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?? NIPPS married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Nipps

Next Generation

Joseph NIPPS married Annie HUGGINS, children :

  1. Gertrude Nipps

  2. Mervyn Joseph Nipps (b 1911)

  3. Anette Nipps

  4. Estelle Nipps (b abt 1916)

  5. Addie Nipps

  6. Thelma Ethel Nipps

  7. Arthur Nipps




Next Generation

Mervyn Joseph NIPPS married Annie Sophie DAWSON (b 1915), children : Children:

  1. Mercia Philomenia Nipps - born Calcutta 1940)

  2. Arlene Celine Nipps - born Calcutta 1942

  3. Bridget Terese Nipps (born Chakradapur 1944

  4. Jillian Grace Nipps - born 1946

  5. Grenville Jude Nipps - born Khurda Road Orissa 1947

  6. Kevin Anthony Nipps - born  1949

  7. Cheryl Bernadette Nipps - born Kattabanji 1952

  8. Sandra (Pixie) Marian Nipps - born Khurda Road Orissa 1954

  9. Jacqui Anne Nipps - born Khurda Road Orissa DOB???

  10. Nigel Nipps - born Bilaspur 1964

Mervyn's cousin was Jerry NIPPS.

Estelle NIPPS, aged 18yrs, on 26 Sept 1934 married Edgar George FOOTMAN, Fireman on the BN Railway, both of Khurda Rd (Witnesses: Roland and Margaret Francis. Married by Rev. E. Janis C.M. RC Chaplain. Married at R.C.Church Khurda Road, Calcutta.)


Addie NIPPS married ? MADEIRA


Thelma NIPPS married Horace FERNANDEZ in London.

  1. Kevin -partner Pauline Lambert

  2. Fiona Anne Fernandez married Brendan COLLINS, children: Genna, Alex & Joseph

  3. Austin Fernandez married Caroline LAY, children: Matthew & Sophie

  4. Charles Fernandez married Penny Landou, children: Jodie & Isabella (since divorced, married Wendy McCloud)

Next Generation

Mercia Philomenia NIPPS - (born Calcutta 1940) married 6th Aug 1962 David Joseph HOLDER (dec 01/89) married in Cuttack Orissa India, Children:

  1. David Joseph Holder (29/5/1963) Bilaspur India -married Sally King, they have one child Lauren Amber Holder

  2. Sharon Terese Holder (30/10/1965) Calcutta India - married Christopher Agate and has two children Aaron William Joseph Agate and Kiara Anne Agate

Mercia Philomenia NIPPS - (born Calcutta 1940) remarried on the 26th March 1994 to Bruce Arthur KIDD,



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?? NIPPS married ??, children:

  1. Cheryl Bernadette Nipps

Next Generation

Cheryl Bernadette NIPPS married Ramon Jack LEICESTER on 6/10/1973 in Perth W. AUSTRALIA.  Children:

  1. Brett Ian LEICESTER (b. 9.6.1979 in Perth W. AUSTRALIA)

  2. Brendan James LEICESTER (b. 2/11/1988 in Perth West AUSTRALIA)


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