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info from J L Dean deanjl33@hotmail.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Joseph D’SILVA (b 1804, Calcutta)

Next Generation


Joseph D'SILVA (b 1804, Calcutta) married Elizabeth GOMES (b 1805, ?) Children:

1. John Crispin D'SILVA (b 1826, Calcutta)

Next Generation

John Crispin D'SILVA (b 1826, Calcutta) married Eliza ? (b c.1830) Children:

1. Joseph Ambrose D'SILVA (b 1851, Calcutta)
2. Elizabeth D'SILVA (b 1852, Calcutta)
3. John Crispin D'SILVA (jr) (b 1859, Calcutta)

Next Generation
Joseph Ambrose D'SILVA (b 1851, Calcutta) married Victoria Regina Minos (b 1861 Calcutta. Died 1927, Agra). Children:

1. Robert Alfred D'SILVA (b 1878, Calcutta. Died 1930 Calcutta) Assistant, Turner Morrison Shipping Company
2. Florence Maud D'SILVA (b 1881, Calcutta)
3. Beatrice Dagmar D'SILVA (b 1883, Calcutta. Died 1902, Calcutta)
4. Victoria Adrienne D'SILVA (b 1887, Calcutta. Died 1943, Calcutta)
5. Joseph John D'SILVA (b 1888, Calcutta)
6. Leona Amelia D'SILVA (b 1892, Calcutta)
7. Norman Charles Minas D'SILVA (b 1897, Calcutta. Died in infancy)


Next Generation

Leona Amelia D’SILVA (b 1892, Calcutta) married Robert William Nugent WILKINSON (b 1882, Agra) in Calcutta Feb 5th 1912. Children:

1. Daphne Hiripsima WILKINSON (b 1912, Agra)



info from denise dsilva curldd@gmail.com


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Basil D'Silva (b 1940 Falnir Mangalore)

Next Generation
Basil D'SILVA (b 1940 Falnir Mangalore) married Reneta NETTO (Born 1943 Bombay), children:

  1. Rensil D'silva (Born 1968 Bombay)

  2. Neil D'silva (born 1971 Bombay)

  3. Denise D'silva (born 1979 bombay)



info submitted by Chris & Jane BEATTY CBeatty2SR@aol.com & Paul Benson <pn_benson@hotmail.co.uk>

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Angelina D'Silva (b ?)

  2. ? D'Silva (son)

Next Generation

Angelina D'SILVA married Charles Rudolph BEATTY (born December 12, 1866, Secunderabad, India. Died 1940 Bangalore, India) children: 

  1. Jeremiah Randolph BEATTY (born November 11,1900, Bangalore, India, died March 17, 1953, Tatanagar, India.)

  2. Celsus Victor BEATTY (born April 7, 1895.)

  3. Angelina Beatty (b 1912- 2002)

? D'SILVA married ??, Children: 
Next Generation
Millie D'SILVA married ?? FERNANDO children: 
  1. DESMOND, 
  2. DAVID, 
  3. JOHN, 
  4. MORRIS, 
  5. HAZEL,
info from collinsek@aol.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Stella D'Silva (b ?)

Next Generation
Stella D'SILVA married Milton COLLINS (b1920 Madras, d Melbourne 2000). Milton was well known in Madras, especially for his jazz band 
"Mil Collins & the Jive Boys".  He migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1994 to be with his children. , 
  1. Ian Collins
  2. Lauren Collins
  3. Marian Collins
  4. Angeline Collins
  5. Elvis Collins
  6. Barry Collins


info from Ingrid D'silva  ingrid_dsilva@hotmail.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Douglas John D'Silva (b ?)

Next Generation

Douglas John D'SILVA married Muriel Mary THOMAS, Children:

  1. Gladwin Owen D'silva(Glen) Born 3rd November (Deceased)

  2. Robin Heathercliff D'silva Born 28th October

  3. Sheldon Ashley D'silva Born 28th April

  4. Jocelyn Dsilva Born 4th December

  5. Susan D'silva Born 10th April

  6. Karenza Ann D'silva (Anna) Born 1st August

Next Generation

Robin Heathercliff D'SILVA (Born 28th October) married Reene HEIDEN, Children

  1. Petula

  2. Sean

Sheldon Ashley D'SILVA (Born 28th April) married Maureen HEIDEN, Children

  1. Ingrid

  2. Sunshine

Jocelyn D'silva married Baxter Lawless

Susan D'silva married Christopher Lawrence, Children

  1. Faustina

  2. Aderlina


info from Gordon Littlewood maquis@maquis.karoo.co.uk Searching for LITTLEWOOD relatives of grandfather


