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MACEY. Recorded in several forms as shown below, this ancient surname is of pre 10th century Old French origins. Introduced into England at the Norman Conquest of 1066, the name has two possible origins. Firstly, it may derive from the male given name Masse, a form of Matthew, which itself derives from the Hebrew Matityahu, meaning 'A gift of God'. Mathiu and Maci (without surname), are both recorded in the famous Domesday Book of England in 1086, whilst Alan Macy is noted in the Hundred Rolls of Suffolk in 1275. Secondly it may be locational from any of the various places in Northern France such as Macey in La Manche, Massy in Seine-Inferieure, and Marcy also in La Manche. Locational surnames were developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. The surname is recorded as Macey, Macy, Maycey, Mascey, Massey, Massie, and Massy. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving rolls and registers include Hugo Mascy in the Curia Regis Rolls of Huntingdonshire in 1221, whilst on December 10th 1581, Grace, the daughter of James Macey, was christened at St. Michael Cornhill, in the ancient city of London, whilst John, the son of John Macy, was christened on May 16th 1627, at St. Margaret's Westminster. A coat of arms granted to the family has the blazon of a blue field, charged with a silver chevron between two gold mullets pierced, and in chief a gold gauntlet supporting a mace. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ralph Masci. This was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of Essex, during the reign of King William 1st, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Records of MACEY individuals in India.


1754 Jane Macey b 1754 d 14 Jan 1834 Calcutta

1765 John MACEY, seaman in HEIC service, 8th April 1765

1771 Charles Macey d 26 Oct 1771

1795 Mary MACEY married James JENNINGS, St John's Anglican Church, Calcutta in 1795. (IOR Ref N/1/4/181)

1802 William Macey b 1802 d 31/5/1819

1817 John Macey born 1817, d 4 July 1843 Dinapore, Bengal

1824 John MACEY b 8 May 1824 Madras baptised 1824 Fort St George St Mary's Madras to James Macey & Sarah

1826 Edward Macey in 13 May 1826 in Cannanore, Madras married Louisa Calvin

1827 Godfrey MACEY entered the service in 12 May 1827.

1829 James Macey b 1829 d 15 July 1864Rangoon, Bengal

1831 James Macey b 1831 d 13/3/1872 Bombay

1834 Jane MACEY, d 1834, Bengal Presidency & Bengal Wills

1840 James Macey b1840 d 17 Aug 1860 Cawnpore

1854 Mrs MACEY and family were passengers on a ship captained by C J MACEY arrived    in Calcutta via Singapore in  31/7/1854 from Southampton.

1857-59 The Indian Mutiny Medal Roll (British Forces).

1862 J C Macey d 24 Dec 1862 Calcutta

1866 Mary MACEY married George Edward WOOD (1866-70) LDS Film Ref 498604

1867 Donald Dunbar Macey on 18 July 1928 in Kalimpong married Kylee Kaushira Kamini (daughter of Gopal Kamini)

1868 Emma Macey b 1 April 1868 Peshawar, Bengal

1868 Donald Dunbar Macey b 1868 d 25 August 1935

1872 James MACEY (Foreman Boilermaker P&O Co's Dockyard Mazagon) d 13 March 1872. reported in Indian Times edition  22/3/18721879 Alfred Macey b 1879 d 6 Oct 1901 Trimulgherry, Madras

1886 Thomas U MACEY married Ellen F B JONES in 1886 (Bengal)

1886 Thomas Arnold Macey (son of Charles Uriah Macey) on 26 April 1886 in Simla married Ellen Frances Brett Jones (daughter of Walter Brett Jones)

