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James ROBERTS married Judith C HEATH, children:

  1. Ellen Judith ROBERTS (b 22 Sept 1829 Leicester, christened 6 Dec 1829 Melton, Mowbray, Leicester)

  2. Louisa E Roberts (b abt 1830)

Ellen Judith Roberths


Next Generation

Ellen Judith ROBERTS (b 22 Sept 1829 Leicester, christened 6 Dec 1829 Melton, Mowbray, Leicester Parents: James Roberts & Judith Heath) married Uriah Robert MACEY (b 11 Jan 1829, Leather Merchant (Currier) M,52,London Marylebone, London, Middlesex UK, d 13 June 1903) , Children: 

  1. Ellen G MACEY (b 1859 Maidstone, Kent), 

  2. James Douglas MACEY, organ builder (b 1860 Bexley, Kent), 

  3. Robert Hope MACEY (b 1863 Bexley, Kent), 

  4. Emily M Macey

  5. Donald Dunbar MACEY (b 25/09/1866 in Hollingbourne, Kent. d 26/08/1935, Kalimpong, India) in 1881 was at St Mary Islington, London, England - Age: 14. Travelled to India and married there; also made various trips to Australia (noted as passenger aged 48yrs on ship "Santhia" departing Calcutta on 25/1/1914, also noted as passenger arriving Fremantle Sept 1926 on ship "Queda", noted as passenger on ship "Queda" departing Calcutta on 10/10/1927 and arriving Fremantle on 28/10/1927), and NZ.

  6. Mary L MACEY (aged 46, b Kentish Town, as per 1901 census at Enfield, Middlesex, England,


1871 Census. Uriah 42, Ellen 41, Mary 16, Ellen 12, Robert 8, Emily 6, Donald 4


Louisa E ROBERTS at age 21 married Allen HULETT in Shelby, Kentucky, USA on 25 Nov 1851.



info from

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Henry William Roberts

  2. Alice Roberts

  3. Mary Roberts

Next Generation

Henry William ROBERTS married Marjorie CONN (sister of Randolph, Cycil and William Conn), children:



info from Danu Summerville

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Joseph ROBERTS (born ?, died ~1875, merchant, Madras)

Next Generation

Joseph ROBERTS (born ?, died ~1875, merchant, Madras) married Sarah Jane SLATER (b 1838, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales, died 1916, London, England), children:

  1. Eleanor Maud ROBERTS (born 17 Jul 1866, Madras, India,) married PARKER

  2. Mary Katherinve ROBERTS (born 24 Aug 1870, Madras, India)

  3. Margaret (born 26 Sep 1871, Madras, India, died 1944, London, England)

  4. George Ernest Vivian ROBERTS (born 1 Apr 1873, Madras, India, died 24 Mar 1953, Croyden, England)

  5. Edmund Arbuthnott ROBERTS (born 20 Jul 1875, Saltash, Cornwall, England, died 14 Sep 1959, Gordenvale, Queensland, Australia)

Next Generation

Eleanor Maud ROBERTS (born 17 Jul 1866, Madras, India,) married ?? PARKER



info from Delphine

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Eugene Roberts

Next Generation

Eugene ROBERTS married Lena LOWE



info from Geraldine Raymond

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Willy Roberts

Next Generation

Willy ROBERTS married Sarah Ann Caroline ?? (b ?, d 2nd April 1967), children:

  1. Cyril Thomas Roberts

Next Generation

Cyril Thomas ROBERTS (born on 23rd March 1914 and died on 14th June, 1985) married on 24/10/1945 in Secunderabad, Maisie Constance HEPPOLETTE (CRAWFORD) (born on 14th June, 1923 and died on 3 Jan 1984), Maisie has 9 children whose names are:

  1. Aurelia Roberts

  2. Jacqueline Roberts 

  3. Olive Roberts 

  4. Geraldine Roberts 

  5. Carlton Roberts 

  6. June Roberts 

  7. Bernadine Roberts 

  8. Bernard Roberts

  9. Lynette Roberts 


info fom anita paynter

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. John Roberts

Next Generation

John Roberts (b 1836 Surrey England) married Maryan ?? (b 1835 Blackheath, Kent) hants artillery, subsequent Chelsea pensioner residing at Fort Rowner. children:

  1. William Roberts b 1868 Lalaguda (Lalagooda) Secunderabad

  2. Charles Roberts b 1871 Lalaguda, Secunderabad, d 1906/1907)

  3. Johanna Roberts b 1873 England

  4. Frederick Roberts b 1875 Jersey Channel Islands.

Next Generation

Charles Roberts (d 1906/1907) married Birdy Matilda MATCHER (b 1881 Agra, d/o Robert and Henrietta Matcher)

After Charles Roberts died in 1906 or 1907, one of his brothers married his widow... Birdy , children:

  1. Edith Naomi Roberts b Rawalpindi 1899 (surmising that Charles was her father)

  2. Francesca/Ziska Roberts

possibly other children and step children

Grace Edna Joseph Munroe looking for Matchers and Roberts to connect some of the dots.



info from Allen Wilfred Roberts

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Stanley Hycinth Lionel Roberts

Next Generation

Stanley Hycinth Lionel ROBERTS married Marjorie Bridgette DIQUE on 27th Sep 1939 at the church of Angles Pondicherry, children:

  1. Allen Wilfred ROBERTS (Born 14/08/1940 Pondicherry.)

  2. Alfred Nelson ROBERTS (Born 10/11/1941 Madras.)

  3. Christopher Matthew Roberts (Born 06/08/1943 Madras)

  4. Edward Canute ROBERTS (Born 19/01/1947 Madras)

  5. Mary ROBERTS (Born 01/02/1949 BANGALORE).

Next Generation

Allen Wilfred ROBERTS married Kathleen Thea MacMillan SMITH on 04/11/1971 at Chembur Bombay, children:

  1. Jason Mark ROBERTS (Born. 10/05/1974. PERTH, W.A)

  2. Dean Travis ROBERTS (b 08/01/1978. PERTH. W.A.)

Next Generation

Jason Mark ROBERTS and Clarissa LITTLE, children:

  1. Ethan Samuel Roberts (b 06/06/2000, currently goes under the family name of TALIP. )



info from on 1/3/2004

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Bridget Roberts

Next Generation

Bridget ROBERTS married Thomas John NETTO, children:

  1. Antony Gasper NETTO


Info supplied by Priscilla CLEMENTS . 