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Elaine Mercy D'Silva

Next Generation

Elaine Mercy D'SILVA married Alfred Charles LITTLEWOOD, (allegedly born Yorkshire, England. Perhaps worked in forestry-Tamilnadu area late 1800's) in India in 1906. They had 5 children-

  1. Wilmot (Bill) Littlewood

  2. Terence Littlewood

  3. Eleanor Littlewood

  4. Erle Littlewood

  5. Ralph Erle Littlewood (my father) returned to England with mother and brother Ralph on SS Tuscania in 1932. They never returned to India. Alfred sent post to England from Ooty, Denkanikota, Dhamapuri, Bangalore and Hosur Cattle farm until 1935.


info from Daphne ADAMSON  daphneadamson@gmail.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Desmond D'SILVA

Next Generation

Desmond D'SILVA married Blossom ADAMSON in May 1972; 2 children -

  1. Pasha D'Silva

  2. Natasha D'Silva


info from Cherryl Ray  sunnyray@emirates.net.ae

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Doris D'Silva

Next Generation

Doris D'SILVA married Richard RAY (born 6 June 1971)


 info from Cheryl-Ann Gerardine Shivan cherylshivan@gmail.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Colin D'Silva

Next Generation

Colin D'SILVA married Gail Veronica Henderson (in Australia), children:

  1. Michelle Veronica D'Silva

Next Generation
Michelle Veronica D'silva  married  Peter BONOCARDO

  1. Riley Bonocardo

  2. Neana Bonocardo


info from Linda Dsilva.Genealogy@btinternet.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Joao da Silva

Next Generation

Joao da SILVA, a Merchant, married Mariana Hertor Silveria CARVALHO b. 1773 d. 1813. They had two children. Looking for confirmation of other children born to this couple.:

  1. Joachim Marcus da SILVA b. 1796 b. Caroline BROWN b. circa 1792 d/o Murdoch BROWN of Tellicherry.  Joachim was the Chief of Police in Mahe.

  2. Anna Maria Ignacia da SILVA b. 1800 d. 1873 m. 1818 Mahe Joaquim Joseph LaFRENAIS b. 1791 Tellicherry

George D'SILVA possible son who was the father of:

  1. Annette D'SILVA b. 1842 who married Thomas PLATEL 1863 in Calicut.

Marie Julia D'SILVA possible daughter who married in 1840 at Tellicherry,  Rollo R Corbett a Merchant in 1840. They had a daughter:

  1. Caroline CORBETT who married 1860 in Madras George T. OLIVER.

Caroline D'SILVA possible daughter who married in 1864 in Madras,  Michael RODRIGUES


John D'SILVA b. 1815 b. 1838 Mahe Anne Jennie TESSIER b. 1819 They had the following children:

  1. Anne D'SILVA - probable daughter of theirs b. 1838

  2. Joachim E D'SILVA b. 1839 b. 1889

  3. Caroline Louise D'SILVA b. 1841

  4. Theresa Amelia D'SILVA b. 1843 d. 1893

  5. William Richard D'SILVA b. 1845 Calicut d. 1909 Coonoor

  6. Alixina Annette D'SILVA b. 1846 d. 1879

  7. John Louis D'SILVA b. 1848 d. 1911

  8. Thomas Henry D'SILVA b. 1850 d. 1900

  9. Clarissa Marie D'SILVA b. 1853

  10. Julius Marcus D'SILVA b. 1857 d. 1869

Next Generation

Joachim Marcus da SILVA b. 1796 b. married Caroline BROWN b. circa 1792 d/o Murdoch BROWN of Tellicherry.  Joachim was the Chief of Police in Mahe.


Anna Maria Ignacia da SILVA b. 1800 d. 1873 m. 1818 Mahe married Joaquim Joseph LaFRENAIS b. 1791 Tellicherry


Joachim E D'SILVA b. 1839 b. 1889 m. 1861 Evelyn PLATEL looking for their descendants.