1887 Maud Isabel Macey b 29 Jan 1887 Simla to Thomas Yarnold Macey & Helen Frances

1889 William Arnold Macey b 6 Feb 1889 d 11 July 1889 Simla (Parents Thomas Yarnold Macey & Ellen Frances Brett)

1891 Thomas Arnold Macey (son of Thomas Y Macey) b 27 June 1891 d 27 June 1891 Simla

1900 Freda Josephine Macey b 26 Aug 1900 Bombay to John Henry Macey & Alice Maud

1901 Phillis Annie Macey b 4 May 1901 Nainital to Thomas Yarnold Macey & Eleanor Frances

1901 Henry Macey b 10 March 1901 Kalimpong to D D Macey & Kaili Napalni

1902 Charles Macey b 10 April 1902 Kalimpong to DD Macey & Kaili Napalni

1904 Thomas Macey b 12 July 1904 Kalimpong to DD Macey & Kyle Kamini

1906 Richard Macey b 14 Jyly 1906 Kalimpong to DD Macey & Kylie Kowsherra

1908 Norah Macey b 13 April 1908 (Parents: David Dunbar Macey & Kyle Korsheera

1908 Maud Isabel Macey (daughter of Thomas Yarnold Macey) on 16 Sept 1908 in Landour, Bengal married Basil Francis Tresham (son of William Carey Tresham)

1910 Robert Laidlaw Macey b 25 Feb 1910 Kalimpong

1910 William Charles Albert Macey b 30 Jan 1910, Agra to William Charles Macey & Elizabeth Cecilia

1913 Walter Charles Macey (son of Walter Macey) on 25 Nov 1913 in Neemuch married Mary Clemintina Michael (daughter of August Michael)

1921 Freda Josephine Macey (daughter of John Harry Macey) on 2 April 1921 married Henry Walter Cooper (son of William James Cooper)

1933 Thomas Harrisford Macey on 15 March 1933 in Calcutta married Creina Muriel Collinson (daughter of Charles James Collinson)

1935 Donald Dunbar Macey b 1868 d 25 Aug 1935 Kalimpong

Names of John & Henry Macey appear on a war memorial plaque (Royal Indian Army Service Corp regiment) in Dr Graham's school church...who were they ??


1881 UK Census Information


Residence 14 Alwyne Square

Census Place Islington, London, Middlesex

Uriah R. MACEY, Head, Leather Merchant (Currier) M,52,London Marylebone, London, Middlesex

Ellen MACEY, Wife,M,51. Leicester

Ellen G. MACEY, Daughter, Professor of Music, U, 22, Maidstone Kent

James D. MACEY, Son, Leather Merchant,U,21,Bexley,Kent

Robert Hope MACEY, Son, Com Clerk,U,18,Bexley Kent

Donald D. MACEY, Son,Scholar,U,14, Kent

Eliza Camp, Servant, Cook, U, 32, Barley Hertford


In 1817, the British and the king of Sikkim signed the Treaty of Titalia in a friendly gesture and the whole of Sikkim including Darjeeling was given back to the King. However the treaty mandated that the king would refer all foreign disputes arising out of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet to the British for suitable arbitration. The king of Sikkim continued his capital in Tumlong and did not take it back to Rabdantse.
However subsequently the relationship between the British and the king of Sikkim started deteriorating. The British wanted Darjeeling back because they wanted to set up a health resort there. Although the king eventually agreed to lease out the land, the British cunningly capitalized on the lack of English knowledge of Sikkimese, they instead used the word 'Grant' in the deed. And in return to this grant, the British agreed to give a yearly allowance of Rs. 3,000 to the king which in those days was not a small amount. The allowance was subsequently increased to Rs. 6,000 per year.
Darjeeling quickly moved along the speedy track of progress and development under British governance. From a mere population of only around 100 in 1839 the population grew to 10,000 by 1849. But this created another problem for the king of Sikkim. The Lepchas (original inhabitants of Sikkim) started to move to Darjeeling to make a better livelihood out of the ongoing developments in Darjeeling resulting in king's work force getting diminished. This started another conflict between the king and the British. So the British resorted to importing work force from Nepal. The businesses and trade in Sikkim started shifting to flourishing market in Darjeeling which further angered the king.
The relationship went down so low that two British dignitaries Dr. Campbell and Sir Joseph Hooker who were travelling in Sikkim were arrested by the king in November 1849 and the king started negotiating with the British on various matters for their release. But he had to eventually release them unconditionally on 24th December of the same year under tremendous pressures from the British.
The British by now had decided to take over Darjeeling for good and stopped the allowance to the king. In 1850 they captured and took over the entire terai area (lower plains) of Sikkim isolating Sikkim from rest of the plains. In 1861 Sir Ashley Eden with his army force of 2,600 went and captured Tumlong (then capital of Sikkim) and forced the king to sign a treaty in which Darjeeling was formally taken over by the British.
In 1864 Ashley Eden along with his forces went to Bhutan and made them to sign another treaty in Sinchula, by which the British took over the Dooars area (now part of Jalpaiguri district) and Kalimpong which were earlier captured by Bhutan. This Kalimpong area was once under the Sikkim dynasty but was captured by the Bhutanese. However having taken back Kalimpong from Bhutan, the British did not return it to the Sikkim king, instead they themselves continued to rule the area............

