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William WILKINS married Mary ?, children:

  1. Samuel Wilkins (b 9 Nov 1829 Ghaziapore)

Next Generation

Samuel WILKINS (b 9 Nov 1829 Ghaziapore) on 10 Sep 1856 in Fort William married Eliza Jane HUTCHINSON, (daughter of Lt. Hutchinson) children:

  1. Mary Ernestine WILKINS  (b 20 Mar 1873 Dinapore)

Next Generation

Mary Ernestine WILKINS, (b 1873) at 18yrs on 26 Aug 1891 in Benares married 28yr Isaac Augustus NICHOLLS (b 1863, d 28 Dec 1932 Allahabad)  children:

  1. Elsie Jane Nicholls (b 9 Aug 1892 Khagole)

  2. Isaac Vincent Nicholls (b 26 Aug 1894 Dinapur)

  3. Charles Clifton Nicholls (b 2 Sep 1897 Allahabad)

  4. Ernest Walter Nicholls (b&d 4 Sep 1900 Allahabad)

  5. Allan Terence Nicholls (b 29 Aug 1904 Jubbulpore)

  6. Percival Stanley Nicholls (b 25 Apr 1906 Allahabad)

  7. Gerald Osborne Nicholls (b 30 Dec 1910 Allahabad)


Hello, Im contacting you to ask if you are able to find out about my family tree in India. Thomas Russell was my great grandfather born 1855 and was Anglo Indian. We know he was a jailer in Rajamundry. Im trying to trace who his father was. I was born in West Bengal (Kharagpur) in Sept 1945 to an Anglo Indian mother, and father who was serving in the RAF. (British), Mothers name was Naomi Wilkins. Her mother Lillian Olivier Wilkins. This is the side that we dont have much information about- namely who the father is of Thomas Russell. How do we find this out please? We have been to the India information here in the UK but the only likelihood that we came up with was Thomas Jenkin Russell who served in the army. This needs to be clarified more and I would really appreciate finding out more. regards Angela Chandler angela@blukat.fsnet.co.uk 


Thomas WILKINS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas WILKINS (b 1882)

Next Generation

Thomas WILKINS (b 1882) at 25yrs on 9 Sep 1907 in North Georgetown, Madras married 19yr Lilian Olivia RUSSELL,  (b 1888 daughter of Thomas & Victoria Eva Russell), children:

  1. Kathleen Victoria Margaret Wilkins (b 13 Sep 1908 Madras)

  2. Edmund Thomas Joseph Wilkins (b 14 Jun 1914 Chakradharpur)

  3. Dorothy Eileen May Wilkins (b 21 Mar 1917 Chakradharpur)

  4. Naomi Mary Wilkins (b 24 Nov 1922 Chakradharpur)

  5. Esther Mary Wilkins (b 24 Nov 1922 Chakradharpur)

  6. Adela Joyce Wilkins (b 7 Dec 1925 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Naomi Mary WILKINS (b 24 Nov 1922 Chakradharpur) at 21yrs on 25 Oct 1944 in Kharagpur married 23yr John Stephen SHAW (b 1921 son of Luke Alexander Shaw), children:

  1. Angela Shaw


Thomas WILKINS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas WILKINS  (b 1851)

Next Generation

Thomas WILKINS (b 1851) at 20yrs on 12 Oct 1871 in Rajamundry married 15yr Margaret Lydia JOYCE (b 1856 daughter of James Joyce), children:

  1. James Thomas Wilkins (b 28 Jul 1872 Madras)

  2. Beatrice Sophia Wilkins (b 23 Jul 1874 Cocanada)



info from Christine D'Souza cdsouza101a@gmail.com

?? WILKINS married ??, children:

  1. Charlotte Alexandra Jane WILKINS (Lahore)

Next Generation

Charlotte Alexandra Jane WILKINS (Lahore) married Arthur Thomas CARROLL (b Sept 23, 1893), Children:

  1. Eileen Carroll

  2. Jean Carroll 

  3. Patrick Carroll,

  4. Andrew Carroll (?)


info from Delphine  millicentpratap@netscape.net

?? WILKINS married ??, children:

  1. ?? WILKINS

Next Generation


?? WILKINS married ?? BAMFORD.



info from Gayl MacFarlaine thebayleaf@optusnet.com.au

?? WILKINS married ??, children:

  1. Lillian Wilkins

Next Generation

Lillian WILKINS, married John Hector JOACHIM, children:

  1. Gilbert Joachim, (born 31 July 1927, died 25th September 2005),


info submitted by gilleanbaskaran@hotmail.com

?? WILKINS married ??, children:

  1. Doris WILKINS

Next Generation

Doris WILKINS married Frank ALMEIDA and had 8 Children:

  1. Alfred Almeida, pilot, age 25 died in a plane crash

  2. Patty Almeida

  3. Shirley Almeida

  4. Richard Almeida

  5. Lynette Almeida

  6. Maureen Almeida

  7. Derrick Almeida

  8. Hillary Almeida


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