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info from Pamela Jane Beatty

?? BEATTY married ??, children:

  1. Derrick Beatty

Next Generation

Derrick BEATTY married Patricia ??, children:

  1. Sean Beatty

Next Generation

Sean BEATTY married Liz ??, children:

  1. Nicholas Stephen Beatty (b 2005)


?? BEATTY married ??, children:

  1. James Beatty

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James BEATTY married Mary ??, children:

  1. Simon Beatty

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Simon Beatty married ??, children:

  1. Jack Beatty

info submitted by Chris & Jane BEATTY 
& Paul Benson <>

?? BEATTY married ??, children:

  1. Richard Beatty

Next Generation
Richard BEATTY
married ??, children :

  1. William Beatty (b 1828)

Next Generation

William BEATTY (b 1828)  married Matilda LUCE  on September 23, 1858 in Vazagapatam, India, (daughter of WILLIAM LUCE).  


William BEATTY Drummer 38th Regt M.N.I, married (2nd marriage) Caroline Amelia YATES  on September 14, 1864 in Secunderabad, India, children:

  1. Charles Rudolph Beatty (b 4 Dec 1866, c 12 Dec 1866 Secunderabad, India. d 27 Mar 1941, age 75, Bangalore, India)

  2. Margaret Sophia Beatty,  (d March 24,)1879, Secunderabad, India

  3. Alfred Ernest Beatty (d Combacorium, Raichore)

Next Generation

Charles Rudolph BEATTY  (b 4 Dec 1866, c 12 Dec 1866 Secunderabad, India. d 27 Mar 1941, age 75, Bangalore, India) married Angelina D'SILVA, children: 

  1. Jeremiah Randolph Beatty (b 11 Nov 1900, Bangalore, India, d 17 March 1953, Tatanagar, India.)

  2. Celsus Victor Beatty (b 7 April 1895.)

  3. George Oswell Beatty (b 23 Apr 1897, c 9 May 1897 Bangalore)

  4. John George Beatty (b 1907)

  5. Angelina Beatty (b 1912- 2002)

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Charles Rudolph BEATTY  (b 4 Dec 1866, c 12 Dec 1866 Secunderabad, India. d 27 Mar 1941, age 75, Bangalore, India) widowed, at 44yrs on 9 Oct 1912 in Bangalore married 37yr widow Amelia DOLAN nee ANDREWS (b 23 Aug 1874, c 27 Sep 1874 Madras, daughter of Joseph & Phylis Andrews, previous marriage to Stephen Dolan on 26 Sep 1888 in Trichinopoly)

Next Generation

Jeremiah Randolph BEATTY (born November 11,1900, Bangalore, India, died March 17, 1953, Tatanagar, India.) married Isobella Esther WILLIAMS on April 24, 1929 in Nagpur, India, (daughter of RICHARD WILLIAMS and ESTHER HALLUM), children:

  1. Christopher Stephen Beatty (b 25 Jan 1942, Bilaspur, India)

  2. Derek Joseph Beatty (b 18 Jan 1930)

  3. Richard Dallas Beatty (b 10 May 1931,Abu Road, Bhojidih, India)

  4. Patrick Rudolph Beatty (b Nov 1933.  d 24 Mar 2002)

  5. Peter Douglas Beatty (b Jan 1936, Calcutta, India)

  6. Esther Mary Angelina Beatty (b 19 May 1939)

  7. James Roland Beatty (b 26 Aug 1943,Anra, India.)

John George BEATTY (b 1907) at 29yrs on 17 Dec 1936 in Calcutta married 26yr Ivy Margaret PAYNE (b 1910, daughter Walter Arnold Payne)


Next Generation

Christopher Stephen BEATTY (b1942, Bilaspur, India) married Anne WALSH on February 5, 1962, Walthamstow, London, England. children:

  1.  Sharon Virginia BEATTY b1962

  2.  Julia Anne BEATTY b1964

Christopher Stephen BEATTY (b1942, Bilaspur, India) married (2nd marriage) Pamela Jane MILLS on July 5, 1980, Registar Office, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England). children:

  1. Samantha Jayne BEATTY b1978 at Peterborough District Hospital, Peterborough, England

  2. Adam Christopher BEATTY b1981, Fishtoft, Boston, Lincs., England.

Derek Joseph BEATTY (b1930)  married Patricia MARSHALL, children:

  1. MICHAEL BEATTY b1959  


  3. DEAN BEATTY b1968

  4. SEAN BEATTY b1978

  5. MATTHEW BEATTY b1982.

Richard Dallas BEATTY (b1931,Abu Road, Bhojidih, India) married June Maureen LEAR on August 2, 1958, Walthamstow, London, England, children:



Peter Douglas BEATTY  (b1930, Calcutta, India) married Stella BROUGHTON on December 28, 1957, Walthamstow, London, England, children:-

  1. TINA BEATTY b1961

  2. PETER BEATTY b1963



  5. MICHAEL BEATTY b1971.

Esther Mary Angelina BEATTY (b1939), married Arthur PINTO.


James Roland BEATTY (b1943, Anra, India) married Mary Bernadette HOLMES (daughter of JOHN HOLMES AND MARY HICKEY) on April 4, 1970, Wanstead, London, England. Children are:

  1. SIMON BEATTY b1972 (Child of Simon Beatty,  MOLLY BEATTY)

  2. GAVIN BEATTY b1974

  3. DAVID BEATTY b1977

Next Generation

Sharon Virginia BEATTY (b 1962) and Geoffrey WILKINSON, children:

  1. Frederick WILKINSON

  2. Grace WILKINSON

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Michael Cecil BEATTY married Jeanne Marilyn DEEFHOLTS, Sydney, Australia 1980.Children

  1. RENEE PATRICIA BEATTY (b1982 Sydney)

  2. NICOLE EVA BEATTY     (b1982 Sydney)

Stephen Charles BEATTY married Joanne YOUNG Sydney, Australia 1988.Children are:

  1. SAMANTHA LOUISE BEATTY (b1995 Sydney)

  2. JAYDEN THOMAS BEATTY   (b2001 Gold Coast, Queensland)

Dean Andrew BEATTY married Marilyn INGLIS, Sydney, Australia 1998.Children are:

  1. BENJAMIN THOMAS BEATTY (b1999 Johannesburg, South Africa)

  2. ALEXANDER JAMES BEATTY (b2002 New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Sean BEATTY (b1978) married Elizabeth Hansen (b1982) , children:

  1. Lachlan Sean Beatty (b 2002)

Christine Isobel BEATTY (b1959) married Stephen John SKINNER. Children are:




Robert Francis BEATTY (born September 22nd 1964) married Lorraine Sylvia HOAD. Children are:

  1. Sam Richard Beatty b1994  

Tina BEATTY  married Ian REEVES September 13, 1986., children:

  1. AMY JOANE REEVES (b25th Dec ?)

  2. SOPHIE REEVES ( b? 1989)

Peter BEATTY married Myra RAFFETY.


Christopher James BEATTY  married Sarah WALSH, child:

  1. CARLY BEATTY b 1989

  2. LAUREN BEATTY b 1991 ( )

JAQUELINE BEATTY married Cliff DELLER, child:

  1.  Sam Deller b 1989

Michael BEATTY married Emma ?.




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