The furious & frustrated king of Sikkim having no other option reached out to Tibet for alliance. By this time the Chinese dominance in Tibet had significantly reduced because they lost two Opium Wars with United Kingdom (first between 1840 - 1842, and second between 1856 - 1860), and the Taiping Civil War further compounded the problems for Chinese. More over in 1876 the UK had ensured that Chinese accept the British doing business in Tibet. So Tibet gladly accepted the proposal of friendly alliance from Sikkim. But the British East India Company was already planning a trade with Tibet. Having acquired Kalimpong, it became much easier for the British to construct a road all the way to the Jelepla Pass which connected Sikkim with Tibet. This road is today known as the famous and historic Old Silk Route.

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In the 18th century the term "Anglo-Indian" was used by Warren Hastings to describe both the British in India and their Indian-born children. According to the constitution of India however, you must be of male European descent to be called and to be recognised as an Anglo-Indian. An Anglo Indian therefore means a person whose father or any of whose other male progenitors in the male line is or was of European descent but who is domiciled within the territory of India and is or was born within such territory of parents habitually resident therein and not established there for temporary purposes only.



Thomas MACEY married ?, children:

  1. Charles Uriah MACEY (b 1826)


Next Generation

Charles Uriah MACEY Draper (b 1826) married ?


Charles Uriah MACEY Draper (b 1826) widowed, at 21yrs on 15 Apr 1847 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England married 21yr  Elizabeth YARNOLD, (daughter of William Yarnold) children:

  1. Thomas Yarnold Macey (b 6 Jan 1891 Simla, d 21 Mar 1935)

Next Generation

Thomas Yarnold MACEY (b 6 Jan 1891 Simla, d 21 Mar 1935) on 26 Apr 1886 in Simla married 18yr  Ellen Frances BRETT-JONES, (b 1868 daughter of Walter Brett-Jones) children:

  1. Maud Isabel Macey (b 29 Jan 1887 Simla)

  2. William Yarnold Macey (b 6 Feb 1889 Simla)

  3. Thomas Yarnold Macey (b 6 Jan 1891, d 27 Jun 1891 Simla)

  4. Phillis Annie Macey (b 4 May 1901 Nainital)

Next Generation

Maud Isabel MACEY (b 29 Jan 1887 Simla) at 21yrs on 16 Sep 1908 in Landaur, Bengal, married 27yr Basil Francis TRESHAM (b 1881 son of William Carey Tresham)




?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. George Macey

Next Generation

George MACEY married Ann ??, children:

  1. John Macey (b 6 June 1751, christened on 26 June 1751 at St James, Westminster, Middlesex)

  2. ? Mary Macey (b ?, christened 13 Dec1776 at Rustington, Sussex)

  3. ? George Macey (b ?, christened 5 Aug 1787, Lyminster, Sussex)

  4. ? George Macey (b?, christened 8 Nov 1780 Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire)

  5. Hannah Macey (c 16 May 1784 Lyminster, Sussex)

  6. William Macey (c 5 Aug 1787 Lyminster, Sussex)

  7. ? James Macey (b ?, christened 5 Oct 1791 St Martin, Salisbury, Wiltshire)

  8. ? Rebecca Macey (b ?, christened 6 May 1792 Lyminster, Sussex)

Next Generation

John MACEY (b 6 June 1751, christened at St James, Westminster, Middlesex) married Elizabeth SKAM , children:

