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Stephen Joachim (madras) married Francine D'Monte (Madras), Children:

  1. Iola L Joachim (b1945, Madras)

  2. Lorretta Joachim

  3. Colleen Joachim

  4. Symbelene Joachim

  5. Nino Joachim

  6. Tyrone Joachim

  7. Melinda Joachim

  8. Floyd Joachim

Next Generation

Iola L Joachim (b1945 Madras) married Dalton C Rozier (b 1940 Madras) Children:

  1. Rowena B Rozier(b1972 Madras)

  2. Crystal A Rozier (b1973 Madras)

  3. Denver A Rozier (b1975 Madras)


Lorretta Joachim (b Madras) married Alfred Bastian (Madras) Children:

  1. Candida Bastian (Madras)

  2. Wenceslaus Bastian ( b Madras )

  3. Neil Basatian (b Madras)

  4. Sharon Bastian (b madras)

Colleen Joachim (b Madras ) married Brian Noronha (b Golden Rock) Children:

  1. Charmine Noronha (b Madras)

  2. Vinus Noronha (b Madras)

  3. Belinda Noronha (b Madras)

  4. Bruce Noronha (b Madras)

Symbelene Joachim (b Madras) married Euboy Crake Children:

  1. Cheryl Crake

  2. Crystal Crake

  3. Ricardo Crake

Nino Joachim (b Madras) married Beryl Stephens( b Andaman Islands) Children:

  1. Tanya Joachim (b Madras)

  2. Mark Joachim (b Madras)

Tyrone Joachim (b Madras) married Bernice D'souza (b Cochin):

  1. Creena Joachim (b Madras)

  2. ?? Daughter's Name

Melinda Joachim (b Madras) married Denzil D'rozario Children:

  1. ? Daughter


info from Gayl MacFarlaine

?? JOACHIM married ??, children:

  1. John Hector Joachim

Next Generation

John Hector Joachim married Lillian WILKINS, children:

  1. Gilbert Joachim, (b1927, d 2005),

Next Generation

Gilbert Joachim, (born 31 July 1927, died 25th September 2005) married Ethelreda MANUEL, (born 23rd June 1931, daughter of Bernard Manuel and Marjorie Gibson.) Children -

  1. Jennifer Joachim (b 1957),

  2. Cherie Joachim b1959

  3. Gayl Joachim b1961,

  4. Gary Joachim b 1963

Next Generation

Jennifer Joachim (born 16th December 1957), married Denver DIAS, two children -

  1. Abigail 

  2. Christina

Cherie Joachim born 4th September 1960, married Stephen Fassioms, two children -

  1. Rachel 

  2. Hannah

Gayl Joachim born 4th February 1961, married Gerard MacFarlaine, two children -

  1. Jonathan

  2. David


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