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info from Garth REID

Norman REID married ?? CRITCHELL, children:

  1. Roy Reid (b1919 at Igatpuri
  2. Maureen Reid (lived in Canada)
  3. Dorothy Reid (lived in Canada)

Next Generation

Roy REID (b1919 at Igatpuri, worked as police officer at Colaba, Mumbai) went to Australia in 1948 and married ??, children:

  1. Garth Reid


info from Lawrence Charleston

?? REID married ??, children:

  1. James William REID (b1874 d 1917 Madras)

Next Generation

James William REID (b1874 d 1917 Madras) married 1901 at Trivandum, Margaret Louisa CUMBERLAND (b 1875 - d 1914 Kilpauk Cemetery Madras, daughter of Thomas WILLiam Cumberland  and Nancy Elizabeth (nee LADNER), children:

  1. James Maxwell Coats Reid (b 1904 TRIVANDRUM- d 1982)
  2. Faith Audrey Reid (b1911 Trivandrum)

Next Generation

James Maxwell REID (b 1904 TRIVANDRUM- d 1982) on 04/02/1925 at St Francis de Sales, Nagpur, married  Zena Bernice RODRIQUEZ (b 1902 - d 1984 Kharagpur -India, daughter of Edwin Rodriquez and Mercy (nee GUTTERSON), children:

  1. Yolanda REID (b12/11/1925)
  2. Dalmain Reid
  3. Douglas Reid
  4. Ellis Reid
  5. Celine Reid
  6. Patsy Reid
  7. Glen Reid
  8. Marshall Reid
  9. Noleen Reid
  10. Jocky Reid

Next Generation

Yolanda REID (b 1925 Cuttack India)  married Cyril Lawrence CHARLESTON (b 1915 Nagpur-India d 2/01/1977 Sydney Australia)


info from  florence hordell/greig clivevenables@tadaust,

I am the granddaughter of William Clifford Reid died 1943 his wife Agnes Jones (my grandmother) died 1932 in Calcutta, the little I know is they had 13 children the only names I recall are Charles, Edward, "Budda" (nickname) and Peggy she married Ally Sherrard and had 3 children Gwen, Rosie, and Donald My mother was Florence she married a British soldier Horace Hordell in 1928. When he was discharged from the army he worked in the E.B. Railways. After 1947 my parents came to Australia. My name was Florence Hordell I was born in 1933. I attended school at St. Paul's Scott's Lane Calcutta, and we lived in the Sealdah area.
My grandfather had sisters Katy, Winifred and Geraldine, there may be other siblings. I am hoping someone out there is connected in some way to my ancestors or my family. Also anyone who knows of me or the family.

?? REID married ??, children:

  1. William Clifford Reid (b ?, died 1943)
  2. Katy Reid
  3. Winifred Reid
  4. Geraldine Reid

  (There may be other siblings. I am hoping someone out there is connected in some way to my ancestors or my family. Also anyone who knows of me or the family.)

Next Generation

William Clifford REID (b ?, died 1943) married Agnes JONES (my grandmother, she died 1932 in Calcutta) They had 13 children, the only names I recall are:

  1. Charles Reid
  2. Edward Reid
  3. ? Reid "Budda" (nickname)
  4. Peggy Reid married Ally Sherrard and had 3 children Gwen, Rosie, and Donald
  5. Florence Reid married a British soldier Horace Hordell in 1928

Next Generation

Peggy REID married Ally SHERRARD and had 3 children:

  1. Gwen Sherrard
  2. Rosie Sherrard
  3. Donald Sherrard

Florence REID married a British soldier Horace HORDELL in 1928. When he was discharged from the army he
worked in the E.B. Railways. After 1947 my parents came to Australia., children:

  1. ?? Florence Hordell ???born in 1933, attended school at St. Paul's Scott's Lane Calcutta, and we lived in the Sealdah area


info from Edwin Michael

?? REID married ??, children:

  1. Myrtle Reid (b1917, d 1989 Perth)

Next Generation

Myrtle REID (b1917, d 1989 Perth), married William CONWAY . Had two children:

  1. Dorothy Conway (b1947) married Edwin Michael & had three children; Brenda b1066, Sharon born 27/1/72 & Steven born 5/12/73.(Brenda married Wayne Forkin & had two children: Michael born 12/12/95 & Stephanie born 19/8/97. Steven married Laureen Selvaratnam & had two children: Elise born 14/5/01 & Christopher born 9/10/02.
  2. Susan Conway (b1953.)


info submitted by

?? REID married ??, children:

  1. ?? Reid

Next Generation

?? REID married Charmaine Mary WEBBER (studied at St. Thomas Girls School, Lindsay Street, Calcutta (from 1966 to 1969) and Dr Grahams Homes, Kalimpong (Woodburn Cottage, from 1969 to 1974)


info from

?? REID married ??, children:

  1. Daniel Reid, died on 24/05/1867, age 32 years and 1 month old. He belonged to the 42nd Royal Highlanders. The cause of death was Cholera


info from Frank James Reid

?? REID married ??, children:

  1. John Reid

Next Generation

Dr John R REID, captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, Apothecary, married Ellen Blanche ??, children:

  1. James Crawford Wilson REID , born 02/01/1870 in Nowgong, India.

Next Generation

James Crawford Wilson REID , born 02/01/1870 in Nowgong, India., married Caroline Rebecca De Jorey. They had several children, 7 boys and 1 girl. There names were

  1. John,
  2. Ernest (Erb),
  3. Jack,
  4. Sydney,
  5. Frank Oswald Reid
  6. ( not sure of the others)
  7. and the girl was Kitty.