  1. Uriah Macey (b 2 June 1797 Edmonton, Middlesex, baptised 12 Jan 1802, d 2 April 1869 Westham, age 71)

  2. Mariah Macey (b 19 Sept 1799, baptised 12 Jan 1802)

  3. George Macey (b 25 Nov 1801, baptised 12 Jan 1802) ? on 12 Aug 1850 married Jane Faichen daughter of William Faichen

Baptism entry of Uriah, Mariah & George

Next Generation

Uriah MACEY (b 2 June 1797 Edmonton, Middlesex, d 2 April 1869 Westham, age 71) at 30yrs on 15 January 1828 at Old Church, St Pancras, London, married 26yr Elizabeth Margaret DUNBAR (b 13 Feb 1803, 3496 Allhallows, Staining, London, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Margaret (nee Tyfe, daughter of William Tyfe) Dunbar) , children:

  1. Uriah Robert MACEY (b 11 Jan 1829 Great TYitchfield, London, England, christened 29 March 1829 at Pentonville Claremont, Independent, Clerkenwell, London, d 13 June 1903 Edmonton age 74)

  2. Sarah Macey

Marriage entry of Uriah & Elizabeth

Death entry of Uriah

Will of Uriah

Next Generation

Ellen Judith Roberths

Uriah Robert MACEY(b 11 Jan 1829 Marylebone Middlesex , Leather Merchant (Currier) London Marylebone, London, Middlesex UK, d 13 June 1903 Edmonton age 74. 1851 census shows him to be a Linen Draper at Great Tichfield Street, Marylebone, Middlesex. 1881 Census shows family to be residing at Islington, London, Middlesex. In 1890-1900 Electoral rolls resided at 26 South Hill Park. 1901 census shows him to be Manager at a paper manufacturing firm) in 1853 in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire married  Ellen Judith ROBERTS (b 22 Sept 1829 Leicester, christened 6 Dec 1829 Melton, Mowbray, Leicester Parents: James Roberts & Judith C Heath), Children: 

  1. Mary L Macey (b abt 1855 St Pancras, Middlesex, England, d 1929 Bedfordshire, age 74) appears never to have married.

  2. Ellen Gertrude Macey (b 1859, Maidstone, Kent), 

  3. James Douglas Macey, Leather Merchant (b 1860, Bexley, Kent), 

  4. Robert Hope Macey (b 1863 Bexley, Kent), 

  5. Emily M Macey (b 1865 Kent)

  6. Donald Dunbar Macey (b 25/09/1866 in Bexley, Kent. d 25/08/1935, Kalimpong, India)

  7. Eleanor C Macey (b 1872 London)

1871 Census. Uriah 42, Ellen 41, Mary 16, Ellen 12, Robert 8, Emily 6, Donald 4

Macey Family in the UK

Next Generation

Ellen Gertrude MACEY (b 1859, Maidstone, Kent),  in 1892 in Hampstead, London, married William Frederick SMITH, children:

  1. Mary J Smith

James Douglas MACEY, Leather Merchant as per 1881 census (b 1860, Bexley, Kent),  in 1893 in Southampton married Mary Alice ? (b 1871 Hackney, Middlesex), children:

  1. Alan Dunbar Macey (b 1902 St Johns Church, Hampstead, London)


  Donald Dunbar Macey  Letters from Donald Macey to Dr Graham   Marriage Certificate of Donald Dunbar Macey and Kylee Kaushira Kamili.  Burial Certificate of Donald Dunbar Macey

Donald Dunbar MACEY (b 25/09/1866 in Hollingbourne, Kent. d 25/08/1935, Kalimpong, India, age 68, buried in Kalimpong Christian Cemetry. In the 1881 census he was at St Mary Islington, London, England, age 14. He travelled to India and married there in a hill station called Kalimpong; He also made various trips to Australia (noted as passenger aged 48yrs on ship "Santhia" departing Calcutta on 25/1/1914, also noted as passenger arriving Fremantle Sept 1926 on ship "Queda", arrived at Wellington port NZ on 18 Oct 1926, noted as passenger on ship "Queda" departing Calcutta on 10/10/1927 and arriving Fremantle on 28/10/1927) at 61yrs on 18 July 1928 in Kalimpong formally married 47yr Kylee KAUSHIRA Kamili (b 1881 Darjeeling, daughter of Gopal Kami, d 1950 Kalimpong, buried in Kalimpong Christian Cemetry alongside husband Donald ), Children before formal marriage: 

