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info from Julia JOYCE

?? JOYCE married ??, children:

  1. Edward Joyce (soldier) born abt 1875 in India or England

Next Generation

Edward JOYCE (soldier) born abt 1875 d UK, married ??, children:

  1. Julia Joyce.


 info from

?? JOYCE married ??, children:

  1. Maude Cordelia JOYCE (born?)

Next Generation

Maude Cordelia JOYCE (born?) married in 1893 Coconada, India, Edwin Peter WARING (born ?) , children:

  1. Alexandra Mary Waring (born 1909 - died 1950)


William Benman JOYCE married ?, children:

  1. William Bensley JOYCE (b 1860, d 19 Apr 1923 Agra)

Next Generation

William Bensley JOYCE (b 1860, d 19 Apr 1923 Agra), at 24yrs on 11 Nov 1882 in Lahore married 23yr Fanny Louisa SANDFORD, (b 1859 daughter of Daniel Layton Sandford) children:

  1. Francis Roberts Joyce (b 4 Aug 1885 Calcutta)

  2. Dora Vivienne Joyce (b 26 Jan 1887 Moradabad)

  3. Allan Bensley Joyce (b 1891)

  4. Olive Annie Joyce

  5. Alice Mary Violet Joyce (b 15 Dec 1892 Buxar)

  6. Kathleen Ellen Joyce (b 13 Sep 1896 Allahabad)

  7. Harold William Joyce (b 15 Oct 1898 Allahabad)

  8. Delphina Inez Joyce (b 3 Sep 1900 Allahabad)

Next Generation

Allan Bensley JOYCE (b 1891) UP Police, at22yrs on 10 Mar 1913 in Allahabad married 22yr Alice Maud RINGROW (b 1891 daughter of Ernest Arthur Ringrow)


Olive Annie Joyce at 25yrs on 11 Nov 1916 in Cawnpore married 26yr Eustace Mervyn PANSHARD (b 1890 son of William Panshard)


Kathleen Ellen JOYCE, (b 1899 ) at 24yrs on 17 Nov 1923 in Agra married 49yr Herbert Angus Pengelly PHILLIPS (b 1874)  children:

  1. Frances Joyce Pengelly Phillips (b 30 Aug 1924 Allahabad)

  2. Herbert John Pengelly Phillips (b 3 Dec 1925 Agra)

  3. Nancy Mary Pengelly Phillips (b 3 Sep 1929 Agra)

Phillips Family of Calcu


Delphenie Inez JOYCE (b 1901) at 19yrs on 21 Feb 1920 in Cawnpur married 27yr Cyril Edwin CEARNS (b 1893 son of Charles Henry Cearns)



info from 

?? JOYCE married ??, children:

  1. Mervyn Theodore JOYCE

Next Generation

Mervyn Theodore JOYCE on 30/3/1943 in Wesleyan Church, Poona, married Violet Edith SHILLING (b 14/4/1906 Bangalore, studied at St. Joseph's Convent, Bangalore, taught at Bishop Cotton's, Bangalore, d 26/6/1995, Perth.)  Family departed for UK after Independence in 1947. Arrived in West Australia April 1949. children:

  1. Naomi Joyce

  2. Molly Joyce

(Violet had one sister Eleanore who died 19? after being hit by a truck in Bangalore, and one brother Leslie who may have gone by the name of Sutton or Shilling. Attended  'Bethesda' church in Bangalore. Latter years in Bangalore lived in Dickenson Road, East Parade, Bangalore.)


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