1. Evelyn Cotter married Nellie Collins

  2. Earnest Cotter married Mertle Brass

  3. Alphonse Cotter

  4. Edwin Cotter married Mary Alves

  5. Irene Cotter

Next Generation

Edwin COTTER married Mary ALVES, children :

  1. Connie Cotter (Buddie),  

  2. Archie Cotter, 

  3. Judy Cotter, 

  4. Ada Cotter, 

  5. Jessica Cotter, 

  6. Edwin Cotter , 

  7. Salome Cotter, 

  8. Wilma Cotter, 

  9. Rosemary Cotter, 

  10. Yvonne Cotter, 

  11. Ivan Cotter, 

  12. Peter Cotter, 

  13. Sandra Cotter

Irene COTTER  married Lazar Cyril DAVIS, Children:

  1. Patrick Davis married Eleanor Wilson,  children:  Colin Davis

  2. Basil Davis married Myrtle Davids, children:  Gordon Davis

  3. Blanche Davis

  4. Ronald Davis married Hyacinth Snell,  children:  Glen Davis married Melissa Egan

  5. Priscilla Davis married Richard Shollenberger

  6. Celine Davis

  7. Coral Davis

  8. Frank Davis

  9. Anto Davis

  10. Patricia Davis

  11. Gordon Davis

  12. Lucy Davis married Raymond D'souza,  children:  Ryan D'souza

          (info from Shane Desmier )

Next Generation

Connie(Buddie) COTTER married Joe ETTO, children : 

  1. Jeff Etto 

  2. Marcus Etto

Judy COTTER married Adolf GOMEZ, children

  1. Nigel GOMEZ married Christine LAZARO

Ada COTTER married Sam DAASON, children

  1. Danny Daason 

  2. Katherine Daason

Jessica COTTER married Mohan GNANADICKAM

Edwin COTTER married Penny JAMES, children

  1. Fiona Cotter 

  2. Tina Cotter 

  3. Edwin Cotter (Jnr) 

  4. Angela Cotter

Salome COTTER married Michael RAPSON, children

  1. Kim Rapson 

  2. Rodney Rapson

Wilma COTTER married David BROWNE, children

  1. Colin Browne 

  2. Cassandra Browne

Rosemary COTTER married Oswald STEVENSON, children

  1. Ryan Stevenson 

  2. Trent Stevenson

Yvonne COTTER married Michael TAYLOR, children

  1. Natasha Taylor

  2. Nathan Taylor

Ivan COTTER married Elaine SCERRI, children

  1. Edwin Cotter 

  2. Ellen Cotter 

  3. Mariah Cotter

Peter COTTER married Janice D'SOUZA, children :

  1. Denise Cotter

Sandra COTTER married Gerard LEE, children

  1. Georgia Lee

  2. Josephine Lee


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