  1. Margaret (Meg) Macey

  2. Henry (Harry) Macey (b 10 Mar 1901 Lebong, c 27 Oct 1910 in Kalimpong, d May 1960 in Kalimpong)

  3. James Macey (b in Lebong, d in UK) married a Norfolk girl

  4. Charles Macey (b 10 April 1902 Lebong, christened 22 Oct 1910 in Kalimpong, d in India)

  5. Richard (Dick) Macey (b 14 July 1906 in Lebong, c 24 Sept 1916 in Kalimpong, d in NZ). Richard was taken to NZ in 1926 with a group of 16 by Dr Graham's school as part of their education programme. In 1929 the school magazine printed an excerpt from a letter from Richard (known as Dick). He was living at Otaki (north of Wellington). Here is what the snippet said (the quote is from Richard's letter): Dick Macey is at Otaki. He has acquired half an acre of land for a market garden and has built himself a hut upon it. He works for others. "We are having our Summer now (1st Oct) and the weather is just glorious. The fishing season is on and I intend going out to catch fish. I am close to the sea. My neighbours are all very good, treat me very kindly and do all they can to help me." Jane McCabe of NZ researched the migration of "Kalimpong Kids" to NZ. Her work can be seen at

  6. Thomas Harrisford Macey (b 12 July 1904 Lebong, c 5 Apr 1915 Kalimpong, d in Melbourne)

  7. Nora Macey (b 13 April 1908 in Lebong, c 23 Sep 1917 Lebong, d in UK)

  8. Robert Laidlaw Macey (b 25 Feb 1910 Lebong, c 25 Jan 1920 Kalimpong, d in UK approx 1989)

  9. Ethel Rosalind Macey (b Lebong, 1/5/1917, d Inverloch Victoria, Australia 2005) married Bert OVENSTONE, then his brother Frederick, lived at 27 Purtell St, Higinbotham, Victoria.

  10. Edward Andrew MACEY (b ? 5 May 1912, 20 April 1914, 5/4/1917, Lebong, Darjeeling District, India, d aged 38yrs 10/11/1955)

  11. Jessica Macey (Jessie. b 1919, lived at Burntisland, Scotland)

 Photo. Harry MACEY is on the extreme left and Edward MACEY on the extreme right. Photo taken in Kalimpong with friends and neighbours also shows Esther Mary LYONS (author of UNWANTED) as a young girl between two others.

 Margaret  Nora  Ethel L-R. Margaret, husband Pat, Harry and Jessica.

Next Generation

Henry (Harry) John MACEY  (b 10 Mar 1901 Lebong, christened 27 Oct 1910 in Kalimpong, d May 1960 in Kalimpong) married, first marriage to Mylee who died whilst giving birth to George. Children from this marriage:

  1. Ruth Macey (b 1931 Kalimpong. adopted by Tom MACEY)

  2. Ruby Rose Macey (b 9 Jan 1939)

  3. Daisy Kathleen Macey (b 1 Jul 1942)

  4. George Macey (born and died in India)

Henry (Harry) MACEY  (b 10 Mar 1901 Lebong, christened 27 Oct 1910 in Kalimpong, d May 1960 in Kalimpong) married, 2nd marriage, to Leena (Maya TAMA NEE) (born Samche), children:

  1. William David Winston Macey

  2. Peter Gregory Dunbar Macey

  3. James Eugene Macey (living in Sydney, NSW)

  4. Samuel Macey (living in NSW)

  5. Jessie Macey

  6. Philip Macey (living in Sydney)

  7. Clifford Macey (living in Sydney)

James (Jim) MACEY (b in Lebong, d in UK) married ? from Norfolk, children:

  1. Iris Macey (b ?) married Peter ?: daughter- Karen (professor and lecturer at Leeds University)

Thomas (Tom) Harrisford MACEY (b 1903 d Melbourne 1988) at 28yrs on 15 Mar 1933 in Calcutta married 23yr Creina Muriel COLLINSON (Honey) (b 1910, d 1989 Melbourne, daughter of Charles James Collinson), no children of their own, adopted Harry's eldest daughter Ruth. Family arrived at Fremantle port aboard ship "Straithaird" on 17 Jan 1950 from Bombay via Colombo.

