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?? POOLE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Poole

Next Generation

Thomas POOLE married ??, children:

  1. Matilda Poole

Next Generation

Matilda POOLE , on 21 Oct 1863 when Charles Samuel was 23, she married Charles Samuel AITKINS (Born on 28 Feb 1840 in Bellary, Madras, India. Charles Samuel was baptized in Bellary, Madras, India on 12 Oct 1840) in Bellary, Madras, India. They had one child:

  1. John Richard Poole. John Richard Poole was baptized in Prince of Wales Island West Bengal on 12 Aug 1866.


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?? POOLE married ??, children:

  1. William POOLE

Next Generation
William POOLE married Elizabeth RAYMOND (widow) 1838 or 1839 in St. Mark's Cathedral, Bangalore. They had 2 children (daughters):

  1. Wilhelmina Poole (elder)
  2. Mable Hilda Alice Poole (born 1870's Bangalore/Madras?)

Next Generation
Wilhelmina Poole (elder) married Charles Rivers-Jones. 1 son

  1. Terrance Jones.

Mable Hilda Alice POOLE (born 1870's (Bangalore/Madras?) married Stark Kenneth AITKINS born 1850's (Madras or Bellary?).  They had 4 sons:

  1. ALTON SHOLTO(E) Aitkins (born 1904/5 died at age 3 in Mameo?, Burma.
  2. KENNETH POOLE AITKINS born July 8th, 1908, Naini Tal, U.P., India. died Bangalore October
    24th, 1968, Bangalore, India.
  3.  MERVIN POOLE AITKINS (elder twin-fraternal) born January 10th, Jhansi, India. died Bangalore,India.
  4. WILMER POOLE AITKINS (younger twin-fraternal) born January 10th, Jhansi, India. died 1965?(Crystal Palace/Wallington?) London,  England).

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