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Charles D'ROZARIO married Mariana ?, children:

  1. William Jones D'Rozario (b 23 Oct 1875 Boitakhaua)

William Jones Stanislaus D'ROZARIO married Eveline Beatrice ?, children:

  1. Eric Cyril D'Rozario (b 9 Aug 1901 Dhurrumtolla)

  2. Willoughby Edgar John D'Rozario (b 8 Jun 1903 Dhurrumtollah)

  3. Clarence Vivian D'Rozario (b 5 Jun 1905 Calcutta)

  4. Stanley Andrew D'Rozario (b 14 Jan 1907 Dhurrumtollah)

  5. Christina Edna D'Rozario (b 14 Jan 1907 Dhurrumtollah)

  6. Vera May D'Rozario (b 28 Sep 1908 Calcutta)

  7. Gainet Charles D'Rozario (b 16 Dec 1914 Dhurrumtollah)


?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Emmanuel D'Rozario

Next Generation

Emmanuel D'Rozario married ??, children:

  1. William Stanislaus D'Rozario (b 1885)

Next Generation

William Stanislaus D'ROZARIO (b 1885) at 29yrs on 3 Sep 1914 in Akyab married 21yr widow Ruth Caroline GONSALVES nee MATTHEW (b 1893 daughter of Mathia Matthew), children:

  1. Ronald Alfred James D'Rozario (b 24 Sep 1915 Akyab)


?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. John J D'Rozario

Next Generation

John J D'ROZARIO married ?, children:

  1. Genevieve Mary D'Rozario (b 1893)

Next Generation

Genevieve Mary D'ROZARIO (b 1893) at 32yrs on 4 Feb 1925 in Calicut married 33yr Patrick Edwin NORONHA (b 1892, son of John), children:

  1. Margaret Veronica Noronha (b 3 Aug 1927, c 11 Aug 1927 Calicut)

  2. Stanislaus L Noronha (b 22 Sep 1929, c 30 Sep 1929 Calicut)




George D'ROZARIO married Isabella ??, children:

  1. Edwin D'Rozario (b 1888, was killed 9 Oct 1923 in Calcutta returning from Burma after WW1)

  2. Stanislaus D'Rozario (b 21 May 1889 Madras)

  3. William (Bill) D'Rozario

Next Generation

Stanislaus DíROZARIO (b 21 May 1889) at 26yrs on 2 Jun 1915 in Perambur married 25yr Naomi Harriet ELIAS (b 29 Apr 1890, c 25 Dec 1890 Port Blair, daughter of Obed & Elizabeth Elias, family owned a taxidermy business), both from Calcutta, Children:

  1. Evelyn D'Rozario

  2. Joseph D'Rozario

  3. Bertram D'Rozario

(Obed & Elizabeth ELIAS, Children: James Percy Obed Elias, Archibald Victor Blair Elias, Naomi Harriet Elias, Gertrude Elias, Alfred Henry Elias



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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Adolf D'Rozario

Next Generation

Adolf D'Rozario (b???) married Ena ? (b???) Children:

1. Jeanne Philomena
2. Dorothy
3. Evelyn
4. Prreston
5. Hazel



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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Cedric D'Rozario (b 1939)

Next Generation

Cedric D'ROZARIO (b 1939) of  EAST BRIGHTON, VICTORIA 3187, AUSTRALIA. TEL (03) 9576 8204,  on 5 Oct.1966 married Deanna ARENDALE (b1942) , children :

  1. Desiree D'Rozario (b 1968)

  2. Darren D'Rozario (b 1971)

  3. Tracey D'Rozario (b 1972)


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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Mary Imelda D'Rozario

Next Generation

Mary Imelda D'ROZARIO married  ?? WHITE (in the South Easter Railway Police). Family lived in Sealdha Barracks Calcutta, children:

  1. Colleen White married Percival Surin

  2. Joyce White married Roland James

  3. Bridget White married Alistair Reza

  4. Elizabeth White married Robert Durand formerly from Chaney Chowk Calcutta


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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Maurice D'Rozario

Next Generation

Maurice D'ROZARIO married  Ingrid JONES, children:

