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?? YATES married ??, children:

  1. Oswald Donald Yates (b1908 d 1976)

Next Generation

Oswald Donald YATES (b 1908 d 1976) married Phyllis MACHADO (b 1916 d 1980),Children:

  1. Clareen Yates,

  2. Adrian Yates,

  3. June Yates,

  4. Ivan Yates.

Next Generation
Clareen YATES married Rusi Laskary.  Children

  1. Rebecca,

  2. Marcelle.

Adrian Yates married Lorraine Stone. Children

  1. Brian,

  2. Karen

June Yates married Peter Greene. Children

  1. Eugene,

  2. Christopher.

Ivan Yates married Esther Mukherjee.  Children

  1. Benjamen.


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?? YATES married ??, children:

  1. June Patricia Yates (b1947)

Next Generation

June Patricia YATES (b1947) on 21/7/1984 at St. Patricks Cathedral, Richmond Town, Bangalore, married Peter Ernest GREENE (b1951, Ernakulam). Presently living in Windsor, Ontario. Children:

  1. Eugene Greene (b1985),

  2. Christopher Greene (b1986).


Hello, I hope you can help me I am trying to get through to Pat Boseley who is looking for relatives of the Yates family. I have been trying for months but I cannot configure Outlook and when I try to use my ordinary e-mail account I keep being told there is a typo in the address. If you could pass on a message to her please I would be very grateful. She can reach me on my e-mail address- carofowler@msn.com as I am a cousin of hers and I have quite a lot of information for her.

Thanks, Caroline Fowler
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?? YATES married ??, children:

  1. Gerald Graham Yates

Next Generation

Gerald Graham YATES married Maud Evelyn SEYMOUR (b Agra 1922, d London 2000), children:

  1. Malcolm Yates

  2. Jenny Yates

  3. Dorothy Yates

  4. Audrey Yates

  5. Pat Yates


??YATES married Dorothy GORDON (Too-Too) from Jhansi, India (b India 18??, d Sheffield, UK 19??), children:

  1. Jessie Yates


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?? YATES married ??, children:

  1. Caroline Amelia YATES 

Next Generation

Caroline Amelia YATES married William BEATTY on September 14, 1864 in Secunderabad, India, children:

  1. Margaret Sophia BEATTY,  (d1879, Secunderabad, India

  2. Alfred Ernest BEATTY (d Combacorium, Raichur)

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