Next Generation
Frank Oswald Reid married Rose Elizabeth Hunter. and they had 2 sons:

  1. Frank James Reid
  2. Sydney Colin Reid.


? REID married Marie D'MONTE


info supplied by Beverly Miller (nee Reid)

Frank Abel REID (born ? ) married Philomena (Filly) TAYLOR (born ?) – children:

  1. Margaret Reid (Maggie)
  2. Alice Reid
  3. Doris Reid
  4. Ernest Reid
  5. Norman Reid
  6. Beatrice Reid
  7. Eilleen Reid
  8. Florence Reid
  9. Douglas Reid

Next Generation
Margaret REID (Maggie) married Newton ZSCHERPEL – children:

  1. Phillis Zscherpel (Cocoo)
  2. Phillip Zscherpel married ?, children: Neil Zscherpel born 25/07/1963 Northamton UK
  3. Doreen Zscherpel
  4. Theobold Zscherpel

Margaret REID (Maggie) 2nd marriage,  to Melville HILL – no children

Alice REID married Ernest NAGLE – children:

  1. Llewellyn Nagle
  2. Veronica Nagle

Doris REID married Valentine REDDEN – children:

  1. Morris Redden
  2. Neville Redden
  3. Valerie Redden
  4. Randolph Redden
  5. Rowena Redden

Ernest REID married Marie ALDERSON – children:

  1. Donna Reid
  2. Moyra Reid
  3. Derrick Reid
  4. Susan Reid
  5. Peter Reid
  6. Allison Reid
  7. Patricia Reid
  8. Mandy Reid

Norman Harold REID (b1924) married Beatrice Violet Mary RODRIGUES (b1925) on 28/7/48 – children:

  1. Willard Frank Jospeh REID (b1948)
  2. Cheryl Janice Mary  REID (b1950)
  3. Beverly Philomena Lyn REID (b1952)
  4. Jason Harold Anthony REID (b1954)
  5. Cornel Emery Jude REID (b1956)
  6. Ricardo Ian Michael REID (b1963)

Beatrice REID (Bundoo) married George WATSON – children:

  1. Kevin Watson
  2. Daugher ?

Eileen REID married Douglas Victor BARRACLIFFE , both from Kharagpur and now happily retired in Spain– children:

  1. Melville Barracliffe (Mel)
  2. Denise Barracliffe
  3. Paul Barracliffe

   (above info from Mel Barracliffe  )

Florence REID (Bulloo) married Ronnie ADIE – children:  2 sons

  1. Andre Adie
  2. Ian Adie

Douglas REID married Maureen JACKSON – children:  6 or 7 in total ?

  1. Sandra Ann Reid b1959
  2. Tracy Arlene Reid b1961
  3. Darren George Reid b1962
  4. Warren Frank Reid b1965
  5. Martin Douglas Reid b1970

  (info from Tracy Smith )

Next Generation 

Ernest REID'S children (info from Donna Smith (nee Reid) )

Donna Kareen REID (b1951) married William John SMITH on 16/9/72 - children:

  1. Amanda Jane Smith (married with one daughter)
  2. Andre Ernest Smith
  3. Tracy Marie Smith

Moyra Faye REID married Jude MELDER - children:

  1. Tanya Melder
  2. Susan Melder (married with two children)
  3. Andrew Melder

Derick Keith REID married Wendy RODRIGUES  - children

  1. Bonita Reid
  2. Bradley Reid

Susan Carol REID married Roger THORNTON  - children

  1. Mark Thornton
  2. Zarine Thornton

Peter REID married Marina RODERICKS  - children

  1. Ernest Reid
  2. Dion Reid

Patricia REID married Roderick Cameron  - children

  1. Joanne Cameron
  2. David Cameron
  3. Sarah Cameron

Allison REID and partner - Rob Drummond-Hay - children

  1. Brendon Drummond-Hay
  2. Travis Drummond-Hay

Mandy REID (1st marriage - Jude Laporte) - one child

  1. Tiannah Laporte

Mandy REID (2nd marriage - Gene Johnson from Texas, US. - no children

     (info from mandy johnson )

Norman REID’S children

Willard Frank Joseph REID (b1948) married Sherry BAKER on 29/12/1977… no children

Cheryl Janice Mary REID (b1950) married Randolph Alloysius Ignatius THOMPSON (b1943) on 27/8/1969 - children:

  1. Michelle Anne Thompson (b1970)
  2. Randolph Ian Thompson (b1971)

Beverly Philomena Lyn REID (b1952) 1st marriage to Mark Jefford LYONS (b1948) on 15/9/1973… one child

  1. Sharon Maria LYONS (b1974)

Beverly Philomena Lyn REID (b1952) 2nd marriage to ?? MILLER (b1962) on 27/4/1991.. no children

Jason Harold Anthony REID (b1954) married Jacqueline ROBINSON (b1956) on 1/6/1981 children:

  1. Jacinta Clare Reid (b1982)
  2. Geraldine Reid (b1984)
  3. Genevieve Reid (born 31/12/1984)

Cornel Emery Jude REID (born 16/10/1956) married Valerie Chapman (b1962) on 14/2/1986) children:

  1. Clint Reid (b1987)
  2. Ryan Reid (b1991)

Ricardo Ian Michael REID (b1963) married Maisie GOMES (b1961) on 20/2/1988.. children:

  1. Nadine Kareen Reid (b1989)
  2. Nathan Ian Reid (b1994)

Next Generation
Tracy Arlene Reid (b1961) married ?? SMITH

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