Caroline Louise D'SILVA b. 1841 m. George BROWN d. before 1882 looking for any children of theirs and his parents.  Caroline Louise had a second marriage to John RAFFIN in 1882 - looking for any descendants to this couple.


Theresa Amelia D'SILVA b. 1843 d. 1893 m. 1861 Joseph PLATEL - looking for their descendants and any information on Joseph PLATEL.


William Richard D'SILVA b. 1845 Calicut d. 1909 Coonoor m. 1880 Henrietta Marie La BOUCHARDIERE b. 1855 d. 1928 Vieyoor, Trichur.


Alixina Annette D'SILVA b. 1846 d. 1879 married 1872 Francis J. RAFFIN - Looking for their descendants.


John Louis D'SILVA b. 1848 d. 1911 m. 1876 Clotilde Wilhelmena LLOYD b. 1854 d. 1927


Thomas Henry D'SILVA b. 1850 d. 1900 m. 1892 Sophie GUIDER d. 1897 - Looking for their descendants


Clarissa Marie D'SILVA b. 1853 m. 1876 Edward GUNTHER LEMOS - Looking for descendants



info from Eunice emwwebb@comcast.net

I am looking for old friends and also info to complete my family tree.  If anyone has any information on the Welsh family or D'silva family (Bangalore, India) please email me. I moved to England in 1963.  I now live in Lawrenceville, NJ USA.

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Beryl D'Silva (b 1919)

Next Generation

Beryl D'SILVA (b 1919) married Ashley WELSH (worked on the Railways in India), children:

  1. Eunice Mary Welsh (born 4/2/1938 in Dongargarh, India. Educated at St Joseph's Convent, Waltair, India and was there from 1950 to 1954 when  graduated from High School;  went to Madras to Church Park Teaching College.  Graduated in 1956.

  2. Lavinia Welsh (1941}  

  3. Claude Welsh (1945)  

  4. Giles Welsh (1947)  

  5. Grenville Welsh (1955)


info from Sarah Thomas sarah_a_t@hotmail.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Esopbius D'Silva (b Ooty, India, died 1971)

Next Generation

Esopbius D'silva (b Ooty, India, died 1971) married Elizabeth ?? (b Ooty, died 1975 ), Children -

  1. Mary Margaret D'silva

  2. John Robert D'silva - Hampshire, England

Next Generation

Mary Margaret D'SILVA married Cyril THOMAS (b George Town, died 1990)- daughter

  1. Sarah Thomas - Sydney,


info from joandsilva@yahoo.com

?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Maxwell D'SILVA "Cocky" (b 27/10/1933 Madras, d 28/2/1996 NY.

Next Generation

Maxwell D'SILVA (b 27/10/1933 Madras, d 28/2/1996 NY. Max (Cocky) worked on the Railway's in Madras and was stationed in Tambaram, Madras. He and his family moved to New York in 1974.) married Dawn SEAGER, children:

  1. Mary Jean D'Silva


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Eustace D'Silva

Next Generation

Alfred Eustace D'SILVA married ?, children :

  1. Mary Ann D'SILVA

Next Generation

Mary Ann D'SILVA (20yrs) married John Cyril DEEFHOLTS (30yrs) on 21/1/1924 in Calcutta (India Office Library at British Library, MICROFICHE: IOR N/1/475 FOLIO 61, MARRIAGE SOLEMNIZED AT: Ranchi, during the Quarter to 30th March 1924)


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Dulcie D'Silva

Next Generation

Dulcie D'SILVA married Daniel CUMMINS, children:

  1. Douglas CUMMINS (studied at La Martinere College-Calcutta)


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Richard D'Silva

Next Generation

Richard D'SILVA married  Anne Maud Edith MacDONALD, children:

  1. Blanche D'SILVA

  2. Olga D'SILVA

  3. Phillis D'SILVA

  4. Phillip D'SILVA


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Meada D'Silva

Next Generation

Meada D'SILVA married Frank MASSEY, daughter: 

  1. Valerie Massey


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Winston D'Silva

Next Generation


  1. Cheryl D'SILVA. ( WINSTON PASSED ON IN  1967)


?? D'SILVA married ??, children:

  1. Alfred D'Silva

Next Generation

Alfred D'SILVA   married Daisy BYRNE-QUINN, children :- 

  1. Clive D'SILVA, 

  2. Averil D'SILVA


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