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info from Derek George Kingsley

?? ISAAC married ??, children:

  1. Cyril David Isaac

Next Generation

Cyril David ISAAC on 29th December 1954 in Chennai, India at Assumptions Church, married Elaine Kathleen FREITER. They had three children:

  1. Albert Isaac

  2.  Mary Isaac

  3. Jackie Isaac

Next Generation

Albert ISAAC married Alice D'SOUZA on 20th August 1983 in Chennai, India at Assumptions Church. They have two sons and one daughter,

  1. Alan Dominic Isaac (31.07.1984),

  2. Vaughn Anthony Isaac (01.04.1986),

  3. Marianna Dominica Isaac (07.12.1990)

Mary Isaac married Eustace KING on 29th December 1979 in Chennai, India at Mater Delores Chruch. They have two daughters,

  1. Averil Maria King (13.07.1983),

  2. Karena Antonette King (25.09.1984)

Jackie Isaac married Christopher DUNNE on 20th August 1988 in Chennai, India at Lourdes Shrine Church. They have one son,

  1. David Michael Dunne (29.06.1989)


info from

?? ISAAC married ??, children:

  1. Basil Isaac

Next Generation

Basil ISAAC married Patricia Alice SATUR- 3 Children:

  1. Karen Maria Isaac

  2. Daryl Joseph Isaac

  3. Stephanie Ann Isaac


info from Darryl ISAAC & Anita

?? ISAAC married ??, children:

  1. Neville Isaac (born 15.06.1935, Fort Cochin)

Next Generation

Neville ISAAC (born 15.06.1935, Fort Cochin) married  Maisie ?? (born 14.11.1938,Fort Cochin), Children:

  1. Darryl Isaac (born 26.08.1963, Podanur)

  2. Anita Isaac (born 15.06.1966, Podanur)

  3. Warren Isaac (born 09.11.1968, Podanur)

Next Generation

Darryl ISAAC married Marlene HAWKES on 6th may 1989 at St. Josephs Church, Podanur, Children:

  1. Nerissa Isaac (born 01.02.1990)

  2. Brandon Isaac (born 26.06.1994)

Anita ISAAC married Carlton MOORE on 2nd May 1987 at St Josephs Church Podanur

Warren ISAAC married Sharmine HAWKES on 28th December 1991 at St. Josephs church Podanur, Children:

  1. Andre' Isaac (born 10th Sept 1994)

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