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info from Leonie Isaacs (+61 8 93786162)

? SATUR married ??, children:

  1. Ivan Satur

Next Generation

Ivan SATUR married Sheila MARTIN



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Woodrow SATUR (B1918) married Elsie PANSY (B1928). CHILDREN:


  2. JEAN DAWN Satur



Next Generation

Felicite Ann SATUR married Wing Commander Ralph RODRIGUES - 2 CHILDREN,



Jean Dawn SATUR married Brian JONES- 3 CHILDREN:

  1. Melanie Ruth Jones married SANJAY D'SA,

  2. MARC PATRICK Jones,


Patricia Alice SATUR married Basil ISAAC- 3 Children:

  1. Karen Maria Isaac

  2. Daryl Joseph Isaac

  3. Stephanie Ann Isaac

Brian Francis SATUR married Florette MENDONSA -2 CHILDREN:




info from Glenn Stephen Satur (B:1981)

Basil Anthony SATUR (B??) married Lenora JACOB (B: ??), children

  1. Vivian Satur(B; ?)

  2. Creswell Satur(B ?)

  3. Russel Satur(b: 1946)

  4. Hilton Vincent Satur(b: 1948)

  5. Joan Satur(b:1950)

Next Generation

Creswell SATUR married Zeta ??, children

  1. Godfrey Satur

  2. Graham Satur

Hilton Vincent SATUR married Audrey De Rozario(B:1950), children

  1. Gary Dominic Satur (b: 1975)

  2. Gavin John Satur(b:1978)

  3. Glenn Stephen Satur(b:1981)

Next Generation

Gary SATUR married Lorraine WHEELER, children

  1. Gabriella Satur(b:2002)

  2. Leandra Satur(b:2005)

Gavin SATUR married Brigitta Devanathan, children:

  1. Sheryl SATUR  (b.April 2008)


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Andrew SATUR (b.18??) married Hilda PINTO (b.18??) children:

  1. Dorothy SATUR

  2. William John SATUR (b.1905)

  3. Constance SATUR ( later Mother Superior Mary Antoinette)

  4. Cyril SATUR

  5. Fred SATUR

  6. Stanley SATUR (became Police Chief, then ordained the Rev. Father Stanley SATUR.)

  7. Woodrow SATUR

  8. Andrew SATUR

  9. Peggy SATUR

  10. Marie SATUR

Next Generation

William John SATUR (b.1905) "Educationist" married "Princess" Josephine Mary ANDY in 1927, children:

  1. Derek Roland SATUR (b.1928)

  2. Raymond Stephen SATUR (b.1930)

  3. Theodora Joan SATUR (b.1932)

  4. Phyllis Margaret SATUR (b.1934)

  5. Cecile Mary Lesley SATUR (b.1936)

  6. Arnold William SATUR (b.1938)

  7. Ian Joseph SATUR (b.1940)

  8. Heather Elise SATUR (b.1944)

  9. Keith Adrian SATUR (b.1950)-married Idora

Cyril SATUR married Anastasia RAYMOND (Annette) (b 1/9/1936) children:

  1. Grenville Satur(b. Jul 1938)

  2. Constance Satur (b. 1940, d. 1983)

  3. Owen Satur (b. 1942)

  4. Ivor Satur (b. 1946)

  5. Jennifer Satur (b. 1954)

  6. Carmel Satur (b.1955)

       (info from Ivor Satur )

Fred SATUR married Maggie RAYMOND, children:

Woodrow SATUR married Elsie PANSY

Peggy SATUR married Peter GWYNNE, I.C.S.

Marie SATUR married Dr. Hubert deSOUZA in Jan 1951, children:

  1. Evelyn deSOUZA  (b.Dec.1951)

  2. Geoffrey deSOUZA  (b.Jan.1955)

Next Generation

Derek Roland SATUR (b.1928) married Coral A CUXTON, children:

  1. Joy Anita SATUR

Raymond Stephen SATUR (b.1930) married June L H CHALKE

Theodora Joan SATUR (b.1932) married Leslie BRITTO

Phyllis Margaret SATUR (b.1934) married Brian J ANDREWS

Cecile Mary Lesley SATUR (b.1936) married Reginald B DICKSON

Arnold William SATUR (b 1938) in January 1962, married Yolanda Clarice BROUGHTON (b.1938), children:

  1. Carol Adrienne SATUR (b Jan 1963)

  2. Alyson Florence SATUR (b Jan 1964)

  3. Jacqueline Ruth SATUR (b June 1966)

  4. Sandra Josephine SATUR (b Aug 1970)

     All families settled in Victoria, Australia.

Ian Joseph SATUR (b.1940) married Janice SPINK, children:

  1. Richard Michael Satur ((b 1964 Bangalore) married Jo-Anne Leigh Stafford (b 1968, Melbourne, Australia) . Children:
    Yuen Satur Stafford (b2001 Melbourne, Australia), Esh Satur Stafford (b2004 Melbourne, Australia)

Heather Elise SATUR (b.1944) married Anand MOHAN

Kieth Adrian SATUR (b.1950) married Idora ?


Next Generation

Joy SATUR married Hampton GABRIEL, children:

  1. Daniel Gabriel Married Fiona J HOGBEN

  2. Abigail Gabriel Married Benjamin M REVILL

Carol Adrienne SATUR (b Jan 1963) on 5/3/1997 married Michael Anthony WENNING (b Nov 1958), children:

  1. Matthew Arnold WENNING  (b1998)

Alyson Florence SATUR (b Jan 1964) on 25/1/1988 married Errol Dexter HART  (b Dec 1960) on 25th.January,1988 :(Both ex-champs/athletes of India) (Settled in Australia ) children:

  1. Luke Harold HART (b1989)

  2. Darren Arnold HART (b1990)

             (info from )

Jacqueline Ruth SATUR (b June 1966) on 5/6/1994 married Suresh ALLADA (b June 1966), children:

  1. Rohit Zachariah ALLADA (b1995)

  2. Alysha Rachel  ALLADA  ( b.2005 )

Sandra Josephine SATUR (b Aug 1970) on 14/4/1996 married Raiagopal SRINIVASAN (b Aug 1966), children:

  1. Robin Mark SRINIVASAN (b1999)

  2. Rithica Lydia SRINIVASAN ( b,2005 )

Dr Richard Michael SATUR (Son of Ian Joseph Satur and Janice Spink) (b 1964 Bangalore) married Jo-Anne Leigh Stafford (b 1968, Melbourne, Australia) . Children:

  1. Yuen Satur Stafford (b2001 Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Esh Satur Stafford (b2004 Melbourne, Australia)

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