  1. Ruth Margaret Macey (b 1931, Kalimpong) married Tom SOAWYER (b 1919 Hamilton, Australia, d 2009 Melbourne, Australia) in 1955. Two children: Andrew Thomas Soawyer (b 1958) and Creina Maree Soawyer (b 1959)

  Wedding of Tom & Honey Macey Tom with his work team

Nora MACEY (b 13 April 1908 in Lebong, d 1993 in Burntisland UK). Helen Mabon (Jessica Macey's daughter) wrote " She (Nora) qualified in nursing to Matron level. After years of using her nursing to travel the Empire, she married at age 54 to James (Jim) GODWIN. He did ‘something’ in the city (London). He died suddenly 6 weeks into their marriage. (That was an awful blow) She settled in Bexhill, E. Sussex. She came up after a bad heart attack to stay with mummy & Wally – died a few days later, here on Boxing Day 1993 when we were vising Australia and is buried in Burntisland cemetery. She had converted to the Baha’i faith some years before while staying with Meg on a visit to Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia. She was an amazing person, none of us could forget."


Robert Laidlaw MACEY (born in Lebong 1910, died Dec 1989 UK) married Margaret Regina Kawash (Jethi) (d Dec 2002), children:-

  1. Malcolm Macey

  2. Daniel John Macey

  3. Sheila Olive Macey

  4. Maureen Macey (lives in Huddersfield )

Ethel Rosalind MACEY (b Lebong, 1914, d Inverloch Victoria, Australia 2005) married Bert OVENSTONE of Scotland, then his brother Frederick after Bert died.


Ethel Rosalind MACEY (b Lebong, 1914, d Inverloch Victoria, Australia 2005) her 2nd marriage following the death of Bert, married his brother Frederick OVENSTONE

Ethel Rosalind Ovenstone was a passenger age 30 on board ship "Franconia" that sailed from Liverpool on 13/7/1947 to Bombay. Ethel Rosalind Ovenstone, age 36yrs, travelled from Sydney to UK arriving London on 25/6/1954 aboard ship "Straithaird". Address in UK was intended to be "Glassliehead Farm, Burntisland, Fife. Fred and Ethel were passengers on ship "Chusan" from London 21/12/1954 to Bombay. On 29/10/1957, Ethel Ovenstone and F Ovenstone, residents of 90 Fenchurch street, left London port Tilbury on ship "Orontes" for Melbourne Australia.


Edward Andrew MACEY (b 5/4/1917, Lebong, Darjeeling District, India, d aged 38yrs 10/11/1955) married Elizabeth Phulmati SINGH (b 25/12/1924, daughter of Aytar Victor Singh. Darjeeling. d 12 Feb 2020 Perth). The family including the following children were resident at Dunbar Villa, Kalimpong, West Bengal, India.

  1. Donald D Macey (b Kalimpong, lives in Kalimpong)

  2. Dorothy Dolly Macey (b 22 Jan 1942 Kalimpong, lives in UK)

  3. David Macey (b Kalimpong, d Sept 2010)

  4. Mabel (Pippa) Macey (b Kalimpong, lives in NZ)

  5. Diana S Macey  (b Kalimpong, lives in UK)

  6. Ellen J Macey (b Kalimpong, lives in UK)

  7. Andrew H Macey  (b Kalimpong, lives in Aus)

  8. Enid Macey (b 1953 Kalimpong, lives in Aus)

  9. Julian Macey  (b Kalimpong, lives in Aus)

Elizabeth Macey's parents   Wedding of Edward Andrew Macey and Elizabeth Phulmati Singh attended by Dr Graham (founder of Dr Graham's Homes, Kalimpong)   (Edward died at an early age, leaving Elizabeth to bring up all 9 children who studied at Dr. Graham's Homes. Andrew and Julian were adopted by Owen Stean from the UK and studied at La Martineer's in Calcutta).