  1. Desiree D'Rozario

  2. Venesia D'Rozario

  3. Fiona D'Rozario

  4. Faustin D'Rozario

  5. Stephanie D'Rozario

  6. Avril D'Rozario

  7. Mark D'Rozario

Next Generation

Desiree D'ROZARIO married Roland SCOTT,children

  1. Brinelle Scott

Venesia D'ROZARIO married Peter DAVIDS, children

  1. Rodella Davids,

  2. Rumella Davids,

  3. Marcello Davids

Fiona D'ROZARIO married Joseph D'ROZA, children

  1. Ricardo D'Roza

Avril D'ROZARIO married Noel DAVIDS



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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Paul D'Rozario

Next Generation

Paul D'ROZARIO (b1967 Kolar Gold Fields, India) on 9/1/1999 at St. Paul's Church, Marikuppam, Kolar Gold Fields, married Christine PAUCHARD (b1969, Kolar Gold Fields, India). Children:

  1. Rochelle D'Rozario (b 2000,Bangalore)


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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Noel D'Rozario

Next Generation

Noel D'ROZARIO married Phylomenia NICHOLAS--children

  1. Nigel D'Rozario (died when he was 3)

  2. Anna D'Rozario

  3. Hermine D'Rozario

Next Generation

Anna D'ROZARIO married Rodney Suresh -no children


Hermine D'ROZARIO married Keith ROSS,  children:

  1. Savhana Ross

  2. Nathdaniel Ross

  3. Baby Girl Ross.


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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. John D'Rozario

Next Generation

John D'ROZARIO married Aida ??, children:

  1. Eric Joseph D'Rozario (b 1928)

Next Generation

Eric Joseph D'ROZARIO (b 1928. Worked in the Post & Telegraphs in Ooty and GPO at Beach in Madras.) married Phyliss PARKER (from Ooty ) on 21st Feb 1949 in Bangalore. Lived Early part of their lives in Ooty then settled in St. Thomas Mount Madras. Children:

  1. Peter D'Rozario

  2. Leslie D'Rozario

  3. Reuben D'Rozario (Deceased).Never Married

  4. Micheal D'Rozario (Deceased).Never Married

  5. Jeffery D'Rozario  (Deceased). Never Married

  6. Rocklyn D'Rozario

  7. Vivian D'Rozario (Deceased).Never Married

  8. Troy Bernard D'Rozario

  9. Raoul D'Rozario

  10. Judith Ann D'Rozario

Next Generation
Peter D'ROZARIO married Girija ? from Kottyam, Kerala. One Son

  1. Danton D'Rozario

Leslie D'ROZARIO married Zeena BOSSER from St.Thomas Mount Madras. Children -

  1. Wayne D'Rozario

  2. Yollander D'Rozario.

Rocklyn D'ROZARIO married Albina Wonkha from Meghalaya. Children:

  1. Cain D'Rozario

  2. Abel D'Rozario ( Deceased )

  3. Varynia D'Rozario

Troy Bernard D'ROZARIO married Sharron Romeo from Saidapet Madras. Two Sons -

  1. Brandon D'Rozario

  2. Sean D'Rozario

  3. Tawny D'Rozario

Raoul D'ROZARIO married Esmeralda MOORE from Podanur near Coimbatore. No Children


Judith Ann D'ROZARIO married Patrick Anand from Mylapore in Madras. Three Daughters

  1. Sheena Anand 

  2. Beverly Anand

  3. Kiara Anand.


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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Caroline D'Rozario (born 7th June, Perth)

Next Generation

Caroline D'ROZARIO (b 07 Jun year unknown, Perth WA) married Craig COURT (b 1971, Calcutta, India), Children:

  1. Courtney Court (b 1999, Perth, WA)

  2. Cameron Court (bl 2000 d.11 May 2001, Perth, WA)


?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Preston Emil D'Rozario

Next Generation

Preston Emil D'ROZARIO married Roxana Beatrix ? . They lived in Officers Lines, Pallavaram before migrating to Perth.



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?? D'ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Celine D'Rozario

Next Generation

Celine D'ROZARIO married Stanley D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Charmane D'Souza

  2. Jacky D'Souza

  3. Lansha D'Souza

  4. Nigel D'Souza

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