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. John Roberts

Next Generation

John ROBERTS  married ???? Child:

  1. Mary Roberts

Next Generation

Mary ROBERTS married George Noel CLEMENTS, children: 

  1. Richard Terrence Clements (born in Calcutta, India.)


Info supplied by Andrew Green

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. John Roberts (born 1840 Chelsea, London)

Next Generation

John ROBERTS (born 1840 Chelsea, London) married ???? Child:

  1. Mary Roberts (born 1870/71, Bombay)



info from Vivian Lawless

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Griffith Roberts

Next Generation

Griffith ROBERTS Snr married ??. children:

  1. Griffith Roberts Jnr

Next Generation

Griffith ROBERTS Jr, (born 1772, Fort St George, Madras) married Jacobess MEYERS, son

  1. Robert ROBERTS (born 16.07.1792, Fort St George ,Madras)

Next Generation

Robert ROBERTS, Serjeant, (born 16.07.1792, Fort St George ,Madras), married Elizabeth RACK: Children

  1. Joseph Roberts Bombardier 2Battalion of Artillery, married Francis Justina Saalfelt (D/O James Martin & Janet .Merchant)

Next Generation

Joseph Roberts Bombardier 2Battalion of Artillery, married Francis Justina Saalfelt (D/O James Martin & Janet .Merchant)

  1. Sarah Roberts born 14.11.1847

Next Generation

Sarah ROBERTS born 14.11.1847 married Peter LAWLESS (born 26.6.1882. Muslipatam), widower, children.

  1. Alice LAWLESS (born 1856. in Cuttack. )

  2. Ebenezer LAWLESS, (born, Cuttack,1869.) 

  3. John LAWLESS (born Madras,1872. ) 

  4. Salina LAWLESS ( born 1876, Vizianagaram.)


info from Anita Paynter

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Charles Vincent Roberts

Next Generation

Charles Vincent ROBERTS (b 26 MAR 1871, LALAGOODA, SECUNDERABAD, INDIA) married ??(SPOUSE UNKNOWN), Children:

  1. Edith Naomi Roberts (b 11 MAY 1899, Rawalpindi, INDIA) (MY MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER).

  2. Ziska Roberts (? )

  3. Edna Roberts(?)

  4. Grace Roberts (?)

  5. Joe Roberts (?)

(I thought there was a brother named Munroe.... I have not heard of the other children... looking for any info about the family.)

Next Generation

Edith Naomi ROBERTS
(b 11 MAY 1899, Rawalpindi, INDIA) married ??, Children:

  1. Barry ?

  2. Desmond ?

  3. Sandra ?


info from George Maxwell DAVID 

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Grace Margaret Roberts

Next Generation


  1. George Maxwell David (born 26/9/1932 Calcutta, studied at ST JOSEPHS DARJEELING NORTH POINT 1942-49 ---ST THOMAS KIDDERPORE 1950-51 

  2. Florence David

  3. Elaine David

  4. Yvonne David

  5. Peter Frank David


info supplied by Andrea Gina MYERS

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Zita Anne Marie Roberts

Next Generation

Zita Anne Marie ROBERTS (born 14/9/1928) married Joseph Stanley MARTIN, children :

  1. Hazel Patricia ROBERTS (born 28/2/1946).


?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Grace Roberts

Next Generation

Grace ROBERTS married Anthony Aloysius FONCECA  : Child:-

  1. Mercy Ursula Fonceca


info from Capt. Dominic Martin David Roberts

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Allen Roberts

Next Generation

Thomas Allen ROBERTS (Customs) married Marjorie Francis ROBERTS (d/o David Victor Roberts and Beatrice Kathleen De Silve (Claudius) descendant of John Turnbull Roberts ( Ex- sec of Madras State), children (3 daughters, 2 sons) : 

  1. Thomas Llewellyn ROBERTS (became a captain in the Navy)

  2.  Rita Roberts

  3. Joy Roberts

  4. Antoinette Roberts

  5. Ada Roberts

  6. Billy Roberts

  7. Johnny Roberts 

Next Generation

Capt. Thomas Llewellyn ROBERTS married Audrey Cecelia ? (Journalist), children:

  1. Dominic Martin David ROBERTS (became a Captain in the Airlines)

Antoinette Roberts d.05/04/93 married Calisto Menino Fernandes d.07/27/96, Children

1. Adrian Fernandes
2. Jennifer Fernandes
3. Stephanie Fernandes

   (info from Stephanie )



info from Jonathan Cracknell

?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Arnold Roberts

Next Generation

Arnold ROBERTS married Anna ROTH, Children: 

  1. Neville Roberts, 

  2. Joan Roberts

  3. Maureen Elizabeth Roberts

Next Generation

Maureen Elizabeth ROBERTS married Aubrey John CRACKNELL, Son:

  1. Jonathan Cracknell


?? ROBERTS married ??, children:

  1. Angel Roberts

Next Generation

 Angel ROBERTS married Eldon AUBERT


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