1981 in front of Dunbar Villa. L-R. David with baby Helen, Russel, Enid, Elizabeth, Donald (back), Ghian, Julian Macey Cousins L to R. Top. Daniel, Malcolm, Daisy, George, Ruby, Donald, Dorothy. Middle. David, Peter, Sheila, Mabel, Maureen, Diana, William. Bottom. Julian, Andrew, Samuel, Enid, James, Ellen.

Jessica MACEY (Jessie) (b 1919 Lebong/Darjeeling) in 1942 in Calcutta married Thomas Matthew FORSYTH (b 1916 Burntisland d 1964 Burntisland), children:


  1. Helen Alice FORSYTH (b 1945 Burntisland married Peter Manson MABON in Burntisland in 1966, children: Peter Forsyth Mabon (b 1968 Burntisland), Gwen Mabon (b 1971 Burntisland).

  2. a) Jean Macey FORSYTH (b 1948 Burntisland) and ?, had a child: Caroline Serena ? (born 1968 Kirkcaldy). Caroline was adopted at birth by the GILLAN family, later married, and is now Caroline Serena GILLWOOD.


         b) Jean Macey FORSYTH (b 1948 Burntisland, married Michael Murphy in 1970 in Burntisland, children: Gillian Murphy (b Glasgow 1972), John Murphy (b Burntisland 1976)

Jessica MACEY (Jessie) in 1981 in Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia, married (2nd marriage) Walter RIMKUS (b 1915 Lithuania, d 2007 Burntisland), No children:



Next Generation

William David Winston MACEY married Janette LEEDS (Living in Sydney), 2 children

  1. Jason Scott Macey

  2. Joshua Todd Macey

 (info from Joshua Macey


Peter Gregory Dunbar MACEY married ?? Murkerjee, children:

  1. Donna Macey

  2. Darren Macey

James Eugene MACEY married Rosemarie REDDEN , children:

  1. Jacquline Macey

  2. Eugene Macey (b Australia)

Ruth MACEY (b 1931, Kalimpong) married Tom SOAWYER (b 1919 Hamilton, Australia, d 2009 Melbourne, Australia) in 1955. Two children:

  1. Andrew Thomas Soawyer (b 1958)

  2. Creina Maree Soawyer (b 1959)

        info provided by Greg Day on behalf of Ruth Soawyer and Creina Soawyer, Melbourne, Australia

Malcolm MACEY married Cathy ??. Family resides in the UK, children:

  1. Derek Macey (lives in London)

Daniel John MACEY married Marilyn ??. Danny  has been in the USA since 1984 and is currently working as the Chief Medical Physicist at the New Orleans Cancer Institute. Their children

  1. Nathaniel Macey

  2. Rowan Macey

  3. Bridget Macey

 (info provided by )


Sheila Olive MACEY married Sayeedullah Nongrum.  They have 4 children living in India:

  1. Shakil Nongrum,

  2. Shamsher Nongrum married Wansalan Shullai. They have two children living in India:1.Shimon N. Shullai 2.Hepsiba N.Shullai

  3. Sameer Nongrum married IbaKordor Kharkongor. They have two sons living in India: Shaun N. Kharkongor and Shane N Kharkongor

  4. Samuel Nongrum

 (Information provided by and Shamsher Nongrum Ph. +91 9436161428, House No.-235, Ward No.-23, Bishnupur, Shillong District, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, India.


Maureen MACEY married Ronald WRIGHT, 3 children:

  1. Emmanuel Wright (b 1976) married Michelle EGAN (b 1978) on 15/7/2000 at St George's Church, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK.

  2. Joshua Wright

  3. Nikita Wright (b 1984)

 (info from Michelle Wright )

Donald D MACEY married Elishba ? No children of their own...have adopted 3 from Elishba's family to help through schooling.


