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?? GIBBS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Gibbs (b 1804, d 29 May 1858 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Thomas GIBBS (b 1804, d 29 May 1858 Bangalore) on 19 Jan 1841 in Madras married Caroline Henrietta FREEDOM, children:

  1. Henry Thomas William Gibbs (b 1842, d 2 Jun 1847 Madras)

  2. Grace Adelaide Gibbs (b 9 Sep 1843 Black Town)

  3. Hannaford Alexander Gibbs (b 16 Sep 1845 Madras)

  4. Edmund Gibbs (b 30 Dec 1848 Moulmein, d 22 Jul 1934 St Thomas Mount)

  5. Antrobus Gibbs (b 16 Feb 1852 Black Town)

  6. Louisa Caroline Ada Gibbs (b 11 Jun 1854 Madras)

Next Generation



Hannaford Alexander GIBBS (b 16 Sep 1845 Madras) married Elizabeth Amelia FISHER, children:

  1. Thomas George Gibbs (b 28 Jan 1871 Madras)


Edmund GIBBS (b 30 Dec 1848 Moulmein, d 22 Jul 1934 St Thomas Mount) married Sophia ?, children:

  1. Mabel Elizabeth GIBBS (b 30 Oct 1877 Erode Madras)

  2. Ernest Edmund Gibbs (b 3 Nov 1880 Bangalore, d 11 May 1900 Washernmanpettah)

Edmund GIBBS widowed (b 30 Dec 1848 Moulmein, d 22 Jul 1934 St Thomas Mount) at 54yrs on 3 Feb 1910 in Madras married widow 46yrs Alice LAZARO, (b 1864 daughter of John Lazaro) children:


Next Generation

Mabel Elizabeth GIBBS (b 30 Oct 1877 Erode Madras) on 23 Oct 1893 at 15yrs in South Black Town, Madras married 24yr Samuel John Percival STEPHENSON (b 1869 son of George Thomas Stephenson)


Mabel Elizabeth STEPHENSON widow (b 30 Oct 1877 Erode Madras) on 31/1/1914 (N2/115/44) at St Thomas Mount married 59yr William Urban FONCECA (b 7/9/1853, bapt 20/9/1853 N2/RC8/151)



?? GIBBS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Gibbs

Next Generation

Thomas GIBBS on 26 Aug 1829 in Kamptee, Madras married Charlotte DOWLIE, children:

  1. James Gibbs (b 1839)

  2. Emelia Gibbs

  3. Julia Gibbs

  4. Caroline Gibbs

  5. Matilda Gibbs

  6. Thomas Gibbs

  7. Isabella Jane Gibbs (b 18 May 1854 Bangalore)

Next Generation

James GIBBS (b 1839) at 21yrs on 16 May 1860 in Bangalore married 16yr Sarah EASON (b 1844 daughter of Henry Eason), children:

  1. James Alexander Gibbs( b 12 Jan 1863 Bangalore)

  2. Thomas Henry Gibbs (b 1866, d 24 Feb 1867 Bangalore)



info from NORMA C. CROOKS (nee BROOKS)

?? GIBBS married ??, children:

  1. Blanche Gibbs

Next Generation

Blanche GIBBS married  Herbert Anthony BROOKS (b 1911), 2 children:

  1. Len Brooks

  2. Norma Brooks

 (Herbert worked in Richardson & Cruddas in Byculla and then emigrated to UK in 1959, and finally to Canada where he passed away in 1979,)



Alfred John GIBBS on 9-Jan-1916 St. Joseph's Garden Church, Hong Kong  b. ??-1877  Also known as Bijou Buried in Unconsecrated part of cemetery, married Othelia Clothilde AQUINO b1892 Hyderabad, Sind d1962 Knaresborough, Yorkshire, children:

  1. Robert Thomas Gibbs b1916 Kowloon, Hong Kong  

  2. Alfred William George Gibbs b1918 Kowloon, Hong Kong

  3. Esther Margaret Gibbs b1920 Calcutta.

Next Generation

Robert Thomas GIBBS b1916 Kowloon, Hong Kong  married Mildred Kathleen BAINES on 28-May-1955 Knaresborough, Yorkshire  (b1925 Leeds, Yorkshire d1988 Harrogate, Yorkshire). Robert was first bought to England with his brother by his mother in 1928. He attended school at Chertsey, Surrey and his mother returned to India to work. In 1931 they emigrated permanently to England. Children:

  1. Margaret Gibbs b1957 Harrogate, Yorkshire  m. Richard Stanley Moore on 24-May-1980 Harrogate, Yorkshire (b1957 Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire   Graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons), class 2.1, from St. Andrews University, 1979)  

Alfred William George GIBBS b1918 Kowloon, Hong Kong   married Christina HUTTON on 23-Aug-1947 (b1926 Consett, Co. Durham)  m. Roberta ??   Plays hockey for the UK team "Golden Oldies" and travels all over the world. Lives in Birmingham. Children:

  1. Stephen Gibbs b1949 Leeds, Yorkshire   m. Sylvia ?? m. ??-Oct-1991 Coventry

  2. Geoffrey Gibbs b1951 Lytham St Annes, Lancashire UK  Anne ?? m. Since 1975

  3. Anthony Gibbs b1966 Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire  Severely mentally and physically handicapped. Resident in a home in Solihull, West Midlands, since July 1983.

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