Dorothy D MACEY married Michael STEAN from the UK: Children:

  1. Julia Stean married

  2. Martin Stean married

David MACEY (d 2010) married Gian : 3 Children:

  1. Rosy Macey married BP (lives near the Nepal border: daughter- Suzanne

  2. Helen Macey (House-Staff in Birissa cottage at Dr Graham's)

  3. Ruby Macey (House-Staff at Dr Graham's)

Mabel (Pippa) MACEY married Simati AFELE in NZ: Children:

  1. Andrew Afele (b 1967) married Lily. Children: Mikayla Edith Andrew

  2. Lisa Afele (b1969) married Neil Campbell. Children: Joshua Ethan, Aidan Porou-Ariki, Brianna Rose Te Ao.Mihia, Andrew Tohu Potiki

Diana S MACEY married Steve LAST from the UK  :Children:  

  1. Ray Edward Last married Susan

  2. Stephanie Last married Dan Money

Ellen J MACEY married Brian Jasper BURFORD from the UK : Children: 

  1. Jasmin Burford

  2. Harley Burford

  3. Heather Burford

Enid MACEY married Russel N FONCECA , 6 Children born in Australia:

  1. Charles Edward (b1983)

  2. David Owen  (b1984 )

  3. Simon Christopher (b1985 )

  4. Jason Bradley (b1985 )

  5. Elizabeth Anne-Marie (b1988 )

  6. Maryanne Joy (b1994 )

Next Generation

Rosy MACEY married BP Tirkey from Nepal, daughter:

  1. Suzanne


?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. James Macey

Next Generation

James MACEYmarried Sarah ?, children:

  1. John Macey (b 8 May 1824, c 16 May 1824 Madras)



?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. Edward Macey

Next Generation

Edward MACEY on 13 May 1826 in Cannanore, Madras, married Louisa CALVIN



?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. Walter Macey

Next Generation

Walter MACEY married ?, children:

  1. Walter Charles Macey (b 1881)

Next Generation

Walter Charles MACEY (b 1881) at 32yrs on 25 Nov 1913 in Neemuch, Bengal, married 34yr Mary Clemintina MICHAEL (b 1879, daughter of August Michael)



?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. Charles Uriah Macey

Next Generation

Charles Uriah MACEY married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Arnold Macey (b 6 Jan 1891, c 16 Jan 1891 Simla)

Next Generation

Thomas Arnold MACEY (b 6 Jan 1891, c 16 Jan 1891 Simla) on 26 Apr 1886 in Simla, married 18yr Eleanor Frances Brett JONES (b 1868, daughter of Walter Brett Jones) ?, children:

  1. Maud Isabel Macey (b 29 Jan 1887, c 2 Apr 1887 Simla)

  2. William Yarnold Macey (b 6 Feb 1889 Simla)

  3. Thomas Yarnold Macey (b&d 27 Jun 1891 Simla)

  4. Phillis Annie Macey (b 4 May 1901 Nainital, c 3 Aug 1901)

Next Generation

Maud Isabel MACEY (b 1887) at 21yrs on 16 Sep 1908 in Landour, Bengal, married Basil Francis TRESHAM (son of William Corey Tresham), children:

  1. Arnold Basil Carey Tresham (b 13 Jun 1909 Nainital, c 2 Aug 1909, d 1 May 1910 Landour)



?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. John Henry Macey

Next Generation

John Henry MACEY married Alice Maud ??, children:

  1. Freda Josephine Macey (b 26 Aug 1900, c 31 Mar 1921 Byculla, Bombay)

Next Generation

Freda Josephine MACEY (b 26 Aug 1900, c 31 Mar 1921 Byculla, Bombay) at 20yrs on 2 Apr 1921 in Byculla, Bombay, married 35yr Henry Walter COOPER (b 1886 son of William James Cooper).



?? MACEY married ??, children:

  1. William Charles Macey

Next Generation

William Charles MACEY married Elizabeth Cecilia ?, children:

  1. William Charles Albert Macey (b 30 Jan 1910 Agra)

  2. Stephen Cecil Macey (b 5 Oct 1911 Asansol)

Next Generation

William Charles Albert MACEY (b 30 Jan 1910 Agra) married ?


Stephen Cecil MACEY (b 5 Oct 1911 Asansol) married Mary Ann ?, children:

  1. Rosemary Ann Macey (b 22 Oct 1943 Ranikhet, d 25 April 1944 Ranikhet)


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